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Make sure you’re up-to-speed on the fascinating history behind a most bespoke steamer, the BR Standard Class 6, which was built from a common design and aimed at serving the vast and varied landscape of Scotland. Links to our various articles detailing this history can be found below.

Clans on the Rails

Almost all the BR Standards were built for mixed-traffic working, and the 4-6-2 Pacific configuration was chosen for express fleets. One locomotive in particular, the BR Standard Class 6, emerged from Crewe Works in 1951 as a lighter variation of the previous Class 7. A reduction in weight gave the Class 6 an increased route availability, granting access to their Scottish homeland (being based at Carlisle & Glasgow), albeit with a reduction of power to 6MT. The Class 6 was named the Clan Class, carrying names of the various Clans of Scotland.

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Scots & Steam!

Following the nationalisation of Britain’s ‘Big Four’ railway companies into British Railways in 1948, it was decided that many new steam locomotives would be built with a standard design in mind. This practice would ensure common parts were used across a variety of locomotive types, nation-wide, avoiding the significant cost of maintaining older designs that differed greatly from region to region.

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