TrackIR Comes to Train Simulator 2015

Written by: TrainSim-Steve

We are pleased to announce that Train Simulator 2015 now supports NaturalPoint’s TrackIR. This exciting technology allows positional tracking of your head, effectively making it a unique controller to adjust where you’re looking in Train Simulator just by moving your head. For full details on how TrackIR works, please refer to NaturalPoint’s Website here or see the video below.

This new technology will be added to Train Simulator when the update goes live on Thursday, 26th February. Alongside this new feature, we have included a number of fixes and improvements as detailed below.

New Pathing System For Platform Characters

We have implemented a new pathing system for people standing on the platforms. This means that people will no longer walk through objects, nor will they walk off the platforms into the path of your train. Please note whilst this addresses the majority of routes there may be instances of these issues still occuring on some older routes and we will look to address these as part of an ongoing process.

Full List of Features & Fixes in v50.5a

  • – Added support for TrackIR hardware
  • – Implementation of new pathing system for platform characters
  • – Task list on the 2D map now updates in real time
  • – Improved performance of GoogleMaps overlay in the World Editor
    • – Fix for inability to raise/lower GoogleMaps overlay in the World Editor

    – Fix for Whistle Boards activating in the wrong direction

  • – Fix for inability to edit Secondary Speed Limits
  • – Fix for WIperMotion App provided in Developer Tool Suite
  • – Fix for inability to finalise routes uploaded to Steam Workshop
  • – Added 7 new Content Development Documents to RailworksDevDocs folder in the TS2015 installation directory


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