Pump Car Competition: And the winner is…?


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    The concept is awesome, The implementation defies description! A winner all hands down!!!

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    That video was AWESOME.

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    Well deserved win!

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    And the Oscar goes to… HopelessHyena!

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    How do i sign up for TS rewards? I never got the prompt screen :L

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      If you’ve bought TS2016, and have missed the registration screen, please submit a ticket on our Support Website and our Support Team will help you sign up.

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    So many amazing aspects to this video: It’s impossible even to begin to mention them! You are a real artist, HopelessHyena. Congrats!!! 😉

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    I absolutely loved that video, excellent work on that, Hoplessheyena, you are WELL deserving of first place!!!

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    congrats great video !

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    Huge congratulations to HopelessHyena, have fun with all those locos 🙂

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    GG HopelessHyena, have fun driving everything!

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