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Written by: Gary Dolzall

Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 puts you at the throttle of seven different diesel locomotive types for challenging mainline and switching duties!

Union Pacific’s Sherman Hill – as re-created in Train Simulator’s popular route – is an American legend and one of the country’s busiest and most vital railroad arteries for transcontinental intermodal and freight traffic. The newly released Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 captures the frequency and density of operations along Union Pacific’s famed Laramie Subdivision – and in the process, puts you at the throttle of no less than seven different types of diesel locomotives!

With Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01, which authentically captures operations on the Laramie Division dating from the late-1990s through present-day, you’ll be called for railroad duty in a variety of mainline and switching services using a diversity of motive power, so let’s take a closer look at the seven types of diesel locomotives you’ll climb aboard in the 10 career scenarios of Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01.

Union Pacific General Electric ES44AC:

General Electric’s landmark “Evolution Series” locomotives are the preeminent mainline motive power in North America today, with production of the successful series exceeding 6,000 locomotives, roughly half of which have been the ES44AC. Union Pacific alone operates more than a thousand of these potent 4,400-horsepower A. C. traction diesels.

Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD70M:

Introduced in 1992 and produced through 2004, the EMD SD70M remains a mainline workhorse across the continent. Union Pacific was, and is, by far its country’s largest operator of the SD70M with more than 1,300 of the 4,000-horsepower, six-axle EMD diesels placed in service.

Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD60M:

It was the SD60M that in 1989 introduced Electro-Motive’s earliest (three-piece windshield) version of the “North American comfort cab,” which in further design forms, has largely become the standard for modern freight power on the continent. More than 450 of the SD60M type were constructed by Electro-Motive between 1989 and 1993, 281 of which served the giant Union Pacific, often in heavy-haul unit-train coal service.

Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD40-2:

Without doubt one of the most successful and versatile locomotives in railroading history, the EMD SD40-2 (and variants) totaled more than 4,000 units built and served in every corner of North America. Constructed from 1972 through 1986, many of these iconic diesels remain in service today. Through its own purchases and units acquired in mergers, Union Pacific alone operated more than 1,100 of the now-classic six-axle, 3000-horsepower EMDs.

Southern Pacific General Electric Dash 9-44CW:

A GE success story of the 1990s, the 4,400-horsepower General Electric Dash 9-44CW saw its construction totals exceed 2,300 units (through 2004 production). The burly, six-axle “Dash 9” was a favorite of America’s western railroads for heavy-haul duty and when Southern Pacific was merged into Union Pacific in 1996, the UP gained 101 ex-SP GE Dash 9-44CWs to add its own fleet.

Union Pacific SW10 Rebuilt Switcher:

One of the most unique American locomotives available in Train Simulator is the Union Pacific SW10 rebuilt diesel switcher. Remanufactured at Union Pacific’s Omaha Shops from first-generation Electro-Motive switchers, these raised and bulging cooling fan section of these diesels were their most notable visual feature, and among Union Pacific railroaders and train-enthusiasts alike earned the distinctive SW10s their nickname, “Hammerheads.”

Southern Pacific Electro-Motive SW1500:

Since 1939, Electro-Motive produced a long and successful line of “SW-series” end-cab diesel switchers of which the SW1500 (built from 1966 through 1974) was the last model to generate high-volume sales. EMD constructed more than 800 SW1500s and the largest buyer was Southern Pacific with 204 units, which migrated to the Union Pacific with the 1996 SP-UP merger.

The ten career scenarios included in Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 cover the full breadth of this popular Train Simulator route, from Cheyenne in the east to its western terminus at Laramie, Wyoming. In more than eight hours of new and challenging Train Simulator experiences, you’ll handle heavy intermodals and freights crossing Sherman Hill via Tracks 1 and 2, a manifest coming off the Denver Line and traveling west on Track 3, and you’ll be assigned to switching duties in Cheyenne Refinery District, at Wycon, and in Laramie Yard. All scenarios require Train Simulator’s Sherman Hill route and select scenarios require the Southern Pacific Donner Pass route (both available separately).

You can take the throttle of a variety of distinctive diesel power with Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01, which is now available at the Steam Store!  – Gary Dolzall

The Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 includes ten career scenarios that re-create the challenges of operating Union Pacific mainline freights and performing switching duties on Train Simulator’s popular Sherman Hill route using a selection of seven diesel locomotive types. In a scene from the two-part career scenario “Union Pacific Symbol GS-PXVT,” UP GE ES44ACs meet at famed Hermosa Tunnel. All screenshots by Gary Dolzall.

Snow is falling in the career scenario “Union Pacific Symbol Z-DVSC” as a trio of Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD70Ms arrive at Laramie for a crew change totting westbound priority intermodal traffic, while an eastbound freight behind venerable EMD SD40-2s awaits departure.

Displaying the distinctive three-piece windshield design of early SD60M production, Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD60M 6050 leads heavy coal tonnage down the east slope of Sherman Hill (above) and, in the scenario “Utah Coal Eastbound,” meets a set of westbound SD40-2s (below). When placed in service, UP’s SD60Ms were regularly assigned to coal train duty.

Among the most successful locomotives in railroading history is the Electro-Motive SD40-2. In the two-part career scenario “Union Pacific Extra 3200 West,” a quartet of veteran, second-generation SD40-2s are westbound on Sherman Hill with manifest tonnage as a trio of modern GE ES44ACs rush past with priority stack traffic.

Southern Pacific rostered a fleet of 101 of General Electric’s burly Dash 9-44CWs and SP’s units joined the Union Pacific roster when the two roads merged in 1996. Climbing westbound toward Dale on the Sherman Hill route, SP Dash 9-44CW 8153 leads a mix of UP and SP power and a unit grain train in the career scenario “East Slope Evening Climb.”

With Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01, you’ll go to work in the cab of Union Pacific’s unique and distinctive SW10 “Hammerhead” rebuilt EMD switchers. In the scenario “Cheyenne Refining” (above), you’ll handle switching duties at the industry complex east of Cheyenne. And in “Wycon Hammerhead” (below), you’ll work the fertilizer complex at Wycon, Wyoming.

In the career scenario “Laramie Third Trick” it is shortly after the merger of Southern Pacific into Union Pacific, SP SW1500 2553 has been assigned to Laramie Yard, and you’ll been called to handle night-shift switching duties with the classic end-cab EMD switcher. The SW1500 is just one of seven diesel locomotive types you’ll put to work in Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01!

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