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Written by: TrainSim-James

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is OUT NOW on Steam for Windows PC

The future of train simulation has arrived! We are proud to announce that Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, our latest, next-generation train simulator, is available now on Steam!

To celebrate the release, and to immerse you in the dramatic and authentic scene of Sand Patch Grade, we present to you our 10 favourite things to do in Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul. Feel free to try them out!

1: Go For a Walk

Wander around Cumberland Yard at your own pace. Select Cumberland Switchback from the Scenarios Menu and you now have total freedom to do what you want in the safety of the yard. Get familiar with the locomotives, do a little light switching, whatever you choose to do there are no time limits or objectives to achieve.

2: Hopper-Up

Watch the AI running in Services Mode. Go to Services Mode, Spawn on Foot, select Shaw Mines at 16:00 and watch the coal being loaded, you can also climb on the loco or any coal hopper ladder to get a better view.

3: Feel the Detail

Explore Sand Patch Grade on Foot. There’s an immense amount of detail either side of the rails that you don’t get to appreciate while flying along at speed. Slow things down and truly take in the magnificent sights and sounds along Sand Patch Grade.

4: CSX Switching

Switch and Kick Cars. Select Cumberland Switchback and using the pair of GP38-2s on the other side of the fuelling shed, you can switch and kick cars to your hearts content without any time limits or objectives to achieve.

5: Ride the Rails

Board trains and ride them as a passenger, in the cab, on the front, in a box car, hanging off the side of a Bethgon. Great fun for trains that make short runs.

6: Sequence of Service

In Cumberland Switchback, set out different groups of locos and get all the MU combinations working. Can you get them all powered? all braking? what about hauling them dead but with brakes?

7: Kick Back and Relax

Pick a fresh location and start time each time you play. Try out different combinations and just leave it to run in the background, you get a nice countryside background sound and occasionally a train roaring by, just like a “rail cam”.

8: Hidden Gems

Finding collectables is not only its own reward but a great way of seeing parts of the route you wouldn’t otherwise see. Handy Tip: Start at the turntable in Cumberland Yard.

9: Turn the Tables

Messing around with the wheelhouse in Cumberland Yard. Get good with the turntable, both with and without the cameras and hit left and right cursor keys to get alternative views.

10: Go Extreme

Driving in a blizzard. In Service Mode, pick your favourite loco, set the conditions to extreme and off you go to battle the elements!

After you’ve taken the time to explore Sand Patch Grade, be sure to tell us your favourite ways to Feel the Detail in Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul!

To start your journey with the future of train simulation, head over to the Steam Store and be captivated by CSX heavy haulers on the stunning Sand Patch Grade route!

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  • I hope we see some more locomotives and consists such as a CSX Business train. That could be awesome! And maybe an ES44AH.

  • For the future, I just hope that in TSW, Dovetail this time will make much more accurate SD70 series locomotives ( SD70Mac, SD70M, and SD70Ace and SD70M-2), as the ones in Train Simulator were not accurate in terms of exterior model. Please make it right this time like you did with the AC4400!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dean, if we get to the SD70 series, we’ll certainly be using the real locomotive manuals as a basis for them – just as we did for the GP38-2, SD40-2 and AC4400CW.

      • Oh, please don’t forget the SD60M “teardrop” and “tri-clop” windshield (CONRAIL, Burlington Northern BN, CSX, Norfolk Southern , Union Pacific UP)!
        Also the SD9043mac (Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific)
        Huge fan of those 🙂

        • Now added to the list Dean

  • i have an issue.

    Using the keyboard, i can only cpontrol the dynamic brake and activate the barke system that isnot the independent one.

    • I use portuguese keyboard layout

  • Hi.

    Love TSW New way of simming climb aboard set up and away we go! Nice!!
    But how do We get any mods I’m looking for UK Steam but cant seem to find how or were to bye or down load from, Any help Please.

    • This is just the beginning for Train Sim World, new content and routes will be added over time UKBoss. There are currently no UK Steam engines available but it is something we’re keen to add in the future.

  • Are you gonna take routes and locos from the Current TS and put them into this system and update everything to meet looks and functions of the new TS? Also will it be possible to build our own routes soon?

    • There will be a certain amount of crossover between the two products, particularly for locomotives as some will inevitably need to be recreated in Train Sim World. However, it is our intention to provide a range of completely new content and experiences for players in Train Sim World going forward. The tools that will allow creation of routes and other content are currently still in development, so we don’t have any date for you on that right now. However, we have every intention of bringing this to Train Sim World.

  • Wow, I absolutely love the simulation aspect in the Train Sim World! I just found out that it’s not just the mind-blowing graphics and aural (sound fx), but also the way that you can interact with the world inside the TSW! Almost every switch, door, button… are all functional! This is phenomenal!
    I love the train physics so far! Loving how the locomotive will slightly tilt from side to side , life-like! I am amazed!
    If the simulation level and the level of detail for future releases will be at least the level it is with Sand Patch now, then I can assuredly say that I will be looking forward to more releases from Dovetail!
    Will be waiting for releases with locomotives SD60 , SD70, SD9043, SD80mac, ES44AC…

  • Amazing job, Dovetail! What a surprise! it was so good, I couldn’t believe it! Especially the visual!. Aural (audio) is great now too! Loved the way the tutorials are done too, kept me feeling very immersed in this simulation. Finally! Great job!

  • It sure if this is deliberate, a bug or just a fault somewhere in my settings but I’m getting sick and tired of having to log in to dovetail every time I start the game up, it’s going to get to the point where I just won’t bother anymore. Is there a way of having it stored so that it’s logged in automatically?

    • Please view this thread on the Steam Forums Stephen, let us know if this fixes it for you.

  • Is there a tutorial ( if it exists in the game) on how to use free-roam ? I would like to set the time and weather without making a run , only messing around with the locos in the rail yard.

    • There is no tutorial on this in Train Sim World Alex. You can set the weather while entering into Service Mode. Select Service Mode from the menu and select Spawn on Foot. You’ll then be presented with some sliders that will allow you to set the weather. From here, all you’ll need to do is select a time of day and a location to spawn in at and you’re all set.

  • This is interesting, only problem is i’m having bad framerate issues.

    I’m getting 20 FPS when i am walking but when its inside the locomotive and sometimes when i’m walking it drops to about 10FPS. When will there be a patch for the FPS issues.

    • What’s your system specification Nathan?

  • I think you did a very good job with TSW, it’s nice to see and play! A big improvement to Trainsimulator 20xx for sure.

    But I have a few questions:

    – Am I the only one not having the keybord button not working for increasing brakepower? Nor ‘ or . are working, I can only move the lever with the mouse…

    – Wiil their be support for the Raildriver console?

    – Is there any prediction for when we can expect DLC with other (passenger) trains or routes?

    • Hi Bart, on the keyboard issue, you should check out this thread on the Steam Forums. On the Raildriver, the use of all peripherals is currently under discussion and I’ll provide more details as soon as they are confirmed. I also have no details on DLC at this moment in time.

  • i have found 2 bugs whether it be my computer or not i dont know but the first one is i had a go in free run mode last night and i was joining all the trains together one i went alittle to fast back in to one of the trains and went over the end of the track well went i went over i pressed the E button to get out of the engineers seat i went through the floor of the loco and found my self looking at the engine,

    the other one was i was looking up to change the multiple unit lighting switch and keep getting a view of the sky

    but other than that the worrys of fps is a concern but all in all game is excellent

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ben, I’ll make sure this finds the right people to investigate. While you’re waiting, would you mind dropping a ticket into Support and explaining your issues, as well as providing a full DxDiag report?

  • Are there no mileposts in this route? If i walk westward from Rockwood there is a milepost, but in the way to Cumberland i dont see any, why are they missing?

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Daniel, this is surprising that you’re missing mileposts. Would you mind dropping a ticket into our Support Team describing your issue and providing them with a DxDiag?

  • Congratulations to the team for a truly remarkable achievement, you should rightly feel proud!
    A few things are not quite right yet (will submit a support ticket soon) but overall I am extremely
    pleased with TSW 🙂 … now where did I park that GP38 …

    oh, before I forget, thanks for all the work on optimization, my old PC has a bit of life left in her yet!

    • Thanks oldwpfan, really pleased you’re happy with TSW

    • In my opinion this game is awesome and I do wish that the horn on this game were louder like they are in real life but other that that the game looks amazing

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Micah, I’ll relay your suggestion on the horns to the right people to look into.

  • I, too, am enjoying TSW immensely, to the point that I tend to turn up the volume; then, after shutting down TSW I sometimes open this site and WHAM!!!!!!! get deafened by that over-the-top video. Good grief! It’s enough to cause a heart attack — and you know where that could lead. Have pity, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts LastTrainToClarksville. Point taken on the video, it will no longer play on visiting the site.

      • Thank you!

  • I’m loving the game so far and looking forward to seeing how things progress in the future. The detail is fantastic, the camera system is powerful, the controls work well.

    My only minor issues are that I wish I could reset the 100, 1000 and 10000 mile driven achievements which unlocked all at the same time for some reason, when I had only done about 10 miles. Also, being able to “remember” my dovetail live account name in-game would be useful.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Jon, I’ll relay this over to our Development Team

  • Really enjoying the game so far. Having some frames issues but admittedly my processor is pretty weak.

    Just a suggestion; I noticed there wasn’t a tutorial on the signalling system. While many of us are familiar with it from the TSxx series, new players to the genre may be a bit more confused.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Gyroscoptic. We do have a signalling guide planned to go up on TScom fairly soon but for the moment, you might find some great videos on YouTube that will help you. Tip: Try searching for CSX Signalling Guide.

  • I’ve played this myself, and I am liking it so far. Just that the content itself is limited, and I know it’s because you guys are just at the beginning. I would have been awesome if this provided a little bit of everything, from an operations standpoint. Like passenger services. I can’t wait to see what that aspect offers.

    The game looks great, does run okay, even though I have low FPS at high settings, despite my system specs being a bit more than recommended specifications. I have experienced a couple crashes, by way of getting booted out of the game. Not sure what’s up with that. But hopefully this will become less of a problem in the near future.

    As far as what I hope to see from this game and steam workshop, is the ability to have mod workshop integration. This way it takes all of the hassle of not being able to play user created content posted in the steam workshop because of one’s inability to locate, and/or install, and play them. Whether it is repaints, of locos, audio mods, assets to download (subscribe) and utilize properly. I can assure you guys it would certainly heighten the experience.

    But I still am going to be heavily invested in the TS20xx for some time to come as there’s just so many missing links, as far as content, in that game.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts so constructively Michael, really is appreciated. I do appreciate that Train Sim World is limited in content at this stage and, while I can’t share any specifics, I can confirm that there’s a host of content coming along. I can also assure you that we’re actively cataloguing the concerns raised thus far and will be doing what we can to understand and address them where possible.

  • This game looks AMAZING, you’ve done great work!
    But I have a small suggestion. Some people might not like it, but what about a scenario, that is based on the CSX Crazy Eights incident? Maybe you start on the main line, but then dispatcher says you have to stop the train, uncouple the cars and pursue 8888. Something I think would be kinda interesting.

  • This is my first train simulator, I am very impressed with the detail and the way the game plays, I have only played about 4 tutorials.
    Going to play for a good couple of hour tonight. 🙂

  • Why is it that i am getting 15-25 fps. My specs are GTX 1060 with Quad core I7 6700HQ. even when i change graphics settings it doesnt help

    • Low power notebook processors such as the Core i7-6700HQ are quite limited in core clock speed and are therefore below the minimum specification required for Train Sim World.

  • Any ideas on when the optimization will be improved?

    • Hi Alabama Railfan, if you’re experiencing some problems with Train Sim World, please could you drop a ticket into our Support Team and explain the problems you’re having, and provide them with a DxDiag report.

  • This has been what a train simulator has been needing for years. Cant believe how good it runs. I was on two minds until this evening. The ive only played a few tutorials and one scenario and im hocked. I have it up at ultra setting and it runs like a dream. Just the amount of freedom it gives to walk about do your own thing. Only one tiny we problem i have notice on the service free roam mode i have tried all different times to walk around but cant find any live A.I Services moving just when you said it was a busy yard and line.

    Anyways fantastic game absolutely addicted to this game well done guys. I am now going to have withdrawal symptoms at work now lol

  • shocked! Really great job guys.. Congratulation! Feels like to be inside a cab .. and not only, is sensational feeling of being inside a railway operation! That’s a REAL simulator! I think I will have problem to go back at normal train sim.
    I’m pretty sure that in the future will be more and more material.. and will be more and more better!
    Of course a lot o people is complaining becouse of FPS.. I didn’t becouse I have a good PC.. and the effects are just stunning!
    One things.. please, in the next patch.. make possible to be kill by a operating train! II was going through and I found myself clip-on the train! I think that if I walk on the railway and the target is red then I do understand that it is a dangerous thing! There must be a consequence. For all the rest, thank you. Great simulator. After years and years….FINALLY.

    • I agree joe have been waiting along time to finally just jump off the train walk around like a proper engineer even just stick my head out the door whilst it drives is amazing been looking for something like this ever since i got into simulators. I dont know what everyone is complaning about its there first release of something that hasnt been done before and i think they have done a grand job.

      Great Jobs Devs Keep Up The Good Work.

  • I bought the game today and I was very excited to play, however I was soon discouraged by the FPS I was getting. I was running the game on 1080p on high/ultra settings and the frame rates were ranging between 15 to 35 FPS. However even after turning the settings down there was no significant FPS gain (+10 max). I run a 4770k at 4.0 GHz with an HD 7990 on an SSD. Is the game optimized for cross-fire support? And will there be any significant fixes/updates coming soon that could help improve the FPS? Because right now the game is hardly playable on $3000 hardware, that is above the recommended settings. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Marton. Train Sim World is built on the technology foundation of Unreal Engine 4 which does not support Crossfire or SLI. I would suggest reducing your graphics settings to improve the frame rate as your HD 7990 only just meets the minimum requirement for Train Sim World.

  • first Tutorial, i found a bug!
    why the beta testers dosnt find this?
    and that happend, when only a smal group can test the beta!
    please do a open beta next time! for everyone!

    if you will crouch and sit on the driver seat, your sitting driver figure will hover abouve the seat…

    where can i find a bug tracker?

    • Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Please submit a ticket to our Support Team who will be glad to assist.

  • I know you’ve mentioned that the SDK is in the works, but will that include the ability to re-skin the locomotives, or will a re-skin template be made for the game?

    • I have no details on this right now Aaron but I will make our Team aware of your thoughts.

    • Yeah, a reskin template would be awesome, considering DTG didn’t give us ones for the current TS DLC that we look into and mod anyway…

  • I have read reviews on this on steam, but I am still deciding on getting this, people are saying horrible FPS when it meets minimal requirement’s, should I still get the game, also those shot’s look wonderful!

    • We would love it if you did but do understand that your computer configuration might limit your frame rate. If you do happen to purchase Train Sim World, and are at all unhappy with the performance, as long as you’ve spent less than 2 hours in the game, you’ll be able to obtain a refund. Please let us know how you get on.

      • Steve,
        I installed (and re-installed) TSW and have horrible performance during the training session. The mouse movement are constantly lagging.

        Have the minimum requirements increased since the public beta of last December ? The beta worked perfectly for me.

        • The minimum requirements have increased slightly since the Beta. What’s your system specs Richard?

          • Steve,
            My system specs are:
            OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393)
            Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
            Memory: 32768MB RAM
            Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 290 with 4GB VRAM
            DirecttX: version 12
            Network: fibre 1Gb
            Storage: 707GB available
            Sound Card: AMD High Definition Audio Device

            According to the FAQ, this would place my system somewhere between to minimum and recommended specs.

            Would the full dxdiag report help you further ?

            • Thanks for providing this Richard. Just out of interest, what are your in-game settings set at?

          • Steve,

            I am happy to report that I have solved the problem: updating the graphics drivers did the trick, I guess an update to the Unreal Engine since the Beta relies on some enhancements on the graphics driver’s side.

            • That’s great news Richard!

  • I would really want to see more information about TSW: CSX Heavy Haul because it’s released today are you going to have more information about Xbox One version of TSW is it either cancelled or is it going to be released later in 2017, I hope the Xbox One version will be announced and should come next after PC Release?

    • The Xbox One version of Train Sim World: CSX Heavy haul is still deep in development and I don’t have any details for you right now Jonathan.

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