Talented Traction: The ÖBB 4023

Written by: TrainSim-James

First designed in the 1990s, the Talent truly is the forefront of modern European transportation for both passengers and drivers alike. With such sparks as the ever-successful Talent 2 in its legacy, the Austrian Federal Railway can be proud of operating such a uniquely versatile EMU. Be prepared to experience this modern passenger workhorse for yourself as the ÖBB 4023, from Partner Programme developer RSSLO, is rapidly making its way into Train Simulator service.

ÖBB ordered their Talent EMUs from Bombardier in the early 2000s as a modern helper to their ageing ÖBB 4020 fleet. While a majority of the order was comprised of the four-car variant, the ÖBB 4024, a handful of three-car variants were also part of the bill. The three-car Talents were classified as the ÖBB 4023 and were designed to serve more rural routes where passenger numbers were lower and platforms were not suitable for their longer siblings.

After addressing comfort issues raised by the passengers, the ÖBB 4023 was a network-wide success. Its powerful nature and generous capacity made them ideally suited for routes such as the Semmeringbahn, being able to effortlessly crawl up and down the winding rails in all conditions.

The ÖBB 4023 provides a very smooth journey thanks to its shared Jacob’s bogies, both reducing drag and increasing safety at the same time. When combined with a streamlined profile, the ÖBB 4023 set foot in a new era of efficiency while traversing the Austrian landscape. It will not be long until this experience will be wholly your own, as the ÖBB 4023 will be coming to Train Simulator.

The ÖBB 4023 will feature the three-car EMU in ÖBB red and grey livery, complete with a variety of comprehensive procedures such as a full start-up sequence from battery panel to master key. A selection of scenarios will be included for the Semmeringbahn route to test your skills in this modern Austrian traction


Nothing contrasts the lush and picturesque scenery of the Semmeringbahn like ÖBB’s very own red and grey livery. All the ÖBB 4023 EMUs were delivered as such and they all brandish the outstanding paintwork with pride.


Yawn! It’s early in the morning and time to set up your ÖBB 4023 for today’s operations. Make sure you head into the rear cab first and get those batteries, lights and safety systems activated (above) before heading to the front and turning your key. Collect the juice, release the brakes and you’re set (below).


Built to aid the ageing ÖBB 4020 fleet, the ÖBB 4023 fits in perfectly across the Austrian Network. Whether taking on passengers at Wolfsbergkogel (above) or passing through one of the many winding tunnels along the mountain pass (below). The ÖBB 4023 is clearly the modern image of the Semmeringbahn.


The Semmeringbahn plays host to a number of locomotives and multiple units alike. As ÖBB 1116 062 powers southbound up the ruling gradient with a heavy freight train (above), an unidentified ÖBB 4023 with 4023 006 on the rear starts to race down the same grade on a stopping service to Gloggnitz (above and below). Be sure to watch your speed on the way down!


Be prepared to take command of RSSLO’s complex and challenging ÖBB 4023 in Train Simulator, coming soon!




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  • Do it has the same experts controls (RSSLO)?

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