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Written by: TrainSim-James

Main image above, copyright maxguzzi

Following the release of Maik Goltz’s stunning Konstanz-Villingen route, you have been enjoying taking screenshots and creating Steam Workshop scenarios to capture the authentic Black Forest atmospehere! Today we’re showcasing some of the screenshots and scenarios created by you.

Both Charly Zwo and Ludmilla fan have taken to the freight operations of southwest Germany aboard the modern DB BR 189 locomotive, capturing the unique and varied scenery as they go about their heavy-hauling duties.

Steam Workshop

Evening service – Servizio serale | maxguzzi

“In this scenario you are driving a regional train. Pay attention to scheduling and traffic. Have a good trip!”

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Rheingold Konstanz – Villingen | MaTT

“Tourist spceial to Koblenz, take the service as far as Villingen”

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RE 17165 Villingen – Konstanz | MaTT

“Regional express to Konstanz with a BR 112”

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RB 22755 Singen – Radolfzell | MaTT

“Regiobahn service to Lindau as far as Radolfzell”

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BR155 Singen – Hattingen | MaTT

“A shipment of heavy industrial grade Swiss Cheese from Zurich to Rostock for onward shipment to Norway for use as bait in Troll traps. On this leg of the journey take this hazardous and smelly cargo on the climb to Hattingen to wait for a clear path to Tuttlingen”

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Konstanz-Villingen is Out Now!
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