Train Sim World Update 4.5 Test Build Available

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Written by: TrainSim-Steve

Today we’ve made our next test build update for Train Sim World (Build #64) available for you to test. As we have for the previous test builds, please try this through the weekend, and if positive we’ll apply the patch to the main game early next week. We’d like to give a big thank you to all of you who have consistently and constructively offered your feedback and encouragement over the last few weeks.

Here are the items addressed in Build #64 (items from the previous update have been rolled into this build):

New Features

  • Keyboard Remapping is now supported, allowing you to remap keys as you wish.
  • You are now able to change the opacity of the centre dot using CTRL + 5 (0%, 50%, 100%).


  • This build contains a number of general optimisation improvements.
  • Optimised concurrency settings to engine audio.
  • Optimised concurrency of audio tracks being played because of running sounds.

Load/Save Issues

  • All major issues with Load/Save should now be resolved.

Rail Vehicles

  • The air brake system has been extensively overhauled and should now match the real world very closely.
  • Fixed the chain animation on the SD40-2 so that it now animates in sync with the brake cylinder.
  • The End of Train Device now flashes correctly.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the AC4400CW from being shut down using the emergency cut-off switch.


  • Adjusted speed limits on two troublesome signals at Sand Patch Summit to resolve a number of speed limit related issues in scenarios.
  • The centre dot no longer reverts when using the map.
  • Addressed the final objectives in Cumberland Charge to improve the flow of the scenario.
  • Fixed the broken consist in Ice and Snow.
  • The Voice Over should now pause when the game is paused.


  • Track joint audio has been improved with additional mixing/filtering as per customer feedback.
  • Dynamic Brake audio has been improved with additional mixing/filtering as per customer feedback.
  • Compressor Pressure Relief Valve audio added to the AC4400CW as per customer feedback.
  • Fixed the road vehicle audio that would continue consuming system resources despite being out of range.

Known Issues

  • There are still some very minor, non-game breaking, issues remaining such as rain effects not being saved.

The Train Sim World update is available for you to test on Steam. To subscribe to the Update 4.5 Test Build, follow these instructions:

Subscribing to Test Builds

  1. Load Steam and navigate to your Game Library.
  2. Right-click on Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul and select Properties.
  3. Select the Betas Tab and from the drop-down box, select u4.5tb from the list.
  4. Click Close and Steam will automatically begin to download the update.
  5. It’s important that you share your feedback with us, you can do this below on the Steam forums or by submitting tickets to our Support Team.

The Train Sim World Update 4.5 Test Build will be approximately 290 MB in size



  • I currently don’t own TSW as I’m waiting to see what DLC will come out, however I have one question about CSX Heavy Haul- will it be possible to control trains remotely in-game? I know in real life, some US railroads have equipped engines for remote control around yards, and this would be a cool thing to have in game. With the current software, would that be possible? Thanks in advance.

    • It is entirely plausible that such a feature could be implemented though it’s not quite possible yet. Will certainly put this on the feature wishlist for you Railfan722.

    • That would be a nice feature, there are german locos that can be remotely controlled too, like the BR294.

  • Found another bug with beta update 4.5, in the Cumberland charge scenario.
    After you have coupled to the coal train you are instructed to set the brakes to release, but that is wrong if you do so the task list won’t go further. You have to set the brakes to Handle-Off then the tasks will continue.

  • I have this update and now it is not possible to move in the free roam ‘8’ camera. If I go to the game settings it shows no keys are mapped to these controls, so I press the key I wish to map and it says it is saved, but the manu still shows the mapped key as None.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Matthew, this has now been logged.

  • I’m glad to see these changes, it also makes the game more real, but I don’t think voice proportion to the size of, YouTube video shows that the wheels and whistle sound is still small, don’t know if my senses

  • The scenario Cumberland Charge is finally playable with good frame rate.

  • Thanks to the team members for their continuing efforts. After downloading this new Beta yesterday, I took on the SD40-2’s Session Q226, which includes an auxiliary engine and a slew of autoracks, in autumn rain conditions. The following anomalies popped up:

    1. Soon after prepping my engine and starting to move, I switched to the “boom camera” (2 key) and moved the view to make the auxiliary engine visible: not a wisp of smoke from it. Does this mean that it’s not powered? I then pressed 2 again to view the last autorack, which did have a blinking EOT showing. Pressing 2 a third time took me back to the front of my train, where the aux engine was visibly smoking. As the session continued, I occasionally repeated this camera change sequence: the aux’s smoke was always missing at first glance and visible at the end of the sequence, while the EOT was never seen again.

    2. Fps level decreased somewhat during train meets, but with little noticeable change in continuity, meaning that the scenery and trains continued to move smoothly except for the occasional brief freezes and near-freezes that I’ve, unfortunately, become accustomed to.

    3. On return to the cab view after temporarily using any other camera, the windshield wipers appeared frozen in place. Pressing V key reactivated them, but at a faster speed. The same thing happened a couple of times after switching to head-out view and back to cab view.

    4. Both throttle and auto-brakes behaved more responsively than before. Not being a master of these controls, I really cannot determine whether or not this is an improvement. Confronting a steep down-slope, I decided to use the dynamic brakes — something I will not repeat, which caused the train to derail. I had saved previously and will try a resume soon.

    5. In the HUD, the speed reported in numbers and the speed represented visually on the dial did not seem to agree all of the time, but the difference was minor and may have been just a matter of my visual perception.

    Primarily, I am very grateful for the ability to make that darn grey dot invisible: a decided improvement in TSW’s overall aesthetics.

    (By the way, my ASUS computer meets or exceeds the “maximum requirements” for TSW and I was not using any of the “boosts” available with this machine.)

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us LastTraintoClarksville, I’ll get these recorded

  • Unplayable! Don’t you guys do some testdrives with the patches or just put them out? This game really has now more bugs then at release!

    • All builds are tested extensively before being released nickhawk, could you elaborate on why you feel this build is unplayable?

      • In service mode the AI trains go over red signals, this bug appaered in update 3. If you do service mode around 10:00 and 17:00 o’clock the scenario will end because AI trains go over red signals. Maybe there are more, didn’t drive much since this bug.

        Search the steam forums for service Q137.

        If you start the service Q137 you can see the train from Shaw mines go very slow to the mainline, around 17:30 it will reach the red signal and terminates the scenario with a “passed a red signal at danger note”

        • Thanks for the clarification Nickhawk, this has been logged

          • Thank you Steve, I know you all have a hard job fixing that bugs. I don’t know anything about programming only that it can be very complex. 😉
            I hope you can soon fix the major bugs so we can go on to multiplayer&editor and of course more awesome DLCs.

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