Thames Valley Services

Written by: TrainSim-James

Service Mode is key to the experience within Train Sim World, giving you a real life 24 hour timetable and the freedom to drive any service you desire, or simply walk around railfanning, exploring; and, with Great Western Express, you can ride along as a passenger too!

BR Class 43

Putting the ‘Express’ in Great Western Express, the BR Class 43 operates the fast services on the Great Western Main Line, and apart from a few exceptions in the peak hours, runs non-stop between London Paddington and Reading.

In Train Sim World, you will have the option of running any of the 97 timetabled services, which also includes empty stock moves in and out of Old Oak Common Depot. Or of course, you can just be a passenger, and go for a ride along the entire route aboard GWR’s stylishly refurbished Mk3 rolling stock.

BR Class 166

Responsible for the bulk of commuter action in the Thames Valley, the BR Class 166 handles the slower workings for GWR, providing more frequent stopping than the HST and getting passengers from the outskirts into the heart of London.

In Train Sim World, there will be no less than 229 services operated by the BR Class 166. Keeping to timetable will be your greatest challenge, and route knowledge will become essential to perfect every station stop. Again, you can also ride as a passenger, and work between stations and depots throughout your shift.

BR Class 66

DB Cargo Rail UK operate daily through the Thames Valley transporting freight from one junction to the next, and their fleet of BR Class 66s work the bulk of all traffic on the Great Western Main Line, and beyond.

In Train Sim World, a total of 13 freight services will be working through the Thames Valley. Slower movements, between the bustling passenger timetable is a definite chance to take in the scenery, or will you stand on the platform, await the approaching freight traffic and try to capture that once-in-a-lifetime shot?

With Service Mode, you will be encompassed into the bustling, daily operations of the Great Western Main Line. Click here to download the full Train Sim World: Great Western Express Service Mode timetable. As you will see, the sheer number of services is quite remarkable, and will offer an endless supply of challenges for you to hone your skills. To get on-board, make sure you head to the Store as Train Sim World: Great Western Express is available now!

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  • Will there be more Locos or any extensions or additions to the game?

    • There will ItsYa165 though I have no details to share with you right now 🙂

      • That’s really exciting Steve! To make a suggestion, the FGW Liveries / IET 800 are things that are present on the GWMainline.

  • I know this is off subject, I was wondering, please can you tell me will there be a TS2018? And if so when? Thank you.

    • I don’t have any details to share with you right now Aaron333, I’m sure if there is, there will be an official announcement on the subject 🙂

  • It looks great, and I can’t wait! One quibble, why not complete the overhead electric lines, which would represent the line as it is today, not as it was when Dovetail surveyed it? In the future, it would be nice to see electric services between Paddington and Reading using Class 800s and 387s..

    • The route is set in a time period to capture this line in transition Quentin. There were many reasons why we didn’t want to extend the wiring, chief amongst those was the desire to capture the route at the height of development

  • 1) how come theres no overhead wires to reading as they are today.
    2) Is a 387 considerable for this route?

    • The route is set in a time period to capture this line in transition James. There were many reasons why we didn’t want to extend the wiring, chief amongst those was the desire to capture the route at the height of development. The Class 387 is most certainly on the list for consideration, as it may be required for another route in planning 🙂

      • STEVE!!! Your hiding so much from us… ya cheeky carbon based humanoid life form. So, what is Dovetail actually taking a look at right now? I know that the team is now binge building DLC like in Train Simulator, but the UK routes are on demand.

        • We’re currently working away on our next route ItsYa165, can you guess what it is? (not that I’ll be able to confirm but I’m sure you’ll have fun trying to guess it!) 😛

  • Could we have real world weather as an option in service mode please? Ideally dynamic weather but if it only downloaded a METAR behind the scenes and then set the weather sliders to give an approximation of the real world conditions then that would be a lot of fun I think.
    Really looking forward to the release of GWE.

    • This is certainly on our list Tony but there are bigger things to tackle right now, namely multiplayer and developer tools 🙂

      • My gosh Steve, it’s like Mojang at the moment. Where they give a list of what they’re adding to Minecraft… but TSW instead.

      • Well, so far you have repeated your motives from back in 2011, US route, UK route, Germany route. Their were 2 US ones (which idk or remember). But the UK was the GWMainline. You have done exactly the same efforts as of 2011… to remake and remaster what was old and is now reborn. I can only guess that the ROUTES will be Ruhr Sieg Bahn, and/or Seebergbahn in Deutschland.

        Is this a good deduction? I know for a fact that its German. You gave a huge hint with DeutscheBahn class 66 livery, implying that you allude a DB line. Your objetive is to introduce a sense of speed, accuracy, acceleration and electricity,… essentially giving us a sense of violence and perfect scheduling (you should add deaths to the game, to make it interesting, to make bridges useful and to read safety signs!!!).

        If you haven’t made too much progress in the next route, you should add Tickets and Ticket gates. Also free roam outside the stations (like the car park and all that, cafe, toilets, ticket machines) would be bodacious and awesome.

        Am I right?

        Thinks for the neglegent info Steve.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts ItsYa165 🙂

  • Ok, so I was watching the stream the other day and first off: absolutely amazing graphics and modeling. The optics of this game and add-on are simply stunning! I’m sure full optimization will still take time, and improving on areas such anti-aliasing will be a certainly be a learning process with trial and error definitely. But Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed and I can’t wait to get my hands on it tomorrow 😉 However, there were two minor things I noticed:

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be lack of sway/movement when sat in the cab, no? I mean, in TS20xx when you accelerate/ brake or go around a corner, the POV camera moves/sways with the body, giving you a more immersive experience. This was incidentally, one of the main reasons why I bought TS20xx (or Railsimulator) at the time, because that’ s what set it apart from most other simulators in the field (besides the major better graphics of course. Other simulators at the time didn’t have this, meaning the view was static, which gave less the sensation of movement in the cab, so everything somehow seemed less realistic. It appears to me from looking at the gameplay, that TSW doesn’t have this feature at the moment? If that’s the case (because again, I might be missing something), why is that, and are there any plans of adding it later this year in an update for example? I saw other people in the chat commenting on this as well, which gives me reason to believe that I’m not just imagining things haha

    2.This may relate to the lack of movement /sway etc. mentioned above, but it seems to me that both the HST and Class 166 were accelerating maybe a bit too quickly and too instantaneously. I’m not sure when Steve applied power in both cases, but it almost seemed like the trains instantly leaped into action and (as I felt) accelerated maybe a bit too quickly? I mean, they are both diesel trains, so power needs to be built up and diesel trains through the process of combustion don’t have as much torque as electric engines, no? I mean, HSTs have a high top speed and are relatively quick acceleraters, but not as quick as electric units and the class 166 is by today’s standard almost considered a slow coach lol. When I was watching I didn’t quite get that power built up and then gradual acceleration until it kicks in kind of, but again, I might be mistaken or misguided because I’m used to TS cab camera sway /movement, which makes it easier to judge acceleration speed and attitude…

    • Cab motion and sway is still being worked on Andrew, it’s something we’ll add once we’re happy it does what we need it to – it’s not as simple as just throwing it in and hoping for the best, it has a real impact on the frame rate as it’s another level of physics that needs to be calculated. On the subject of train performance, there is still work ongoing in this area as we learn more and find better ways of doing things. So I fully expect this to be an ongoing process that will evolve over time 🙂

  • Have now watched the Twitch video in full and made a small number of notes identifying anomolies that really need addressing before release.
    When Matt travelled in the 165 to start with, there were no windscreen wipers working at all on any rolling stock whatsoever, which wasn’t very authentic for a rain deluged scenario.
    On arrival in Paddington, after disembarking and walking up the platform, I noticed nearly all of the passenger’s feet were submerged below ground level, however, after crossing the footbridge and walking up the other platform everyone standing around was fine, do you have separate scripts for each passenger as some of them certainly require amending.,
    The enginesounds were dreadful, the hornsounds are even worse, have any of you actually stood next to one of these locomotives/ trains in real life, you get your eardrums pierced, which is exactly what I want for my money, loud and noisy realism!!!!!
    A few texture glitches around Paddington Station area which you probably already know about, but, needs attending to.
    In fairness, the Stations look very well constructed, and even though the trains look far too shiny, which is probably what GWR told you to design, they need a few tweaks to get them spot on. Over 420 different scenario types for us to entertain ourselves with for a few months is very welcome, a huge pity that the scenarios shown last night didn’t focus more on the route infrastructure, houses, buildings, warehousing, trees and trackside clutter, which also make this game authentic, there was too much yap and not enough marketing the route, we wil see what that is like tomorrow afternoon!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback ex-railwayman, this has been logged

  • After my visit to OOC open day and having a good chat with Matt in regard to my FPS problem running TS2017 on Ultra setting and playing Ultrawide 3440×1440 with Intel 6700K-GTX 1080 Amp Extreme-32Gb 300 Ram-1Tb Nvme Vnand PCIe SSD, his help input was just the ticket to fix one of the problems. Seeing TSW’s advancement from when I played the open Beta, I pre-ordered the new addon and I have to say TSW is extremely enjoyable and at times funny but I still get poor FPS from time to time and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Gigabyte z170 Gaming K3 ver1.0 motherboard with F23a Bios is the cause of everything and replacing it may solve this problem. But which manufacture should I go for. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    • Gronkston, there are a number of different manufacturers to choose from and I would advise you do your homework. There are tons upon tons of online reviews that could help you find something that works for you 🙂

  • I was just wondering if all the engine compartments on the locos are modelled similar to GSW, I noticed you didn’t show that in the twitch feed.

    One of the things I love doing the most is the full cold and dark startups, having to enter the engine compartment and mess around with fuel mixtures etc, really brings TSW to life and makes it stand out from other sims.

    • You will not be able to gain access to the engine rooms on either the Class 66 or HST. Unlike US locomotives, there is little that you can interact with as the fundamental controls are either situated in the cab, outside the locomotive, or both.

  • When it comes out for xbox one ?, I’m anxious.

    • I don’t have any details to share with you right now Morboso_, though I’m sure we’ll have an announcement on that soon

  • Love to see the game last i hope i can read the manual soon so i am ready to go when it is live

  • In Service Mode where there are 2 expresses that you have timetabled to leave Paddington at the same time (eg: 1600) does one get sent down the slow line and the other the main? If so which gets priority – is it the player train or will it vary ?

    • I don’t have those details Mark, will see what I can find out from the Development Team 🙂

  • I have a more general TSW query. What is the resolution of the terrain mesh in TSW? In TSX it’s 8 meters, which makes it difficult to produce smooth embankments and cuttings.



    • The terrain mesh is dynamic in Unreal, DigitalDraftsman. Effectively, at the player’s position, it’s around 2 metres, further away it reduces to around 8 metres.

  • If you do add Multiplayer, I feel this could be a great opportunity to do a sort of Co op mode with friends where one person could be a conducter and the other drives. Would you ever think about doing something like this as I feel it would make the game even better! However I do understand it could be very difficult to implement 🙂

    • We’ll have more information on Multiplayer in the future Randomburglar, I don’t have any details to confirm how it would work but I like your suggestion 🙂

  • How will we know what train is what in Paddington or other stops? The time table doesn’t indicate platforms

    • I’m looking at updating the timetable with this information TTC1233, will get to it as soon as I can 🙂

  • i like the passengers but there should be children and babies in prams and pushchairs

    • All in good time Daniel 🙂

  • Are cab doors operational, engine room and MCB’s all featured just like in CSX?

    • They are 🙂

  • Will we get the manual befor it gos live.i want to read me upp so am ready to play

    • As I explained this morning Eivind, it’s in the final stages, just waiting on the designer completing their bit 🙂

  • I’m worried TSW GWE won’t run well on my system. I mean CSX runs well on high to ultra settings but with all those trains on timetable in service mode I do worry 😂

    • If CSX runs well FunkyDCZ, you’ll find that GWE performs even better 😉

      • Yeah, I mean I don’t even hit the recommended specs…I’ve got an top i5 at 3.5ghz and you need 3.6😂 GTX 970 and 16GB of RAM should be okay though. Wow better…even with all those services?😉

  • With the HST, after the passengers have finished boarding, will the doors automatically close after them? In real life this is normally done by the guard but as TSW is single player this will not be possible. Also say you where in passenger mode, how would you know what the next train is and if there were any delays etc. Really looking forward to the new game by the way!

    • Yes, doors will close automatically when you select the appropriate option in the Tab menu. On the passenger operation, that’s where the timetable is handy. Until we bring the functionality on the PIS, you’ll need to use the timetable to know what the next train is, etc.

  • I still expect to have a DLC on Switzerland. As the Gotthard line, with the many maneuvers of double traction, pushes many freight trains from the line or passengers. A beautiful service table of 24 !!

  • Just got TSW the other day, and I must say, looks fantastic! No idea how London will cope with my machine, though.

    • What’s your PC Spec Railfan722?

  • Just got TSW the other day, and reserved my first-class ticket aboard the Hype Train 🙂 Give a huge thanks to the development team for me, will ya?

    • Sure will Railfan722 🙂

  • Hi,
    Very impressive visuals but what seems to be missing is diffuse shadow around bogie and beneath the locomotive. In real world, even when it’s cloudy, ground under the locomotive is darker since the diffuse shadow is present. Can’t wait for thursday 🙂

  • Hi,

    Quick question will the stations have any text on the dot matrix departure boards, as I read above if a train is running late would it update because this functionality would be fenomenal, I would see this coming in the future as I read you put the announcements will come later, it is a feature that would be incredible to have and would be amazing to have that with working announcemts, I understand you dont know whether this could happen but could there be an indication to it being planned out to work seamlessly with the announcements.

    • The dot matrix boards are part of the entire Passenger Information System (PIS) functionality as described in several of my responses below James 🙂 PIS relates to all displays on platforms and in the trains, it also relates to in-train and station announcements, they’re fundamentally all part of the same code base and therefore the same system

  • Hey Man! What’s the next DLC you guys are planning? please answer me if you want sir, even dough it is not sure. I would like Germany or the Netherlands

    • I don’t have any details to share with you right now playzmark, we’ll have details on the next route at the appropriate time

  • This all looks really good. I never anticipated such an extensive time table for service mode. Looking forward to play very much.

  • Can you get out of the train and walk around the rails whenever you feel like it. For example stop the train and get out and go a wander. Just like CSX you could stop anywhere and get out..

    • Absolutely John, as will be the case for every route 🙂

  • Hi Steve
    I have a few questions. One (the PIS) has already been answered. I’m a bit disappointed admittedly, but the assets do look great, so I’m hoping that update won’t take too long (I guess you could roll it out in phases as well). Also, I was wondering how the door system would work. The class 166 trains are operated as DOO by GWR (driver only operated), meaning the driver (not the guard) closes the doors. Will this be possible in TSW, so will there be working door release and close buttons? Will there also be selective door operation? Also, to facilitate DOO operation, drivers tend to use back facing mirrors or video screens situated on platforms to keep an eye on the passengers boarding. Will those work? I know video screens and mirrors are very resource intensive, but UE4 should be able to handle it and I guess you could always at least give the player the option to enable or disable this feature depending on wether his preference is more realism or better performance. Lastly, will there be ”fellow” passenger in passenger mode? Thanks for taking the time reading through and responding to our questions, I highly appreciate it!

    • Truly great questions Andrew! The Class 166 has full interactivity with the Central Door Locking system (CDL), the driver (you), has full control over each side of the doors and you’ll need to unlock and lock the doors accordingly as you would in the real world. The HST we’ve had to use a little artistic licence, due to the game only being a single player experience right now, so you’ll need to use the Tab key to bring up the menu to unlock and lock the CDL system on whichever side is the right side. However, unlike the Class 166, there is no traction interlock, so you’ll need to be careful not to drive off with the doors still open!

      On the subject of mirrors, it was something we hoped to bring in for Great Western Express but UE4 doesn’t handle them particularly well. So we’ll be continuing our work to find a solution that doesn’t murder the frame rate. Once we have a solution, we’ve set up both Great Western Express and CSX Heavy Haul in such a way that means we can roll in the functionality easily with a minor update.

      On you last question, I’m not sure what you mean by “fellow” passenger, could you elaborate, please? 🙂

      • Ok, first of all: thanks for the reply 🙂

        With fellow passengers I meant: will animated passenger be on the platform and in the train while I (the player) am in passenger mode? I caught a small glimpse of the game at OOC through YouTube and I had the impression that platforms and trains were empty while the player was walking around.

        Also, great to hear about the door controls! I’m not exactly sure about how the doors work in real life on the 166, but I think they close after a certain programmed time sequence on their own (usually individually, as people will open and use them at different times), but can be closed actively by the train driver prematurely, if he presses the door lock/close button. Otherwise, he’ll simply lock the already closed doors. Is that how it’ll be in the game? Also, do the class 166 trains have selective door opening in real life, and if so, will they have it in TSW?

        • At the moment, all doors open at the same time. However, we have planned that passengers will actively press the buttons to open the doors themselves.

          On the fellow passengers subject, yes, there will be passengers on the platforms and in the trains. We’re running a live stream later tonight at 6pm UK Time, if you’re free, we hope you’ll join us on our Twitch channel.

          • Ok, so does that mean they’ll close at the same time also, as soon as the driver presses the door close/ door lock button and open at the same time, when the driver presses the door release/open button? Also, definitely looking forward to the stream, I’ll be tuning in for sure 🙂

            • Yes Andrew, the CDL system is integrated, so when you press the close and lock button, they will close and lock. Look forward to seeing you in the stream later 🙂

              • Brilliant! Just what I was hoping for 🙂

                Been waiting a long time for manual door control in Train Sim and I think this is a good basis for creating additional realistic trains with realistic door procedures in the future 😀


  • If multiplayer comes out. Will we be able to play this route on multiplayer as well?

    • That is the plan Dániel 🙂

  • Hello! This DLC will be an amazing addition, looking great and very immersive! But I must say that I love freight operations more and I wonder if you will release a change log for the base game also? I drove more than 2000 miles in Sand Patch and would be very interested to find out if anything will change on that part of the game. Thanks.

    • Certainly will organise some Patch Notes for the CSX update aeterna

      • Great job, Steve. Thank you.

  • Are ingame vido ready for show of soon

    • Hopefully Eivind though we’re planning to do a live stream this evening at around 6pm UK time

      • Where will we be able to watch the livestream?

      • Nice i will see you then

  • will we be able to make our own service modes when the editor comes along

    • I don’t have any details to share with you right now on that Daniel 🙂

  • Something I was thinking if you guys are going to introduce a new livery set like you did with bright future for CSX, would I be right in thinking it would be the FGW livery that they were using before and still are? I went to Paddington station for the first time on my birthday in August and apart from a 166 set in GWR livery, the rest were still in FGW livery. Is this something that you guys are planning on doing?

    • Yes, GWR hasn’t got around to doing the entire fleet as yet so the vast majority are still available in First Great Western ‘Dynamic Lines’ branding. I don’t have any details to share with you on whether they will make an appearance in Train Sim World but it’s certainly a great suggestion Grant 🙂

  • Will it be possible to ride a train to Paddington for example then drive one to reading in the same mode?

    • It is, you can do that all day long if you wish Therealdeal 🙂

      • That’s awesome! I wanted to ask that as well. Will there also be announcements?

        • Announcements see my comments on the Passenger Information System (PIS) below Dániel 🙂

  • Will you live stream it on wendsday and what time

    • I don’t have any details on that Eivind, it may be a possibility and I’m sure we’ll let everyone know if it is going to happen

  • the 1C04 0730 departure at paddington is missing

    • Which year are you looking at Richard? Bear in mind the timetable we have used is from an earlier draft that is faithful to the time period we have created, late 2015

  • Those pictures are very nice. The team and the company should be very proud of the simulator. 🙂 And now the personal remark: Please steam trains too in the future!

  • Is it possible for trains to run late?

    • It is absolutely Therealdeal 😉

      • Would you be able to elaborate on how: train failures, signal faults, general slow running etc?

        • Actually correction to my earlier statement, I’m told there won’t be any late running. We had trialled a system that means the loading and unloading of passengers would be variable, just as it is in the real world, depending on how busy the stations are and how many passengers want to get on or off. However, it has transpired that it’s not ready for the final release. It’s likely we’ll continue to explore this and bring it in at a later date

  • I’m really looking forward to release date, actually getting hyped…do not let me down dtg

  • In the timetable which services are the frieight

    • The clue is in the Headcode, also known as a Train Reporting Number. The first digit of the headcode relates to the train class, match the digit to the numbered list below:
      1. Express passenger train; nominated postal or parcels train; breakdown or overhead line equipment train going to clear the line (headcode 1Z99); traction unit going to assist a failed train (1Z99); snow plough going to clear the line (1Z99)
      2. Ordinary passenger train; Officers’ special train (2Z01)
      3. Freight train if specially authorised; a parcels train; autumn-railhead treatment train; empty coaching stock train if specially authorised
      4. Freight train which can run up to 75 mph
      5. Empty coaching stock train
      6. Freight train which can run up to 60 mph
      7. Freight train which can run up to 45 mph
      8. Freight train which can run up to 35 mph
      9. International Eurostar passenger train; other passenger train if specially authorised
      0. Light locomotive or locomotives

      • I hope that information is included in the manual? 🙂
        Speaking of the manual, will it be available before the release or after? 😉

        • It’s in the final stages right as I write this Daniel, just waiting on the designer completing their bit 🙂

  • Interesting to see that the TSW timetables shows no trains out of Paddington after 23:00 and before 03:34 whereas the current timetable has trains leaving Paddington up to 01:34.

    • Our timetable is based on an earlier draft to complement the time period of the route Sam, sometime in 2015. You cannot, therefore, relate this to the 2017 timetable.

  • This is much welcomed. Just wondering why in a few instances you have trains in the wrong place? So for instance there seem to be 2 express departures both at 1600 from Paddington . The 1C21 is correct but the 1C88 should in fact leave at 1636. Something similar seems to happen at 1200 as well?

    • How do you mean Mark? What are you comparing our timetable to?

  • Got a question, will the amount of passengers that you see sitting down on the train be relative to the actual amount of people that have boarded the train? Eg if you where going from reading depot to reading station, there would be no one on the train. As in train simulator you can always see the same amount of people on the train.

    • Yes absolutely MrMars. There is always a correlation between which passengers have boarded and alighted the trains, they will fill up and empty.

  • Just wondering, are Heathrow trains completely excluded or are they substituted and AI only? Also, will there be some kind of fancy diagrams of services or track usage available for people that likes having it just for the reason of having it? 😛

    • Heathrow trains are completely omitted at this point Simon, this is so that when we bring those trains to Train Sim World, they can be slotted into the gaps left without too much difficulty. As for diagrams, can you elaborate on what you mean? From my perspective, the timetable is that diagram that shows all the train movements at key times.

      • Let’s say I arrive at Paddington, then need to go get another train. I would need to know where it departs from in terms of platform number. Would be cool to have some kind of document to look at showing all the departures and their platform number, not as reference for connections, but also if I wanted to go spotting to see what is coming out of the station. Something I am missing in the timetable as well is something like formation, is it a HST or a Class 166? In quite a few cases I would be able to guess the answer to that, but anyway. Also, it would be fun to see what the train I am on would be doing next, like 2P12 turns around to 2R15 or something like that. Just a suggestion, and I don’t think it should be me that judges if it would be complete waste of time to put such things together, but anyway, I guess know you’ve seen it 😛

        • Should be fairly simple to work out platform numbers, will see what I can do Simon. As for train type, you can work out what type of train it is from the head code or train reporting number. The first digit denotes the class or type of train (see my note on this below). Train interposing numbers (one service becomes another) are somewhat more difficult to work out but it is something we’re looking at pulling out 🙂

          • Thanks a lot 🙂 Would also just like to know, as the timetable is based on the one from 2015 I see, how is the route built, mostly in terms of electrification?

            • The route is set roughly in the September 2015 time period, so electrification of the route from Airport Junction to Reading is under way though not yet completed Simon

              • Ah okay, last question now 😛 Would you ever see 166’s coupling or uncoupling as part of their timetable in service mode?

                • Not right now Simon, it’s something we’re keen to implement to the grand scheme of Service Mode but there’s so many things that we need to factor in order for that to happen.

  • With the 339 services mentioned in the article can you confirm that this means that Free Roam is neither feasible nor available?

    • In our view, that’s what Service Mode is Sam. Free Roam, in the traditional Train Simulator sense, will follow once we bring on board the other major components that we’ve not yet told you about, that are still deep in development. I’ll have more on these in the future 😉

  • Please can you tell me will there be station/train announcements as per real life? Thank you.

    • The PIS system is a fairly complex system that we wish to have working as it does in the real world Aaron, so it will not be included at release. This will follow as an update in the future. All the relevant assets have been placed and are ready for the code to be added to make them functional

      • That is lovely to see that you guy’s are working on it! It makes the route feel so much more alive. Also I have watched the livestream and I noticed that it was really silence. I would like to see passengers talking and hear like footsteps and such to make it even more alive. Maybe an idea for the next dlc 😉

  • Great to see the new timetable for GWR . As I’m new to Train sims in general could you tell me how on page 8 5L67 leaves the Depot at 17.14 to arrive at Paddington at 17.00 or am I missing something.

    • Thanks for spotting that Roger, there may be one or two of those I’ve missed when attempting to get it into a human-readable form. That particular service goes from Paddington to the Depot and doesn’t go back in time 🙂

      • Could you also label which train class is which, it would help a lot for when you need to make a quick reference also on a relevant question on the destination boards at stations, Will they work in real time with the AI or are they just going to be a random thing?

        Also in a completely different question how populated will the stations be? Will Paddington have a lot of AI passengers at peak times/rush hour compared to being nearly deserted at night, will the same go for the trains? at Paddington and Reading as well.

        • Each train class is clearly labelled in the timetable Grant, on the headcode or train reporting number, the first digit is the train class. The Passenger Information System is a fairly complex system that we wish to have working as it does in the real world, so it will not be included at release. This will follow as an update in the future. All the relevant assets have been placed and are ready for the code to be added to make them functional.

          On station populations, they will be noticeably busier at peak times versus early hours of the morning, etc. In fact, each station has its own peak and quiet times. Some stations will be noticeably busier than others. Same goes for trains.

  • 330 passengers services and only 13 for freight, why? 🙁
    I hope this time there are some free roam possibilities at the unloading stations for the class 66 where we can shunt and unload some wagons.
    CSX heavy haul was a bit disappointing in this therm, only one scenario for the rockwood mine for coal loading and one service for shaw mines coal loading…

    • That’s the reality of the route Daniel, there ARE only that many freight services in the real timetable. In the UK, the vast majority of freight is moved by road with only some bulk commodities moved by rail, such as coal, (some) aggregates, (some) steel, scrap steel, container intermodal and (some) petrochemicals, etc

      • Then I hope after we have done the 13 service and the scenarios for the class 66 there are some free roam possibilities in the yard and unloading stations. 🙂

        • There are no yards, in the traditional sense, on the Paddington to Reading stretch, Daniel. Certainly, none dedicated to freight as they’re all mostly for empty passenger stock or maintenance trains, etc. The largest rail infrastructure features on the route are Old Oak Common, North Pole and Reading Traincare Facility – all mostly dedicated to passenger trains

          • And the sidings on the unloading stations? Are we able to shunt some wagons like we want and unload them like in CSX the free roam in the Cumberland yard?
            Or is there nothing to do for the class 66 after we did the 13 services and the scenarios?

            • Once you’ve completed all the services and scenarios for the Class 66, if no new content has been added, then you will have exhausted all the available options to use the Class 66, Daniel.

              On the subject of free operation, unlike Cumberland Yard, there really are no viable places on the Great Western Main Line that still use manual switches, save for a few sidings. This then limits what freedom you have in operating the Class 66 or indeed any of the other trains. Once Multiplayer comes along, and the other key features that are necessary for free play of all the trains, then you’ll have more control over what you can do on the routes. The key thing to understand here is that this is just the start of a long journey, everything you want will come to Train Sim World, it’s just going to take some time to arrive at that destination 🙂

          • How come there’s no class 6 or 7 freights? The West London area is full of them, the vast majority of services in and out of Acton yard are Mendip services running in these paths. The HKA wagons can only run at 60 loaded, thus there should be some class 6 paths in the timetable, unless all those in the scenario are empty.
            13 freights seems a little on the low side, one Mendip quarry produces more than that per day. Looking at Ealing Broadway last Wednesday as an example, 00.00 – 23.59, of the 80 or 90 odd paths, 45 freight trains ran through Ealing Broadway.
            Between Acton Yard and Reading are both West Drayton and Hayes stone terminals, these receive regular trains from both east and west directions. As you’ve included the HKA aggregate hoppers, it seems a shame there’s no services to or from here. 6A26 from Whatley (Weds only) passes Reading 12.39 and arrives at Hayes 13.17. Even just covering this leg is nearly an hour drive, without considering run rounds, discharging etc. There’s also a 6A25 empty stone from West Drayton to Acton most lunch times, a nice easy short run, picking the train up after discharge.
            Is the lack of these stone services a sign that there’s a Class 59 and Mendip wagons to follow as an add on?

            • Well spotted steadfast! Mendip services are usually hauled by Hanson/Yeoman branded Class 59s, which we’re not licensed for. However, it’s likely we’ll bring the Class 59 and other freight classes to Train Sim World in the not-too-distant future. One thing we didn’t want to do was close up all the options that would, therefore, limit what we can deliver and add into the experience when we’re able 🙂

  • holy 😮 im so excited for great western express

    Comment edited to make it suitable for younger users of the site

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