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Make sure you’re up-to-speed on the fascinating history behind the “electric” New Haven E-33, a classic freight hauler of the 1950s that made its way into the hands of several railroads, including the New Haven! Links to our various articles can be found below.

Electric Vagabond

Built by General Electric in the mid-1950s and born to haul coal in the Appalachians, a group of 3,300-horsepower electrics – destined to be vagabonds over a quarter-century of service – came to the New Haven Railroad in the summer of 1963 to haul tonnage between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. And soon, these distinctive electrics – designated EF-4 by the NYNH&H – will be coming to Train Simulator!

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Coming to the Rescue

Electric freight locomotives have always been something of a rare breed in the United States, but lack of quantity was never equated with a lack of appeal, and soon a classic of U. S. electric motive power is coming to Train Simulator with the New Haven EF-4.

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An “Electric” Experience

Reppo and its master craftsman Ricardo Rivera now bring the remarkable New Haven General Electric EF-4 (GE E-33) freight electric to Train Simulator! Created in exacting detail, the NYNH&H EF-4 for Train Simulator faithfully recaptures the features and operating characteristics of this distinctive and notable electric freight locomotive.

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The New Haven E-33 is Out Now!
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