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Written by: TrainSim-James

The railway junction that spurs west from the Leipzig main line to Seddin, which is densely packed with freight throughout, has arrived for Train Simulator courtesy of Partner Programme member, Aerosoft, as an extension to the popular Berlin-Leipzig route!

Situated on the southern outskirts of Berlin, The freight yard at Seddin opened in 1920, and was quickly established as an international hub for rail freight. It connected with various lines, including the Anhalt Railway and the Berlin-Blankenheim Railway and provided links to many locations. Seddin’s Freight Yard played a significant role in military movements, in both leading up to and during the Second World War. Seddin was a major target for Allied forces during those 6 fatal years, in fact, the yard was bombed directly in April 1945.

Following the Second World War, with the division of Germany, new railways were built throughout the outskirts of Berlin to ensure rail connections were maintained to the western side of the cleft-in-twine city. These new railways were the Berlin Outer Freight Ring and, simply, the Berlin Outer Ring; Seddin’s freight yard was adjoined to the former, as its high-profile movements and service capabilities needed to have unrestricted access.

The yard itself spans a 5km by 300m area, housing some 100km of track. All this trackage is sandwiched within a dense forest, with the town of Seddin immediately adjacent to the eastern face of the yard. And, even to this day, the freight yard at Seddin is of high importance, serving beyond the German borders into places such as Russia and helping Germany move one day at a time.

Featuring miles upon miles of extensive freight yards and winding paths through the Berlin countryside, German heavy hauling does not get more intense than this, and Mighty Seddin Freight is available now for Train Simulator!

Key Features

  • 40km Extension for the Berlin Leipzig Route Add-On (required as a separate purchase).
  • Adds the extensive DB freight operations to the already bustling passenger services of the route.
  • Includes the entire Seddin Rail freight yard and updates the route’s eastern section to the south of Ludwigsfelde through Genshagener Heide, Cramerkurve and Birkengrund.
  • Includes the route from Genshagener Heide to the old Airport Berlin-Schönefeld station, an additional starting point for freight and passenger trains (different from the Airport Berlin-Brandenburg-International station). The Berlin-Schönefeld Airport area and the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is outlined with large buildings, rotating radar, lighted taxiways and runway, and approaching and departing aircraft.
  • Six additional stations show the atmosphere of four different eras of German railroad history. The area between Berlin-Schönefeld and Seddin has a historical bandwidth of around 100 years. Discover old buildings, lamps, bridges beside modern ones.
  • See at night thousands of different lights beside roads and tracks and feel the ambience.
  • Extensive rework of the HL signalling used for the freight yards
  • Includes the iconic Pro Range standard DB BR 232 in DB VRot and Railion liveries.
  • Six Challenging Career Scenarios
  • Quick Drive compatible

Pro Range DB BR 232 Key Features

  • Available in DB VRot and Railion liveries
  • Equipped with SiFa86 (Zeit-Zeit Aufforderungssifa)
  • PZB80R system PZB90
  • Accurate and prototypical operating and driving characteristics
  • Accurate and authentic sounds representing the iconic DB BR 232
  • Monitoring functions for traction motors and power
  • Overload Protection
  • Distance adjustable headlights
  • Automatic and manual cooler fan control
  • Switchable and coupled electric brake
  • Switchable electrical train heating
  • Switchable cab lighting

What is the Pro Range?

Mighty Seddin Freight is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for more details!

You’ve experienced life on the Berlin-Leipzig line hauling passengers, but it’s time to put the coaches aside and shift some cargo in Mighty Seddin Freight! The yard is extensive in nature, knowing where you are is key (above). It’s also important to understand just how busy Seddin Yard can be, with locomotives moving all around you, you must be vigilant as you become one with of Europe’s phenomenal rail freight network (below).

A dull day is unheard of when navigating the vast Seddin Freight Yard, rakes of wagons for lands afar are scattered around you, as you traverse this miles-long infrastructure marvel. To add to the excitement, you’re in charge of the classic DB BR 232 locomotives, complete with an array of advanced features.

Of course, after collecting your train (above) you’ll be on your way along the Leipzig Main Line, mingling with the bustling passenger timetable and giving an almighty show as you barrel past Doppelstock and through stations at speed (below).

The DB BR 232 is more than capable of picking up the pace with a heavy train, and once given the clear, a straight shot up to notch 15 will kick this old loco into life, easily reaching a suitable 120 km/h with clag aplenty (above). However, you’re no passenger service anymore and you do not have priority on the rails, always be prepared to slow as passengers pass by, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice your defensive driving skills (below).

Literally miles of freight trackage, and a main line ready to serve. Mighty Seddin Freight is available now for Train Simulator!

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  • One further note that I should have included in my previous message: the AI traffic, both passenger and freight, is nicely intense to the point of holding up the player’s run several times in the otherwise unremarkable first scenario. On the down side of this, the designations of those AI trains are rather pitiful.

  • Thinking (based on an earlier article here) that this “Mighty Seddin” package would be an add-on to the Berlin-Leipzig route, I bought that during a recent sale, but it turns out that “Mighty Seddin” includes everything in Berlin-Leipzig except the career passenger scenarios.

    So far, I’ve run only the first of the career freight scenarios, which involves only refueling the engine before a long drive to an airport siding from which I presume the second scenario departs. Whoopee!

    The engine itself is a good though well-worn one and the only remotely new piece of rolling stock included in the package. Its user manual is now dated 2017, but isn’t very helpful in places. All the rest of the included rolling stock, not even mentioned much less pictured in the manual, has been around for some years and looks it.

    Although the on-screen driving instruction messages are in English, the upper-right-corner messages regarding the engine are in German as are the vocal announcements that — I think — reiterate the written English messages.

    As already noted, the included career scenarios look pretty humdrum, consisting primarily of “pick up that string of cars and deliver it there”, sometimes with thrilling delays along the way.

    Overall, I’m quite disappointed and feel rather cheated, but I do look forward to writing some shunting scenarios for this package.

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