ÖBB 4020 – An Austrian Icon

Written by: TrainSim-James

Introduced to handle commuter traffic right up until the turn of the century, and beyond, the ÖBB 4020 reigned supreme throughout Austria’s key passenger routes – from the bustling cities to the rural mountain passes. Experiencing life in the cab of this classic unit will soon be a reality as the ÖBB 4020 is raring for Train Simulator service!

By the 1970s, the ÖBB 4030 fleet was in its second decade of service, and with only limited units available, was struggling to cope with the ever-increasing demand that is the Austrian commuter network. A new electric multiple unit was required to take the strain, a unit capable of providing a suitable level of comfort – and faster journey times – for the many passengers that would be travelling on them.

The new units were classified as the ÖBB 4020 and began construction in the mid-1970s; Simmering-Graz-Pauker, BES, ELIN, Siemens and Brown, Boveri & Cie were all responsible for the building of the new units. Austrian Federal Railways began delivery of their 120 new ÖBB 4020 EMUs by 1978, and quickly pressed them into service on 4 major lines throughout the country; the Vienna S-Bahn, the Lower Inn Valley Railway, the Semmeringbahn and the Mittenwaldbahn.

The ÖBB 4020 fleet represented the latest standard for Austria’s railways, improving on previous units in many ways. A top speed of 120 km/h was a welcome introduction, as were the stronger brakes which allowed for faster journey times – even on the steeper routes. The spacious interior could comfortably sit 184 passengers plus stand even more, and this was easily doubled by coupling units together on peak-hour services.

Austrian Federal Railways took in their final ÖBB 4020 in 1987, by which point some of the previous ÖBB 4030’s had already been withdrawn. The reliable build of the 4020s secured their spot as prominent traction for the latter quarter of the 20th Century, and even when the brand new ÖBB 4023 & 4024 EMUs arrived on scene, the 4020s continued to operate on routes such as the Semmeringbahn, and riding on them across the mountains is still possible to this day.

The ÖBB 4020 for Train Simulator will include the 3-car EMU in both ÖBB’s classic blue & white, and the modern red & grey liveries with old and new logo options available – each livery will also feature clean and weathered variations.

A selection of Career Scenarios will be perfect for putting this classic Austrian unit through its paces on the upcoming Mittenwaldbahn route. With Quick Drive compatibility, the ÖBB 4020 can also easily fit right in to the iconic, and popular Semmeringbahn route.

It’s not long now until you will be able to command this classic EMU within Train Simulator, keep an eye out for updates!



  • Hi!

    Great realisation of the ÖBB 4020, but there are two mistakes. First, the number domain of the 4020s today is from 201 to 320 (instead of 001 to 120), and secondly, the area around the coupling is also darkgray in the red/grey color scheme. (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/69/Oebb-schnellbahn-s-bahn-wien-s45-891432.jpg for reference)

    I would appreciate if you fix this errors. 🙂

    With kind regards from Vienna,

    • Thanks for the feedback Patrick, I’ve relayed this to the Development Team

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