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Written by: TrainSim-Steve

Shanghai Maglev

The world’s fastest train in regular commercial service finally comes to Train Simulator in this one-of-a-kind magnetic-levitation-monorail-extravaganza route. Learn how to pilot this state-of-the-art hyper train over the real world Shanghai route or simply sit back and let it drive you with the first ever auto-drive-capable train ever featured in Train Simulator. Experience breathtaking speeds of upward of 430km/h (267mph) either at the controls or in the comfortable seats in the back.
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BR Class 73 ‘Gatwick Express’

The unique Class 73 remains the only electro-diesel locomotive in active duty on Britain’s railways and now comes to Train Simulator in the highly recognisable InterCity Gatwick Express livery, complete with Class 488 and Class 489 (GLV) vehicles as support. The loco has been carefully reproduced with support from the Mid-Norfolk Railway and former drivers of the class to bring this amazing and iconic loco to life. Features includes full dual-mode control of both the diesel engine and third-rail pickup, actual sounds recorded from 73210, and many more. This is one loco that should be part of everyone’s collection.
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Feather River Canyon

Train Simulator’s Feather River Canyon route recreates the dramatic Western Pacific main line from Oroville to Quincy Junction, California, as it existed in the late 1960s and early 1970s and the route also includes a segment of the Inside Gateway (Western Pacific’s important connection with the Great Northern and later Burlington Northern) from Keddie to Crescent Mills, as well as the trackage of the lumber-hauling Quincy Railroad short line. Western Pacific’s Feather River Canyon is one of the most famous, scenic, and highly-engineered railroad lines in all of North America.
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BR Class 40 ’40 145′

Loco number 40145 is one of the three in Class currently owned and operated by the Class 40 Preservation Society (CFPS), and this model for Train Simulator is officially licensed by the Society. Available in both BR Blue and BR Large Logo liveries, the model includes standard (HUD compatible) and advanced versions and a wealth of details and enhanced functionality, including authentic acceleration and deceleration physics, air system simulation, electric system simulation, locomotive preparation and cold start simulation, functional radiator shutters, battery isolation, fully controllable lighting, independent controls in both cabs, change end switches, AWS isolators, simulated faults, selectable braking modes for air/vacuum and freight/passenger, changeable head code blinds and much more to provide the most authentic experience.
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Pocket Money Marketplace

Got a favourite loco and looking for something new to haul, shunt or throw in a yard? Marketplace is perfect for you with just the wagon or coach for your scenarios – pick them up for pocket money.
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  • Is it possible to purchase the UP Insulated 50-foot RBL Plug Door Boxcar that came as a TS Rewards gift. I ask this because I used it in a scenario for the Feather River Canyon route and one subscriber wants to know where he can purchase it from? Can it be purchased via the Marketplace?

    • Only owners of TS2016: Steam Edition or TS2016: Standard Edition will have the UP Insulated 50-foot RBL Plug Door Boxcar. TS Rewards are given as exclusive gifts to everyone who purchased TS2016 (and registered for TS Rewards) and will therefore be not available to purchase separately.

  • I don’t exactly see how anyone could’ve missed any of these, since they’re always advertised during the TS loading screens or backgrounds. Especially the Maglev…

    • Some people lead busy lives and are involved in things outside of Train Simulator, so it’s possible that many could miss the latest releases!

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