Route Proposal: CP C&M and Fox Lake Subdivision – Chicago-Fox Lake-Milwaukee

Written by: Adam Hartley

First of all where should I start the C&M has so many terrific traffic and positions, for example you have Metra, Amtrak and CP who use this 81 Mile Route. Metra uses this route and hauls nearly 300,000 passengers each weekday and Amtrak takes nearly about 150,000 people from Chicago to Milwaukee Daily. While CP uses this line to haul nearly 500 tons of freight each day, loads of foreign power is also found on this route. It is one of the more popular routes since it was used by the old Milwaukee Road Railroad.

You pass by key parts like the famous Tower A-2. Whether you like to drive either freight or passenger trains, this route is a challenging yet very real route. This route sees nearly up to 60 trains a day, Metra uses their MP36PH Llcomotives most of the time to run trains from Chicago to Fox Lake, and if you’re lucky you could even see their brand new F59PH locomotives. But back in the day, this route was run by the old F40C locomotives which are now retired.

In recent months, the Fox Lake sub has hosted a steam excursion by NKP 765. Amtrak uses two routes on this line, the Hiawatha which runs from Chicago to Milwaukee and the Empire Builder which runs from Chicago to Seattle. Both of these lines use the full CP C&M Subdivision as station stops. Tower A-20, located in Northbrook, is where most Canadian Pacific freight trains start on this line, while other trains start or end at Tower A-5 in Chicago. Either way, Canadian Pacific owns this line with all they need.

The Route Should Include

  • Metra Coaches, Cab Cars and MP36PH Locomotives
  • Amtrak P42DC, Horizon Coaches, and Phase V NPCU
  • Canadian Pacific ES44AC, SD40-2, GP38-2
  • Metra F59PH and F40C’s as separate add-ons for this route

I hope Dovetail Games can make this proposal a reality

Adam Hartley


  • Yes! This route is a must!

  • I’ve ridden on this line many times, i’d definitely love to see this come to TS! 😀

  • Yes! The racetrack Aurora to Chicago was a great route and enjoyable and this route would also be great for those who like Metra commuter operations. This looks like an awesome idea and I support it 100%

  • This is a great idea! Chicago to Milwaukee would be a great idea for a route because it’s got Chicago, America’s train capital in it, and it goes to Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee. The only concern I have is that like on the Aurora Race Track route, if it were set in present-day, all of the Metra trains would be unbranded. But if this were set in the Milwaukee Road era, then all the trains would have Milwaukee Road lettering and logos on them. Other than that relatively minor issue, I like this idea!

    • I understand what youre saying but I want the route to look like the present day route. Considering i railfan this route too often.

      • Well, just because you railfan it often, doesn’t mean it has to be set in present-day. Every time period has something special to offer, that’s what I say, which might explain why Dovetail Games chooses particular time periods to focus on for their routes. But I can be happy with this route set in present-day too.

        • i think the metra fox lake milwaukee district north line would be it would be a great route to have for train simulator including the milwaukee road passenger coaches with the skytop observation car, and the classic f40c locomotive

          • it would also be great if it came with a milwaukee road steam locomotive and passenger coaches with the ironic skytop obersvation car, canadian pacific freight locomotives and rolling stock, and classic old fashion metra cab cars

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