TS Rewards: PRESS BR 155 & UN Style Military Wagons

Written by: TrainSim-James

The BR 155 is considered around the world as the genesis of modern electro-motive traction, featuring unprecedented pulling power at the helm that has performed throughout Germany since the mid-1970s. Not only has this revolutionary locomotive operated under DR and DB, other companies such as PRESS, or Pressnitztalbahn have taken to the controls. Now you can experience the Electric Container in blue as the PRESS BR 155 & UN Style Military Wagons are available now to registered members of TS Rewards!

During the mid-1960s the standards for German freight locomotives were on the rise, not only was more power required but with the ever-increasing electrification there were not enough locos to work under the wires. With older locomotives unable to cope and some in need of being completely replaced, it was time for new traction to enter the scene.

The design was simple, an ergonomic, light and powerful Co-Co electric locomotive capable of hauling both passenger and freight stock. Three prototype locomotives known as the E 51 were ordered and completed by LEW Hennigsdorf in 1974. After 3 years of testing 270 production locomotives were ordered and delivered by 1984, DR would go on to classify the locomotives as the Class 250.

The Class 250 was a success, working passenger and freight services with ease, however freight was the focus for the 250s. Freight was so much of a focus that their introduction saw a decrease in the volume of road freight traffic. Following reclassification of the Class 250 to the BR 155 following Germany’s reunification in 1994, the locomotives saw a much more varied use throughout Germany, however it was most common to see them operating container freight.

In recent years the BR 155 fleet has experienced a multitude of bogie problems which has left them operating slower than before, this however has not deterred the entire roster from being withdrawn from service. While in excess of 130 BR 155s are still in operation with DB, other companies have also got a hold on these classic powerhouses. One example is Pressnitztalbahn (PRESS) who use one BR 155: 155 045-9, alongside a varied fleet of old and new diesel and electric German locomotives.

The latest iteration of epic TS Rewards content features the BR 155 045-9 in PRESS blue livery complete with loaded and unloaded UN Style Military Wagons with quick drive consists included. Also included is a bonus career scenario for Köln – Koblenz which sees you drive the DB BR 155 in the dead of winter, can you get the freight movement to its destination on time?


Included in the latest TS Rewards pack is the PRESS BR 155 (top), UN Style Military Wagons both loaded and unloaded (above) and a bonus career scenario for Köln – Koblenz featuring the DB BR 155 in heavy snow (below).


The BR 155 under PRESS operation sees a wide variety of rolling stock running behind it, the UN Style Military Wagons are a perfect example of what this locomotive would haul throughout Germany.


155 045-9 hauls a long consist of Military Wagons past the grand Cologne Cathedral after a low-priority run along the West Rhine. The BR 155 included in this pack is just as feature rich as the DB BR 155 included in TS2016.


The PRESS Pale Blue livery is a stark contrast to a majority of locomotives found around Germany, several historical and modern locos wear this defining coat and the BR 155 pulls it off beatifically.


With PRESS leasing locomotives to wherever they are required, the BR 155 will be at home along any German route. Similarly the UN Style Military Wagons will look the part behind a multitude of locomotives, both diesel and electric (and if you’re a little adventurous maybe even steam as well).


Nothing perfects a railway scene like a heavy dusting of snowfall, the completely non-aerodynamic design of the cool blue BR 155 leaves plenty of surfaces for snow to settle upon. This and many other scenes are now possible with the arrival of our latest TS Rewards content!


You can find the new scenario “Southbound freight to Koblenz” at the above location



  • Can I say something. Did you know that IHH made a steam crane? Now people that want it cant get it. New TSR for next month, if we got the IHH crane, we can a lot more.
    Please think about it, we have no crane in Train Sim.
    Please take your time and I hope you see what I mean.

  • I think BR 155s look better blue. I havent gotten this either, is ot out?

  • I did not receive any rewards after October 2015 … I even had to re-register here 🙁

    What went wrong?

    • Please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket here

  • The First German TS Rewards

    Oh My Word This Thing Is Pretty!

  • Just received now, but without the scenario which is mentioned in the article.

  • This is nice, but I haven’t yet got it, neither did I get the Union Pacific Military train (S-RVCX, something like that) yet I’ve got the Pump Car. I am signed up for TS Rewards. Please help.

  • Interesting TS Reward for this month. Would be interesting to create some shunting or driving scenarios on German or the 3 Country Corner Route.

    Are we going to see a GBRf Class 66 with light military vehicles on the FSA-A container flats?

    Is DTG going to create US, German and UK military rail wagon packs? Can any of them be interactive, like loading and unloading the vehicles with Container cranes? Or introduce another interactive element to allow the vehicles to drive off the flats?

  • Hello again.
    Just received now, but without the scenario which is mentioned in the article.


  • I still haven’t got the email as of writing.

    • Please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket on this site

  • I’ve got the free update via Steam, but it doesn’t appear in my Career scenarios list. Anyone else having this problem?

    • The community scenario “Freight run to Weilheim” works perfectly for me, so I’m no nearer understanding why the DTG provided scenario doesn’t appear.

      • It’s now appeared and is running successfully. FWIW 🙂

    • Please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket on this site

  • Hello

    i have installed the reward, But no Locomotive and scenario will be found…..

    i have installed all routes and vehicles

    • Please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket on this site

  • Hello.
    I still have not received the email with the key code. Send it to me, please.

    • Please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket on this site

  • Have not gotten it yet; is it already out yet?

    • @SFC:
      The PRESS 155 is already out. Have you checked your spam folder for the unlock code? If not, you may have to raise a support ticket with DTG.

  • Well, nice to see something german as a reward for once, it’s a nice to have repaint of the loco.
    However,I would’ve preferred an earlier version of the Br 155/250 with the Scissors Type Pantographs, maybe in a DR version, which would allow for more prototypical repaints into earlier paintschemes, like Orient Red.
    There is after all already a freeware PRESS Repaint.

    As for the MRAPs (Mine Resistand Ambush Protected) on the Wagons, that looks smiliar to a MaxxPro MRAP, not used by the german army.
    We use the Dingo.

    Other loads like Leo2A6s, and Marder 1 or Pumas would be nice, as well as some other loads like Girders, as these tank transporters are often used for civillian loads when not transporting military freight.

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