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Written by: TrainSim-James

Virtual Railroads’ absolute representation of the DB BR 151 has arrived for powerful and competitive Train Simulator service!

Introduced in the 1970s, the DB BR 151 helped the rail freight industry keep up with the ever-growing road traffic; new locomotives, with more modern equipment on-board, would spell higher speed and heavier loads, and a more fierce competition between road and rail.

Time was of the essence, and so the new locomotive fleet bore much resemblance to previous designs, yet modern traction packages and enhanced bogie designs allowed the DB BR 151 to fit the bill. In order to ensure a network-wide improvement, 170 DB BR 151 locomotives were ordered, and then built between 1972 and 1978. At 118 tons each, the equivalent of 8400+ horsepower, and a top speed of 120 km/h, the DB BR 151s were ready for any heavy-hauling duty.

When new, the DB BR 151s were used on almost any freight traffic, and even saw some passenger use (which is today no longer possible); where members of the fleet did succeed was on heavy ore and mineral trains, which required the fitting of AK69e Unicouplers – locos would double-head 4000 and even 6000 ton ore trains on a regular basis.

In recent years, newer traction has risen above the might of the DB BR 151, and a multitude of 151s have been sold on to private operators, with some also meeting the cutters’ torch, and one mostly preserved at the DB museum in Koblenz. Nevertheless, with a tale of power and popularity in its wake, the DB BR 151 is a locomotive to remember, and is a befitting addition to any powerhouse collection in Train Simulator!

The DB BR 151 for Train Simulator is available in DB Traffic Red livery, with DB Cargo, Railion and DB Railion logo variants ready for service. Also, a notable inclusion is the DB BR 151 fitted with Unicoupler AK69e couplings, destined for hauling heavy trains formed of Faals 150 wagons, also featured.

Getting to grips with the DB BR 151 will be your task, as you learn to start up and manage this powerful locomotive across 3 enticing Career scenarios for the popular Hamburg-Hanover route. In each scenario, you’ll be at the head of a coal, gravel, or limestone train and, with up to two locomotives at your disposal, will be roaring through Lower Saxony, classic seventies style!

A brief rundown:

  • DB BR 151, with chain-link coupling, in DB Traffic Red livery with Railion, DB Railion or DB Cargo logos
  • DB BR 151, with AK69e Unicoupler, in DB Traffic Red livery with Railion, DB Railion or DB Cargo logos
  • Coal, Gravel, Limestone and Ore Faals 150 wagons
  • Authentic simulation throughout
  • Advanced cold-start procedure
  • Dynamic failures, no overworking the traction motors!
  • High fidelity recreation of cab and external body
  • High quality textures with prototypical weathering detail
  • A trio of Career scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover route

All these features and exacting details have firmly earned the DB BR 151 a slot within the Pro Range!
What is the Pro Range? Find out more here.

The venerable DB BR 151 is available now, head to the Store for more details!

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  • Hello, James,
    I bought this model from Virtual Railroads quite a while ago. If I create a scenario using that product will I be able to upload it to Steam Workshop? In other words, can VR’s own product “stand in” for this DTG version?

    • I’m fairly sure the folders for the loco are in different locations so it wouldn’t work in that way Tom. For reference, the folder for this is Assets\vR_Steam_ProLine\vR_BR151EL_VRot

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