Rhaetian Remarkable!

Written by: TrainSim-James

The RhB Enhancement Pack 02, featuring the classic Ge 4/4 ii locomotive, is Out Now!

Take to the unrelenting grades of the Arosa Line aboard the distinctive RhB 4/4 ii, which is represented authentically in Thomson Interactive’s new RhB Enhancement Pack 02!

Built between the 1970s and 1980s, the RhB 4/4 ii electric locomotive was designed for mixed-traffic work across the RhB network, replacing older motive power which was no longer up to then-modern standards. The new locomotives represented large power in small packages, many lines are mountainous in Switzerland, traversing the Alps while clinging to valley edges and navigating tunnels and viaducts; without struggle, the Ge 4/4 ii fleet could work passenger and freight, at speeds up to 90 km/h – not bad for a locomotive barely exceeding 40ft in length!

A total of 23 RhB Ge 4/4 ii locomotives were built, each named after a town served by the sprawling Rhaetian Railway network, and today some are resplendent in commemorative liveries which celebrate various anniversaries related to the RhB. And, thanks to refurbishment keeping them up to standard, they are all still in service today, working in tandem with the RhB fleet.

In Train Simulator, the RhB Enhancement Pack 02 brings the Ge 4/4 ii to life, along with new passenger and freight rolling stock which can be quickly put to good use in the included Career scenarios on the Arosa Line; where you learn how to drive the locomotive, before going to work on the unforgettable grades that the Alps have to offer.

And, to top it all off, the Arosa Line is currently 50% off to celebrate the arrival of the RhB Enhancement Pack 02, available now for Train Simulator! Head to the Store and save on this stunning route!

RhB Enhancement Pack 02 – Key Features

  • Ge 4/4 II Locomotive in red RhB livery with correct body side crests for all numbers 611 to 633
    • Quick Drive consists compatible with the Arosa and Albula Line routes
    • Dynamic animated pantographs compatible with the Arosa and Albula Line routes
    • Automatic detection of locomotive multiple mode and correct selection of pantograph pairs for player and AI trains
    • Speed select and automatic power cut-off for cabin control wheel
    • Manual control of locomotive fans (Blowers)
    • Opening cabin door and windows with dynamic audio levels
    • Three officially licensed RhB liveries for locomotives 620, 623 and 627
  • Pre-refurbishment Baggage Coach
  • Haik-v type Sliding Door Wagon
  • EWI AB and B Coaches
    • Three position passenger view for the EWI B coach
    • Seasonal timed operation of internal light dimming for all coaches
    • Random window animation on a per coach basis viewable externally and internally with “weather & time intelligence”
    • Rain effects
  • Three Career scenarios for the Arosa Line route
    • [GE 4-4 ii 627 Chur Arosa] Locomotive Tutorial
    • [Ge 4/4 ii 623 125 Jahre] Christmas Special to Arosa
    • [Ge 4/4 ii RhB] Autumn Evening Descent

The RhB Enhancement Pack 02 is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for more details!

In the first career scenario, you start off by getting to grips with the operation of the Ge 4/4 ii locomotive (above), and once you are up to scratch, you head a climbing freight train along the twisting Arosa Line (below).

Things get bitterly cold in the second career scenario. You find yourself in the freight sidings outside Chur, so you must set up and await your path (above) before carefully making your way along the frozen streets of Chur to couple up to your train of the day; the cold weather is apparent not only by the snow, but the frequent sparking of the pantograph (below).

Once you have coupled up and all the passengers have taken their seats, it is time to make the ascension towards Arosa, but not before once again passing through Chur, where an avid spotter is capturing the unique livery of No. 623, depicting the 125th anniversary of the RhB.

You’ll be busy in the third career scenario, starting right away hauling freight wagons up to Arosa, assembling your train, and taking a mixed train on the downhill run to Chur, amid a bright autumn day.

Heading for Chur aboard the Ge 4/4 ii presents frequent challenges – unlike the Allegra EMU, the Ge 4/4 ii won’t hold its own on the sharp grades, you’ll have to master the art of dynamic braking, but once you do, the stunning trip down begins (above and below).

The Ge 4/4 ii, absolute in every detail, available now with the RhB Enhancement Pack 02 for Train Simulator!

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  • Good to hear that it’s released! It looks marvellous!
    I have one question about the loco, though:

    What are these outer bits of the headlights?
    Tail Lights or possibly indicators? Trams have indicators so maybe?

    That’s all from me!
    – 52_Western

    • They are the tail lights 52_Western 🙂

      • Thanks for your answer, James, very informative! 🙂
        I’ve got a TS route suggestion for you:
        The Glasgow Tram Network from the 1960s. (see link below)
        These trams just look awesome, in my opinion. And I would really like to see them in Train Simulator.
        With appropriate traffic and working arrow-shaped indicators, and maybe even open top trams!
        Thanks again, hope you like my suggestion!

  • Looks good enough to buy and I’d be quick to do so in a package that included the Arosa route. I know that you’re touting other features, but what struck me in the screenshots is that figure taking a photo — I don’t recall ever seeing something like that in TS before.

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