Thursday Night

Written by: Deadly-Dorito

Thursday night, its Halloween,
And the birds sing goodnight to the sun
The cloudy mist fills the field
This is when the ghost train runs.

Its low tone hoot and its high pitch squeal,
its service is never done
Hidden away for many a year
This is when the ghost train runs.

Thursday Night and all goes quiet,
Now is the time for some fun
The forgotten siding appears again
This is when the ghost train runs.

But yet a man, A man named max
he knows he cant outrun,
keeps watch of the station, one thought in his head
“Today the ghost train runs”.

’twas this night 5 years ago,
His father, who was quite young
Stood in his place, same look on his face
Who survived the ghost trains run.

“Remember his advice” Max said
“Remember not to run”
Just one tip, it felt so quick
To survive the ghost trains run.

Suddenly he heard a whistle,
Max quickly grabbed his gun
The time is nigh, the time is here
Time for the ghost trains run.

He pointed it towards the corner
Waiting for it to come,
But mistakes were to be made,
On this ghost trains run.

All of a sudden a bang was heard,
but there were no side effects
no building falling, no bugs were crawling
Nothing had been wrecked.

A scream was heard, then another bang
but this time it was topple,
Charging through the signal-box
Was the sound of a totalled throttle.

The floor caved in
The door caved out, it really was a muddle
but poor  young max, stood no chance
and was crushed under the rubble.

Friday Morning, The police came in
What they found was just forlorn
As they cleared up all the rubble
They found that max had gone.

They checked the cameras,
Just to see, something they wish they hadn’t
A 4 second clip, of pain and havoc
and a body left to rot

By Deadly Dorito


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