Steam Returns to Settle

Written by: TrainSim-James

Re-Create a historic event, the first scheduled UK steam service in 50 years, within Train Simulator!

To celebrate the re-opening of the Settle-Carlisle Railway – which recently suffered extensive landslip and flooding damage – Britain’s newest steam locomotive, 60163 Tornado, is replacing select Northern services from the 14th to the 16th of February.

Over these three days, no less than twelve scheduled Northern services between Skipton and Appleby are being replaced by 60163 – a Peppercorn LNER Class A1 ‘Pacific’ locomotive that was completed in 2008, the first new steam engine built in the UK since 1960. 60163 Tornado is not a replica of a pre-existing locomotive, but instead an entirely new, and sole, member of the Class – of which the last example, 60162 Saint Johnstoun, was withdrawn in 1963.

60163 was chosen as the principal locomotive to celebrate the return of the Settle-Carlisle Railway, of which a section has been closed for considerable time following damage from ‘Storm Desmond’. While the line isn’t set to return to full service until March 2017, three consecutive days in February were planned out for 60163, a Class 67 diesel locomotive and 8 coaches to replace scheduled Northern services between Skipton and Appleby.

This is the first time a steam-hauled train has been timetabled for regular duty in the UK for 50 years, such an event has seen masses drawn to the Settle-Carlisle railway, a trend which will no doubt continue for the next few days. The services themselves were quickly booked by enthusiasts, raring to experience Steam’s return to the mainline, and this morning, many were queueing for the last remaining unreserved seats – busy stations and platform are a given on this Valentine week. Of course, it’s not just a pleasure for the passengers, but the driver and fireman also get to experience steam haulage of mainline services once more.

With Train Simulator’s Settle to Carlisle route, and the Settle Carlisle Specials pack, you have the chance to re-create this iconic moment in both 60163’s and the Settle-Carlisle Railway’s history. Why not pick these up if you haven’t already, either head into quick drive, play a scenario, or even make something up yourself and take the time to steam through Cumbria’s Eden Valley over the next few days!

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  • Your screenshots are missing 67029 on the BBC clip 😉

    Sure this is cheating, but I guess they need emergency backup!

    • I was on the return to Appleby at 10:45 and the only reason 67029 was on the back was to heat the coaches

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