Train Ghost Stories Competition – The Winners!

Written by: TrainSim-James

Last week, to get you all in the Halloween Spirit, we gave you the chance to win one of our upcoming routes for Train Simulator 2017, all you had to do was send in your best Train Ghost Story. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and for all of your spooky submissions! Your stories were a great read and sent chills down our spines! However, there can only be one winner…

Please join us in congratulating PennMan for their winning story, ‘Saved By A Ghost’, which you can read by clicking on the link below!

Read Saved By A Ghost by clicking here!

PennMan has won the upcoming Modern Caltrain San Francisco Route, and will receive their prize once the route has been released. We were so impressed with this story, we felt it only fair to award a bonus prize, so we’d also like to offer an additional route from our existing library – we’ll be in touch with PennMan directly to arrange their bonus prize.

But Wait, More Prizes to Come!

It doesn’t end there… we were very impressed by the quality of all the stories sent our way and we felt it was only fair to award prizes to four runners-up!

We have therefore chosen the following who have each won a route of their choice from our extensive library (existing content only).

All of the runner-up articles will be published later this week for you to enjoy.

For all of those who took part in the competition but didn’t win, you don’t lose out – we’re also giving you a loco of your choice from our library (existing content only) in recognition of all the hard work you put into writing your articles. We’ll be in touch with you all in the next few days to arrange your prizes.

Once again, thank you for all of your stories and we hope you enjoyed our Train Ghost Stories Competition. Please watch out for more competitions coming up over the next few weeks!



  • “upcoming Modern Caltrain San Francisco route” That is the first present-day route to be set in Northern California! I wonder if it will include any type of PTC system

    • I really hope CBOSS is simulated, especially because Caltrain is an officially licensed partner.

    • I can’t wait to see the route!

    • Also, I wonder if the SP SDP45 or the FM H-24-66 Trainmasters will be available as DLC in the future (with 74′ 6-axle Harriman cars and 85′ Pullman Gallery cars)

  • This seems fair, one person wins a route, then gets a bonus to like 2016 TS bonus, then we get our runner ups, who get a free route for their work, and lastly people who didn’t win get a free locomotive.

  • Wow Runner Up, I guess I can write a good story 😀

  • Hi! I was a runner up and very pleased 😀 who do i get in contact for my prize?

    • We’ve just sent you an email, check your inbox! 😉

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