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Batteries Included

The Motor Luggage Vans were a unique sight to behold in the Southern Region, and now they are available for Train Simulator! Latched onto the front of many services bound for the Kent Coast, the BR Class 419 ‘Motor Luggage...

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Train Sim World Update Available Now

Thank you all once again for your continued feedback following the release of Train Sim World: Great Western Express. Your input has helped us identify and address a number of issues, which we have outlined below. Great Western Express General...

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Pinnacle of the Geep

Electro-Motive’s superlative GP40-2, in CSX “YN2” livery, is coming soon to Train Sim World! Electro-Motive produced its classic line of “GP” (General Purpose) locomotives, nicknamed “Geeps,” for more than half a century in a monumental production run that exceeded 16,700 locomotives....

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Turn the Master Key

Master Key Simulations’ BR Class 460 is right around the corner, but before we delve into details, we had a few questions for the developers and they were kind enough to answer! Who are Master Key Simulations? Master Key Simulations...

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