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Written by: TrainSim-Steve

As you know, we’re approaching the final stages of Train Sim World: Great Western Express development and we’re aware just how excited you all are by the prospect of passenger mode, new and exciting timetables and high-speed travel in all their Train Sim World glory. So, we’re going to extend the pre-order period to give everyone more time to take advantage of the pre-order discount and have therefore moved Train Sim World: Great Western Express to release on September 14th.

We appreciate that this may be frustrating, but doing so will also give us more time to get those passengers into position, ensure everything is working as intended and is up to the standard you all deserve on the day of release. We very much appreciate your patience and so have a few new screenshots of how Great Western Express is progressing!

We’ll have even more new in-game footage for you in the run up to the release, so please look out for them β– 



  • Welcome. Will the track editor you expect to follow later?

    • The route editor is still deep in development Tauraus1047, I don’t have any details for you on when this is expected to come along

  • So does this mean that the update mean’t to occur for CSX Heavy Haul and GWR on August 24th is now delayed, Or will the update to CSX go as planned?

    • As answered below Nathan, the update and Great Western Express release are one and the same

      • Is there also any news on the multiplayer feature?

        • Multiplayer is still deep in development Nathan

  • Mark me down as willing to wait a while longer for this DLC (is that the correct term?), which I’m hoping will finally teach me the skills needed to operate passenger services. I’m pretty sure, however, that my enthusiasm for freight operations, especially shunting, will never be diminished and that the inclusion of a freight engine in GWE means that this very important (and lucrative) aspect of railroad operation will not be neglected; again, especially in regard to shunting, which plays only a minuscule role in CSX.

    Tom Pallen

  • Why can’t we have access to the beta? Let’s be honest, public beta’s are great! People get to find bugs and having more people to find stuff is better. It will allow people to do reviews and gameplay footage which will hopefully get more people hyped and to preorder. If i’m honest, it’s common sense to do it. I understand a game like GTA not having public betas because the longer people wait, the more sharkcards the sell but with a game like TSW where you are doing preorders, people will still need to pay to get the content either way.

    And don’t try and hide that it’s not ready by indirectly saying ‘we’re extending the preorder period’ before directly saying ‘ensure everything is working as intended’. After this, I think we deserve a public beta or at least another dev blog thing. Btw, i’m also posting this on the post on their website post if you saw this on their site.

    • There isn’t a Public Beta for Great Western Express Ant Craft but thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

      • Steve,

        That’s a pitty, perhaps we could deliver serious comments which you could use to improve this first DLC. Is it maybe possible to see or play the DLC at the Gamescom? I will visit your stand next saturday πŸ™‚

        • I’m not sure what the plan is for Gamescom Bart

  • I think a wise move to this would be to release a pre-release version of Great western express on the 24th and full release it on 14th September, that way people can play what theyve been waiting for and then enjoy the full release just a few weeks later, Just an jdea which is worth considering with your team, no worries if you cant,

  • Are the FPS issues going to be addressed with you having a few more weeks to tweek everything as CSX even today is very poorly optimized and lucky if i get above 30fps with a GTX 1070.

    On a side note i am looking forward to getting back onto the British rail network with this DLC, should be a welcome change from the Train Sim of old.

    • While it would be wrong to even speculate right now, as you know we’re continuing our work having moved out the release date, I would like to reassure that we are continuing to review and receive feedback for the foreseeable future, and will continue to make improvements where appropriate. If you haven’t yet contacted Customer Support and provided them with the necessary details, I would urge you to do so. The more data we receive from players, the greater the chance of success when we look at improvements to the core code.

      Just out of curiosity josrey, could you shed some light on the other components in your PC? Which Processor and RAM do you have?

      • i’m only getting 20 fps and my graphics card is nvidia gtx geforce 1060 6GB, 16GB Ram and my CPU is a Intel Core i7 6700

        • does not matter now i changed the screen percentage from 200% to 100% and now i’m getting 45 frames per second in Cumberland and 60 Frames per second in the countryside

  • When is TSW going to get it’s own forum, both FSW and Euro Fishing have their own forum but TSW does not, it seems as though you are neglecting the TSW community by not having it’s own forum.

    • Hopefully in the near future David

  • do we have to own heady haul to use this or can this be bought as a separate game since im confused

    • Yes, you need to own CSX Heavy Haul, which includes the core software ItzChaza

  • I’m guessing on release the ‘Dynamic Lines’ liveries for the HST and Turbos will not be in the game. Unless you’re planning to do what you did with the CSX liveries and add them in later. Just for an added bit of variety.

  • Please try to fix the catenary. The overhead wire is always pulled to the outside of curves, not pushed. Have a look at the Trent Valley DLC… it’s pretty much perfect^^ Other than that… looks great and I’m really looking forward to 14/09/17 πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Hastenigesehn, I too have been a critic of how the catenary has been done by many in TS, the first one to have it properly installed was “Keith M Ross” who incidentally did much of the work on the Trent Valley.
      I fully agree that the overhead on the curves cannot be ‘pushed’ out, it has to be “pulled” out. It is a matter of “physics”.
      I do hope they get this aspect done properly as the catenary is so glaringly right in your face, second only to the trackwork around the area of facing points.

  • i can wait untill its finished!

  • I fully support something being finished before release and appreciate that dates can slip, but to dress it up as extending the pre-release sale is a bit of a stretch

    “So, we’re going to extend the pre-order period to give everyone more time to take advantage of the pre-order discount and have therefore moved Train Sim World: Great Western Express to release on September 14th.”

    The statement makes no mention of ironing out issues or refining things, which should really be acknowledged as otherwise it appears it’s being fruitlessly delayed.

    • The following line “We appreciate that this may be frustrating, but doing so will also give us more time to get those passengers into position, ensure everything is working as intended and is up to the standard you all deserve on the day of release.” does state just that Matthew πŸ™‚

      • Just off to Specsavers in the extra few weeks I have LOL

  • I appreciate why you need to do this, but it is very disappointing, as one of the main reasons I bought this on pre-order was because it released in August, so I’d have time to play it. I kind of wished I’d waited until Christmas now πŸ™

    • You can refund it prior to release if you have bought it over steam, as long as you did not pre-order over 3 months ago

  • Sad news πŸ™

    But I hope you guys take your time to make this release better then the disastrous TSW CSX release.

    And more important to fix the TSW CSX bugs finally. There are after 4 patches still plenty of them.
    (EOTD and achievements still not working and many other bugs!).

  • Don’t announce release dates if you can’t honor them. This is the same thing that happened with Heavy Haul, how have you not learned from past mistakes?

    • Fair comment dbmckie, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

  • But I have a Question will there be train announcements? On the Train and Stations?

    • I’ve saved your question to answer at the appropriate time Tristan, I haven’t got any details to share on this as yet

  • noooooo I want to have it! it looks so amazing :Β΄(

  • Totally understandable. Delays aren’t a problem when you only want to make sure that the product you release is the one you want us to have!

  • Well that’s seriously disappointing news. πŸ™ There was talk of a patch coming out for CSX Heavy Haul at about the same time as GWE. Is that also delayed?

    • It is yes Sam, they are effectively one and the same

  • Personally, I don’t really care if you delay it to make the game more realistic. However, I think that we should get a public beta like CSX to repay but this would also make it more realistic because your getting the public input aswell.

  • So wait, you know we’re waiting for this release, so your extending the pre order and pushing the release back a few weeks? Why not just keep the pre order price and release it when you said you were? Maybe for the next TSW dlc, try not to promise us a release date.

    • No sense in releasing something that isn’t ready to be released Josef, you and I both know how that story would end. I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us, very grateful you took the time to tell us how you feel.

      • Sorry if I come across in a bad way. Its just a little annoying to be shown a release date but it gets pushed back. I understand though. We’d rather have a working route rather than a really buggy one.

        • That’s absolutely fine Josef, I totally understand just how frustrating it is πŸ™‚

          • As long as it gets optimised which CSX Heavy haul apparently didn’t then I’d be happy, I was so much looking forward to the release next week, to hear it is being delayed for a couple weeks or so is saddening but Its for the best and you guys know what your doing so I can accept that ! πŸ™‚

  • Upsetting, but understandable! It means more time to make a better game for release and judging by the screenshots it is going to be incredible!
    Quick question, will the cabs of all the trains in this be as interactive, if not more interactive, than the trains in CSX Heavy Haul?

    • Nothing to change there JELX5, our intention is to maintain the same level of interactivity.

  • I’d rather have a product where developers are giving some more time to finish it up and make it better, than having a product where developers rushes their product to release on the scheduled date. Nice move in my opinion.

    • I fully agree with you.

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