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Written by: TrainSim-Steve

Following on from our previous Developer Diary, I’m pleased to present you with our next Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Developer Diary episode. This time our team shares more details about the beautiful environment possibilities that Unreal Engine 4 delivers and how this represents a new standard for routes – a first for train simulation. Take in the breathtaking sights of Sand Patch Grade, soon to be featured in Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta in early December.

All Aboard

Remember, there’s not much time left to go and if you want to be among the first to play Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, now is the time to be buying your ticket as TS2017: Pioneers Edition offer ends on November 30th. More details below.

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta

To get on-board, all you need to do is own all of the routes featured in TS2017: Pioneers Edition. This special edition of Train Simulator includes our latest and best routes from the UK, North America, Germany, France and Austria as well as the added bonus of becoming a Train Sim World Pioneer with Beta Access to our Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta in early December.

Train Simulator 2017: Pioneers Edition includes all of the following:

  • Hamburg Lübeck Railway
  • Transport your passengers precisely on time along the Vogelfluglinie between Hamburg and Lübeck in the renowned DB BR 218 locomotive.
  • North Jersey Coast Line
  • Experience the precision of American commuter operations along the North Jersey Coast Line in the modern NJ TRANSIT ALP-45DP locomotive.
  • LGV: Marseille – Avignon
  • Drive at breakneck speeds along the breath-taking Ligne Grande Vitesse:  Marseille Saint Charles to Avignon TGV route in the iconic TGV® Duplex.
  • South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Cardiff
  • Take in the scenic countryside of Southern Wales in the distinctive Arriva Trains Wales Class 175
  • Semmeringbahn
  • The picture postcard scenery of the Austrian Alps dominates the stunning Semmeringbahn: Mürzzuschlag to Gloggnitz route.
  • Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta
  • Obtain your copy of TS2017 Pioneers Edition before the Beta starts to secure your place on the Beta and be the first to play our next-generation train simulator. Your feedback will help shape the development of this project. The Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta will start in December 2016 and is just the start of the journey. We’ll be introducing the other key territory routes as and when they become available.

There are less than four weeks left to pick up TS2017: Pioneers Edition and secure your place on the Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta – Click the banner below to get yours now:


Complete My Collection

Don’t forget, if you already own some of the content featured in TS2017 Pioneers Edition, you’ll be able to complete your collection and only pay for the content you don’t already own.

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What’s Next?

We’ll have another Developer Diary for you in the next few weeks so watch out for it. As always, we’re open to receiving your questions, so please feel free to post them below or drop us an email at and I’ll add them to the list of questions to answer as we move forward.

In the meantime, we’ve dropped in two more exclusive in-game screenshots of Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul to adorn your computer’s desktop (note you can click on the images to make them larger)




  • Hi Steve, how much can you tell me about multiplayer? Will it be a server system where you login to a server and play with the trains that are installed on that server or a different system?

    • At this stage, there’s nothing I can tell you about multiplayer as it’s still in development. I’m sure I’ll be able to shed some light on this in the not-too-distant future.

  • Hi. I just wanted to say that the level of detail in TSW is out of this world. With that being said, as much as a fan I am of TS201X series, one of the things that mostly made me feel unhappy/unsatisfied. were the braking mechanics/sounds, and some of the general railroad sounds (ie. flatwheel sounds, the famous “knocking melody” between rail joints that I know really exist in some routes, and so on) that didn’t really exist well or mostly at all in routes. In this Youtube video, you can actually get that feeling that the train is emergency braking (screeching, etc) .Of course, not every trainset in real life acts or sounds exactly that way (and all the time) but it is an example of what TS20X lacks. Therefore, my 2 questions are: Will Dovetail address these mechanics where many variables affect how a train sounds (light to severe braking, for example)? Secondly, Dovetail has placed great effort into graphic details and modeling, but how will Dovetail address the world of sound? Thanks!

    • Our Audio Team have worked hard to get the audio of Train Sim World right. You’ll find that wheelsets make the right noise in the right places. When you see a track joint, you’ll hear the sound of the wheels passing over them. Likewise on switches, you’ll hear the sound at the right places as the wheels move over the switch blades and frogs, etc. Please also see our Dev Diary for details on the feedback given during the Beta.

  • The TSW (train sim world) going full game with out running game train simulator 17 ?

    • I’m not sure what you mean, please can you clarify your question.

  • Will TSW simulate Separate DPU control? Angle cocks? (with things like, if you decouple with the valve open, will it dump all your air, or if its closed, the brakes beyond that will be affected, either by not working, or taking a long time from the next closest DPU), and things like simulating the air coming from the other DPUs (so if you have locos in the front and the back, the middle of the train will take the longest to react to PSI changes)?

    • DPU control is a definite yes. Angle cocks we have the facility to implement this in SimuGraph and have a prototype for it but there is still some work to do. This won’t make an appearance in the first release of Sand Patch Grade but we are keen to implement this soon after. The key thing to consider here is the consequences of a particular action (based on your examples). We want to build in a complex consequence system but there are many aspects to this that means it is going to take some time to implement fully. However, we will progressively implement these features as they become ready.

  • I know Train Sim World will be releasing in February, can we expect the release date to be the same on both PC and Xbox One
    is there a confirmed date yet? Haven’t heard an update since last month beta.

    • There’s no confirmed date as yet, we’ll have an update for you in the coming weeks.

  • I’m a big time rail fan and really love your game. it’s been quite good and I have one small wish.

    Is there any possibilities to include Indian railways too?? 🙂

    • Unfortunately, the Indian rail authority declined to provide us with a licence, we are therefore unable to represent Indian railways in Train Simulator.

  • Allo,

    I hope in 2017, they would have addon route for East of Canada from Quebec City, QC to Montreal, QC and Montreal QC, to Ottawa, ON and Toronto ON up to Windsor, ON ???

    They make the West Canadian but not the East Coast Canadian.

  • I have already buy the TS-2017 Train Simulator Pioneers Edition, When I would be able to see the new version ??? Because they said that I have ACCES BETA, How I would see this new version on what date ??

  • Do you know exactly when Train Sim World will be released because it is only for 12 day ? Thanks.

    • We’ll have an announcement on or around Friday this week Emil which will give you all the details.

  • In the future with eventually new routes. Will you make a hump yard that actually works as in cars go down the hill by them selves?

    • As we explained in our Train Sim World: Developer Diary #2 Article, “Kicking cars is most certainly possible in the the new simulator and we are looking forward to bringing hump yards to Train Sim World in the future. The physics system is a considerable step forward and being able to kick cars and have them roll onward in a way that you would expect them to, as they do in the real world, is fundamental to the core technology behind Train Sim World. SimuGraph makes all of this possible.”

  • Hi. I want to ask if the main player will have animated hands ?

    • Initially the player will not be virtually represented in Train Sim World’s digial environment as there’s still a great deal of work to do to get this perfect. If you’re a Train Sim World Pioneer, we’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on how the player character should work.

  • i wanna know what unreal 4 version will train sim world run on? i saw new release of unreal engine 4.14.

    • The current Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta is using Unreal Engine 4.12.5. However it is anticipated that the final release of Train Sim World will utilise Unreal Engine 4.14.x, whichever is most appropriate and current at the time the code is locked down for release.

  • How you play in Train Sim World will only really be limited by your imagination – you can choose how you want to play, even if that’s something different every time you load it. If you want to act as a conductor, you can definitely do that. Handbrake wheels on cars and rail switches are all operable, as are much of the locomotive controls!

  • Will there be track defects like heat expansion from the sun or natural events like earthquakes, floods etc in train sim world.
    Will players be able to play as a locomotive assistant, guard, signalman or fireman instead of just the locomotive engineer and would the ai locomotive assistant/ fireman be animated to operate various fittings/controls in the cab or shovelling coal on a steam locomotive.

    • We have no plans to implement things like earthquakes as this would require destruction of the environment and/or scenery/vehicles not-to-mention require a complete new way of handling all those physics. Localised flooding may be possible but it is not something we’re currently exploring.

      How you play in Train Sim World will only really be limited by your imagination. If you want to play as a locomotive assistant, guard or fireman you can definitely do that. As for your question on AI, we’re still working through all the details of this and will have more information to share at a later date.

  • Hi ive been a huge fan of TS since rail simulator (I have it still in the original union pacific case) I was woundering would you concider doing VIA rail or anything Canadian…. Im kinda upset that there is nothing in TS that is VIA rail or CN…. I know there is CP but its not “Canada’s Prime Movers” or Via Rail…

  • Hello. I’m a big fan of your games and I really like train simulators. Now I’m watching the diaries of your latest game Train Sim World. This game is amazing. I just have one question. Would you be able to load or unload the cargo of the trains? I mean will there be missions in the game like for example you’re 6 am in the depot and you have to load cargo on the train or something similiar? And also will there be mechanics, who will be checking the train before departing or mechanics, who are on the train while it is maneuvering.

    • The loading and unloading of trains will certainly be possible in the full release of Train Sim World. As for mechanics, while there will be no functional elements for this role initially, you could recruit your friends to participate in checking over the train when multiplayer comes along.

  • Will there be anything we can convert so it is usable in TSW? For example a lightpole 🙂

    • TS2017 and Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul are entirely separate products built on completely different technology foundations, and so we are unable to provide backward compatibility between them. In order to create a truly next-generation train simulation experience, we needed to build core features such as vehicle physics, engine propulsion, signalling and dispatcher systems from the ground up to more accurately reflect their real-world counterparts.

      • would i be able to be a pre alpha beta tester for csx world or do u have people already

        • Of course you can, to get on the Beta for Train Sim World, all you need to do is own all of the content featured in the TS2017: Pioneers Edition. You’ll automatically be included on the Beta. Visit the Steam Store for more details.

  • Will Dovetail be making Amtrak equipment for this route as Amtrak’s Capitol Limited runs over Sand Patch grade?

    • Amtrak trains will come to Train Sim World in the not-too-distant future

  • I Really hope there will be Belgium content for TSW some day 🙂

  • A question: December is a short month because has many holidays for the family, and only 12 days for TSW… Please, Santa Dovetail: More days for TSW. ?

    • I would think that we can play the beta until full release in february?

      • The Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul Beta will run for 12 days in early December

        • Only 12 days? Ow thats a shame.

  • This looks quite nice. How is the frame rate? It has been a concern to me, as with TS it can get sketchy. To Dovetail Crew keep up the hard work.

    • Frame rate is quite reasonable presently but there is still a fair amount of work to do on optimisation – frame rates will be something we’ll be focusing on when players participate in the Beta, early December.

  • I was wondering if you plan to allow locomotive monitors (like in the dash 9) to be “popped” out into another window like you can in flight sim x? (Sorry if my terminology is incorrect I’m just getting into the rail sim hobby.)

    • There are currently no plans for a feature such as this. This may be something we’ll consider at a later date but for now, we’re entirely focused on delivering the technology platform.

  • Will the first person mode be optional or would other camera settings still be used while operating a locomotive.
    Will the creation suite allow users of TSW to create their own routes, locomotives and rolling stock.

    • First person mode is not optional but there is a range of cameras that you’ll find familiar when operating or riding a train. The tools that will allow players and partnered developers to make routes and other content are currently still in development. While we understand how much many of you like to enhance your hobby with our creativity tools, it’s important that these tools are built carefully, with the assistance of your feedback, to ensure they are as powerful and intuitive as we all need them to be.

  • Cant wait to get my hands on the beta. I noticed some famous locations in the video. Looking forward to seeing Sand Patch Tunnel. Will cab signals be featured in the locomotives?

    • In-cab signalling is not a feature of Sand Patch Grade. Engineers rely solely on the signals at the trackside to negotiate the railroad.

  • I’m not interested in driving a train, but I am interested in creating my own world and routes. Will the user get access to the Unreal tools to be able to build their own route/world?

    • The tools that will allow players and partnered developers to make routes and other content are currently still in development. While we understand how much many of you like to enhance your hobby with our creativity tools, it’s important that these tools are built carefully, with the assistance of your feedback, to ensure they are as powerful and intuitive as we all need them to be.

  • This certainly looks amazing and beats the original engine previously used.

  • I look forward to seeing what the UK looks like 😀

  • This looks Amazing!!!!

    One question, will we have access to the route building stuff so we can make our own routes and scenarios (If scenarios are a thing is TSW) in the game like in TS1?

    • The tools that will allow players and partnered developers to make routes and other content are currently still in development. While we understand how much many of you like to enhance your hobby with our creativity tools, it’s important that these tools are built carefully, with the assistance of your feedback, to ensure they are as powerful and intuitive as we all need them to be.

  • Are those Chessie System cabeese actual rolling stock that we will be able to drive around with, or are they just scenery?

    • Currently, they’re just scenery but you may be able to move them around at a later date.

  • What happened to the B&O signals I saw in some of the first videos?

    • Those are still there, I’m told there are a number of different signal types used on Sand Patch Grade – B&O signals are among those

  • This is an incredible level of detail. I have only seen this kind of detail in a few simulators. I cannot wait to try the Beta version.

  • Wow, the level of detail is just incredible.

  • Great work! I like the signals. Will the signals be programmed better than TS?

    • We used experts from the rail industry to define the signalling system to ensure it’s closely modelled as it works in the real world

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