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The West Coast’s Fallen Stallion

Whilst discussing the history of the BR Class 221 a few weeks ago, on the run up to the launch of Train Simulator 2018 (see here), we briefly mentioned British Rail’s ‘Advanced Passenger Train’ project, but said the story was...

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TS2018… Available Now!

The featured, and TS2018 exclusive, North Wales Coastal route and Virgin Trains Class 221 DMU bring major hubs and stunning locations to life, and is OUT NOW! Train Simulator 2018 features the all-new and unprecedented railway between Crewe, a major...

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Crimson in the Alps

The Mittenwaldbahn, one of the featured Train Simulator 2018 routes, authentically recreates the imposing Alpine range from both sides of the German/Austrian border! After the first proposals for a railway line between Seefeld and Innsbruck began to appear in the...

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Station Smorgasbord!

Featured in TS2018, the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco to San Jose route includes 26 stations Train Simulator’s popular Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco to San Jose route, the featured North American content in TS2018, is a bustling commuter railroad that includes 26...

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