LNWR G2 Super D – Community Roundup

Written by: TrainSim-James

Main image above, copyright PVRS Productions.

Following the release of the incredible LNWR G2 Super D, which has been brought to authentic life by MeshTools, many of you have been enjoying taking screenshots or making Workshop scenarios to capture this classic workhorse . Today we’re showcasing some of the screenshots and scenarios created by you.

Images above and below, copyright Ighten.

Images above and below, copyright Mallard 126.

Images above and below, copyright Duce_Anchovy.

Steam Workshop Scenarios

[G2] G2 Introduction

‘A beginners introduction to the LNWR G2. Giving you an insight into how to drive the loco and some key points on how to use the controls.’ – Head to the Steam Workshop by clicking on the image below.

Train Driver Challenge 96

‘Drive a LNWR G2 Super D. Starting at Barnham you drive a mixed goods train to Edgefield and then another goods train from Edgefield to Lichgate. At Lichgate a Black 5 has broken down and you are needed to take over and drive an extra passenger train to Barnham. There are plenty of passing AI trains to look for on this busy route.’ – Head to the Steam Workshop by clicking on the image below

The LNER G2 Super D is Available Now!
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  • The LNWR Super D is a treat to have on TS, well done.

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