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Attended Luggage

Main photograph above, copyright Southern Reg. The bespoke BR Class 419 is coming soon to Train Simulator, and will be perfect for any Southern Region motor-luggage hauling! As the Kent Coast Electrification Scheme and the subsequent widespread introduction of Electric Multiple...

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Ongoing Engineering Works

As you know, we’re approaching the final stages of Train Sim World: Great Western Express development and we’re aware just how excited you all are by the prospect of passenger mode, new and exciting timetables and high-speed travel in all...

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Tell a Pigtail

Nestled between the Upper Rhine and Black Forest lines, the Wutach Valley Railway offers spectacular southern Germany sights from end to end, and gives both locals and tourists the chance to experience a slice of the German steam era. Today,...

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Electric Vagabond

New Haven’s GE EF-4 electrics worked for five railroads – and the distinctive locomotives are coming soon to Train Simulator! Built by General Electric in the mid-1950s and born to haul coal in the Appalachians, a group of 3,300-horsepower electrics...

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