Steam Through the Valley!

Written by: TrainSim-James

The scenic Wutachtalbahn is available now for Train Simulator, it’s time to get busy with southern German steam!

What would become the Wutachtalbahn was first conceptualised in the 1860s as a military railway, such a new line would prove strategically viable for retaliatory strikes in the Franco-Prussian war. Proposals were drawn up, but finally a path was settled, linking the Black Forest Railway at Immendingen with the Upper Rhine Railway at Lauchringen.

Either side of the line proved little construction or operational challenges; track layout was conventional, and line speeds were on par with other standard rural railways. A problem however did lie within the planned route’s central section.

Trains would need to fall roughly 250m in 9 km between Blumburg and Weizen, but with military, heavy military traffic the key focus of the entire line, gradients were not to exceed 1:100, and the connection was impossible through normal means. Instead engineers devised a similar strategy as seen on many mountain railways, they crossed the valley with multiple hairpin turns, grand viaducts and a complete 360° loop encased in a tunnel, a unique example of such a structure in Germany.

The Wutachtalbahn finally opened in the 1890s, and throughout its operational lifespan saw regular passenger services and occasional military traffic. After the Second World War however, passenger numbers dwindled, and by 1974 had ceased completely. Despite the bleak situation, a voluntary organisation came together in an effort to re-open the line as a museum for steam locomotives, and the line’s popularity quickly grew as a tourist attraction. The preserved line drew such a crowd in fact, that the northern section of the line was also introduced as part of the ‘3er-Ringzug’, a passenger network linking the local areas of southern Germany together.

The Wutachtalbahn for Train Simulator features the 65 km preserved steam railway from Lauchringen to Immendingen as it is today, complete with the modernised northern section, “Pigtail” central section and lesser used southern section which has overgrown in recent times.

Included with the Wutachtalbahn is the DR BR 86 in DR Black livery, along with a new Ci-28 Donnerbuchse in DR Green livery, which is both clean and weathered, and in DR Red livery, which is also weathered. UCS wagons in DB White & DB Black, and Shimms wagons in DB Schenker & Railion red liveries are also included.

A total of 7 Career scenarios let you explore the entire length of the Wutachtalbahn in all its glory, featuring both passenger and freight runs under all conditions, and Railfan Mode scenarios are featured too allowing you to experience the bespoke Wutach Valley as a tourist.

The Wutachtalbahn is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for more details!

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