Introducing… TSW: Rapid Transit!

Written by: TrainSim-James

Coming December 14th, our next expansion for Train Sim World, entitled Rapid Transit, will bring the bustling Leipzig S2 Line to life, and you can pre-order it now!

Originally formed from two separate networks, the Halle and the Leipzig S-Bahns of 1969, which were then lined in 2004, the reformed Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn was established following the completion of the Leipzig City Tunnel in December 2013. The new tunnel, which started construction in July 2003, unlocked service potential through the centre of Leipzig with all S-Bahn lines serving the 4 brand new underground stations, all of which are uniquely detailed.

The exact definition of where the S2 Line runs has changed multiple times since the inception of the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn, today however it covers the 70+ Kilometer route from Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz, a station south of Leipzig which opened in September 1842, and Dessau Hauptbahnhof, 177 years old and a terminus of the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn since December 2015.

With a modern network would come modern traction, and with the start of the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn, a fleet of 51 Bombardier ‘Talent 2’ EMUs was ordered to run on the S-Bahn lines, including the S2. A majority of the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn Talent 2 fleet, which is classified as the DB BR 1442, is formed of 3 articulated coaches, which often run in pairs to form 6-car sets in the busy hours. These Talent 2s are quite different in respect to most other German examples, as they are resplendent in a sleek sliver livery.

There is little doubt of the Talent 2’s popularity, over 360 have been ordered since they started production in 2008, and they offer the latest in ergonomics, diversity and safety; in fact, their nickname of “Hamsterbacke” (Hamster Cheeks) is derived from their characteristic, crash-optimised cab design. With an operating speed of 160 km/h, the Talent 2 EMUs are ideally suited to commuter operation, and are perfect for working the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn.

The Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn S2 Line, featuring action, precision and popular traction, will be your next available experience in Train Sim World! Get your first look at Train Sim World: Rapid Transit below! Note: You can click on the images below to make them larger, and download them to adorn your computer desktop.

24 Stations | 70+ Kilometers | 60+ Trains a Day | Incredible Detail Throughout
Pre-Order Train Sim World: Rapid Transit Today!

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  • Sadly as of 10.12.17 the S2 is actually running beetween Stötteritz and Dessau HBF / Wittenberg HBF …
    You seem to have missed the changes in service there.

    • As with all routes represented in Train Sim World and Train Simulator, they are a snapshot in time, LeagueofN00bs. The Leipzig S2 S-Bahn route is actually a snapshot of the route in mid-2016 🙂

  • so is there any news on the class 222 and 221 from virgin since it was mentioned that its coming to tsw

    • No-one said it was coming to TSW ItzChaza, perhaps you’ve misunderstood? The 221 was released for Train Simulator 2018 a little while ago 🙂

      • ” We are delighted to announce that we have entered into a licensing agreement with leading train operator, Virgin Trains, to bring officially licensed add-ons to Train Simulator and Train Sim World. “

        • Just means that we’re able to, ItzChaza, it doesn’t mean we’ve announced what is actually coming to Train Sim World 🙂

  • Im a bit hyped, when it comes a nice devdiary and a teaser/trailer/livestream? 🙂
    And do u plan a route from Hannover? 😀

    Greetings from Germany, Hanover

    • We’re hoping to do a live stream ahead of the release and there will certainly be a trailer Amirco. Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll add it to the list 🙂

  • This looks awesome, and I have already pre-ordered. Do you know if a trailer will be released before it comes out?

    • Possibly but I don’t really have any idea, Benjwri. You may not get to see the trailer until the day it releases. We are hoping to do a live stream ahead of the release however, we’ll let everyone know if that is going to go ahead 🙂

  • With multiplayer, the PIS and the cargo system deep in development it’s left me wondering how big the development team is for TSW?

  • So how are the Route Editor mode coming along for TSW? Will we have it before Christmas? Because I can’t wait to build the Chicago Metra Routes.^_^


    • All I know is that the Tools are still in development and there is no information to share Antonio 🙂

  • It’s a good choice of traction as it covers lots of other routes in modern day Germany; It’s nicely modelled too.

    Are there any updates on the development tools and how third party content will be integrated into TSX/Steam? Does the Partner Programme extend to TSW?



    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Jack, I don’t have any details on the Development Tools at all. I’m sure we’ll let everyone know the details at the right time 🙂

  • Do you think you would have any news on Multiplayer soon? Since it was “promised” in early-autumn 2016, it has been a very, very, very silent topic from your side especially.

    Other than that, I am looking very forward to Germany coming to TSW, however having one single BR1442 in it all seems a bit plain to me… As it stands now I have not seen you mention any other rolling stock, so to me it seems the variety would not be at the highest. That is very sad actually, since this simulator has such a potential, that it could be made even better. Of course I could just be talking trash, since I bet not everything has been announced yet, but to me it looks like you have made it very clear the only train featured is the BR1442, from screenshots etc. A quite long part of this route is operated by a huge number of other trains apart from the BR1442. If you end up not having any other trains in this DLC, I hope you would consider adding the DB red livery to the 1442 (442), to run the mainline trains.

    These are just my thoughts, and again, I could be completely wrong since we are still awaiting news, but it looks quite clear that it includes the BR1442 only.

    • Thanks for sharing your well-considered thoughts with us Simon. On the Multiplayer subject, all I can say is that it’s still in development and still coming. I appreciate that we’ve not been vocal on the subject but, as it is taking so long, you can appreciate just how complex a feature it is 🙂

      • I do definitely understand that, but hoping we will get to hear more sooner or later.

        As for this route, what year is it based in? Thinking timetables etc.

        • Circa mid-2016 I’m told Simon 🙂

  • Will we ever see any DB BR 101s?

    • Potentially, ItsYa165, you never know just what the future will hold

  • Im a bit disappointed tbh. I really expected (or wanted) it to be a BR182. Passenger Service in a Double Decker wouldve been awesome! But I guess this is also alright for me. The Base Game of Train Sim World has just so much potential. I wish you guys good Luck with the sell of this Dlc and hope we can see a working PIS in the near future

  • Since this is a transit route, will live departure boards make it into TSW with this addon/update?

    • The departure boards form part of the larger Passenger Information System which is still heavily in development MikeForce. At this moment in time, I don’t have any details whether they will be functional or will come along in a future update. I’m sure we’ll have more details in the run-up to release 🙂

  • A German train and only one route: ‘(now costs 17 euros and costs 30 euros.) I am very sad, there are so many bugs in the GWE, there are no English electric trains … Now insert a map and a train. I really hoped a lot in a free dlc: ‘(even if the discounted prices are exaggerated.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us LordDistructorss91, I can totally appreciate that Rapid Transit is not for you 🙂

  • I didn’t see it mentioned here, but will PZB and SIFA be active? If so, then will there be tutorials for PZB?

    • PZB and SIFA will be included and active ridecar2 but I have no details whether there will be any tutorials included for it 🙂

  • Wow great job guys can’t wait to put my hands on this 😀 just a quick question. Will the destination boards on the train be operable ? This is a missing feature in great western express.

    • The destination boards form part of the larger Passenger Information System which is still heavily in development BOOMerCH. At this moment in time, I don’t have any details whether they will be functional or will come along in a future update. I’m sure we’ll have more details in the run up to release 🙂

  • The S2 line going through the city tunnel, is the tunnel lighting fixed in TSW or will it be in there bright as in daylight like in CSX?

    • And will this new DLC have a fully functional PZB or just as simplified pressing Q PZB?

      • It’s highly unlikely PZB will be simplified in Train Sim World, Daniel

    • I don’t have any details on that Daniel, I’m sure all will be made clear in the run-up to release

  • OK Steve, thanks. Really hoping for the next TSW route to be an American electric passenger line! (Eg. Metro North Hudson Line or Amtrak’s Northeast corridor)! Sounds like you already have some detail for an Amtrak route based on your trip in the summer!

  • Any chance of a timetable or a map before the release or better still a crash course in German would help.

    • I’ll see what I can organise rogerh, no promises 🙂

  • Yeah Sam, PIS for GWE would be fantastic. Presumably PIS would work with the Rapid Transit release as well so hopefully we’ll get it soon. They’ve been adding fixes and improvements to CSX and GWE periodically though I think.

  • Looks very promising (ordered already). Thanks DTG. I like the interior of those coaches as well.

  • The pictures of the br442 are great, but is the sound going to be realistic as possible?

    • I don’t have any details on the audio Adrian but I’m sure it’ll sound great 🙂

  • Looks grand!
    Will there be a regular normal DB Red livery of the Talent 2 later on (I’ve been on the DB Red Talent 2 once!)?

    • Always a possibility 52_Western though, as I understand it, the Traffic Red ones don’t run the route we’ve created

      • Yeah, I totally understand that.
        I just thought as an add-on livery for the community, maybe Train Sim World Marketplace (if that exists)?

  • As a German train enthusiast, certainly not the route and train I was hoping for – but I love to see Germany getting some (well deserved) attention again; as well as electric trains.

  • Do you still need to buy Heavy Haul as the base game if you want this?

    • TSW: CSX Heavy Haul is the base game Bob, you need that to run any other add-on

      • Hi Steve I just wanted to ask when this route comes out on the 14th of December will the deal end at 18:00 uk time before it goes to normal price??.

        • I would imagine so Jamal, that’s how it has worked for previous pre-orders 🙂

          • Right awesome as I want to try something new. I will buy it on the 14th :).

      • I hope you guys realize that’s an impediment to a lot of people interested in buying the game.

        I know for myself, it greatly influenced my decision to wait for the Autumn Sale to pick up Great Western Express. I didn’t much appreciate being forced to buy an expensive freight route at full price to play GWE.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us MikeForce

      • Can you rename the base game to just ‘Train Sim World’? – because CSX Heavy Haul isn’t the aim anymore and it sounds bad if you associate all the other routes with CSX.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ItsYa165 however CSX Heavy Haul relates to the Sand Patch Grade route that’s included with the core software

          • You could still rename it too just Train Simulator World, and CSX be a free route you get with the base game. It looks a bit weird being named after just one of now 3 add ons

  • Comes with 1 train only I see. That’s a bit sad. Hope to see another train later added as dlc!

    • As a Dlc? Are you serious? I really do hope they release a Train in the future for the dlc but for free. I mean.. its not like this Dlc doesent cost much already. It costs 22Chf with the discount and 40 without it.

    • @TrainSim-Steve
      Please, could you confirm their is only the DB BR 1442 in TSW Rapid Transit included.

      Thank you.

      • Only the BR 1442 is featured in Rapid Transit Christopher

  • this looks interesting. I’m looking forward to this. Now that we’ve made the route rotation I’m looking forward to the next U.S route hopefully its either Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor or some steam or transition era route

    • I love the Capitol Corridor. I rode it the section of it between Oakland and Sacramento and it’s a beautiful route. If Dovetail Games makes the Capitol Corridor for Train Sim World, I hope it’s the section from Oakland’s Coliseum Station to Sacramento with the California State Railroad Museum’s Sacramento Southern Branch Line in Sacramento included so a steam locomotive (Granite Rock Company 0-6-0 tank engine #10) can be included and also have the BART line from Richmond to San Francisco included so we can actually go to San Francisco in passenger mode.

    • Or maybe we could see some other route, in somewhere like France maybe, as the game does have world in the name

  • I don’t wish to be too negative but I hope Rapid Transit is released with fewer bugs than Great Western or CSX:HH. Would be nice to see some fixes for both of those packages with the Rapid Transit release not to mention PIS functionality for Great Western. Hint! Hint!

  • Even though I don’t care for German routes and trains in most cases, I’m glad that Dovetail Games finally made an electric locomotive/trainset for Train Sim World. That’s a step in the right direction so that it can become a train simulation game and no longer be just a diesel locomotive simulation game. Good idea in general Dovetail Games.

    Looking forward to the next Train Sim World route from Dovetail Games. Please, I hope it’s one with at least one steam locomotive included, either American or British if I could take my pick. I remember almost exactly two years ago Dovetail Games posted a photo of a New York Central “Mercury” Pacific type steam locomotive at Chicago’s LaSalle Street Station in the 1930s and I hope that the company can actually make that for Train Sim World (the Water Level Route from Chicago to Elkhart in the 1930s with a New York Central Pacific or Hudson or both). There was even a lot of demand for that route two years ago, so that’s a great signal that it will be a great route. Generally speaking, the New York Central [Mercury] Pacific type steam locomotive is more iconic than a CSX GE AC4400 or Class 442 and would look really appealing on the cover for Train Sim World with the 1930s Chicago skyline. Thank you Dovetail Games.

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