Introducing… TS2018!

Written by: TrainSim-James

Recently, we announced that North Wales Coastal was coming soon, exclusively for Train Simulator 2018, and will feature the Virgin Trains Class 221, along with Arriva Trains Wales traction. Today, we are happy to share with you everything included in the Train Simulator 2018 package.

Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Innsbruck

After the first proposals for a railway line between Seefeld and Innsbruck began to appear in the late 1880s, and following many disputes over financing, approval was granted and construction got underway. Seefeld was to be the original terminus, but this was quickly extended to Mittenwald, and eventually to the already existing station of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. While pushing costs even higher, this extension would allow a seamless connection between Munich and Innsbruck.

The line was opened in July 1912; however, it would not be until April of the following year until the planned electrification was complete and in full operation. Most railway lines weren’t built with the wires in mind, however it was decided to construct the Mittenwaldbahn in such a condition to avoid any future work being required; the landscape was difficult to work in, getting everything done at once avoided major developments in the future, despite the initial cost.

The Mittenwaldbahn proved essential to the locals, and saw a significant rise in tourist traffic with various ski resorts being accessible to many, this was particularly the case for the 1976 Winter Olympics and 1985 World Ski Championships. It was round this time when modernisation was undertaken to accommodate, including re-signalling and station re-builds.

Today, the Austrian section of the line (Innsbruck-Scharnitz) is operated as the S5 line of the Tyrol S-Bahn. ÖBB 4020s would have dominated this service back in their heyday, but the more common traction found is the ÖBB 4024 ‘Talent’ EMUs. DB also provide a regular service to Mittenwald from Munich, with occasional trains extending all the way to Innsbruck. The two operators also provide weekly InterCity Expresses, formed of the ICE-T high-speed train and stopping at key stations only. Any freight that traverses the route can often be found behind ÖBB’s modern and powerful 2016 ‘Hercules’ locomotives.

The Mittenwaldbahn for Train Simulator 2018 features the 58 km route between Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hbf and Innsbruck Hbf, complete with a variety of Career and Railfan Mode Scenarios allowing you to explore this classic and eye-catching route, all while putting your skills to the test!

Both the DB BR 442 in DB Regio livery, and ÖBB 2016 resplendent in the bold ÖBB red, will be ready for your remote passenger and heavy freight needs. A selection of freight cars are included for the ÖBB 2016, and the locomotive itself is in clean, weathered and heavily weathered conditions.

Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose

Train Simulator 2018’s Peninsula Corridor route extends over 47 miles of multiple track between San Francisco’s bustling 4th & King Street station and San Jose’s stylish Diridon station, and in between features more than 20 intermediate stations served by commuter operator Caltrain.

Formed in the 1980s to take over the legendary “Peninsula Commute Services” previously operated by the Southern Pacific, Caltrain has emerged as one of America’s most innovative and successful commuter rail operators, today serving more than 17 million commuters and travelers annually. On Train Simulator’s Peninsula Corridor route, Caltrain’s popular “Baby Bullet” express commuter trains are featured, and the route includes the distinctive and rakish Motive Power, Inc. (MPI) “MPXpress”MP36PH-3C diesels and Bombardier Bi-Level cab cars and commuter coaches that are regularly assigned to the Baby Bullets.

With 24 intermediate Caltrain station stops to serve between San Francisco and San Jose, commuter railroading on the Peninsula Corridor route is challenging – and often fast-paced (commuter trains operate at up to 79 mph on the line). And this new Train Simulator route masterfully re-creates Caltrain’s many unique stations, such as those at Millbrae, San Bruno, San Mateo, Burlingame, and Sunnyvale. The route also includes Caltrain’s expansive Central Equipment & Maintenance Facility (CEMOF) located near San Jose’s Diridon station.

As busy – and challenging – as contemporary commuter operations on the Peninsula Corridor route are, hauling people is not the only story on this highly authentic new route. When, in 1996, Southern Pacific was merged into western rail giant Union Pacific, the UP assumed freight operations on the Peninsula. Union Pacific operates switching, local, and road-haul freights out of the snug freight yard at South San Francisco, and Train Simulator’s Peninsula Corridor route features a Union Pacific Electro-Motive GP38-2 and accompanying UP freight rolling stock, providing the opportunity to test your skills at freight duties.

Train Simulator 2018’s Peninsula Corridor route includes seven career scenarios (re-creating a variety of Caltrain and Union Pacific operations) as well as three railfan scenarios, and this authentic and famed rail route promises fast-paced American commuter railroading – and challenging freight operations – along California’s legendary and vibrant San Francisco Bay Peninsula! – Gary Dolzall

North Wales Coastal: Crewe – Llandudno & Conwy Castle
TS2018 Exclusive

Ever since the Act of Union in 1801, which saw Ireland become part of the United Kingdom, people have strived to improve the connection between the two isles. The 19th Century was still young, and all communication was bound by horse-drawn transport and sailing ships of the day. Ships for Dublin would arrive at Dun Laoghaire (formerly known as Kingstown), and frequently departed Holyhead, Wales – this was the shortest trip for boats to take.

As years went by, many improvements were made to existing roads in order to make the journey to Holyhead that much easier; however, nothing would revolutionise Welsh/Irish connections like the arrival of railways in the 1840s.

Two railway companies would form the basis of what is today the North Wales Coast Line. The first was the Chester and Crewe Railway, which linked the two communities in 1840, and only a few years later, the Chester and Holyhead Railway was incorporated. The latter’s route was proposed by the Father of Railways himself, George Stephenson, knowing full well that the coastal route along the Irish Sea would be best for hauling mail traffic to and from Ireland.

The full line was soon completed, and was ready to transform communications across seas by August 1848. Irish Mail would regularly work from London to Crewe, along the path of the West Coast Main Line, before continuing onwards to Holyhead and finally Ireland. By this point, the original Chester and Crewe Railway had already been absorbed by the Grand Junction Railway, and the Chester and Holyhead Railway followed suit in 1859 when it became part of the London and North Western Railway (LNWR).

The LNWR, being in control of the West Coast Main Line and now the line to Holyhead, saw an opportunity for a spike in tourist traffic. Trains were put on to serve seaside resorts like Rhyl, Colwyn Bay and along the Llandudno branch, setting in stone the line’s popularity. Without a doubt, the most iconic and historic point along the line is its proximity to Conwy Castle; in fact, the railway itself uniquely passes right alongside the ancient structure, and even passes through still-standing city walls.

With the grouping of railway companies in 1928 to form the “Big Four”, the LNWR network became part of the London, Midland & Scottish – a further popular era ensued. As British Railways arrived however, certain specials were cut from the timetable, and the North Wales Coast Line would enter the diesel age as it started, a freight-heavy powerhouse. Today, freight is less common among the line, although it has remained a local and long-distance passenger haven with over 90 trains a day.

You’ll be visiting the seaside with North Wales Coastal, and enjoying the views from the cab of the Virgin Trains Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’, along with the BR Class 175 and BR Class 158 of Arriva Train Wales. Career and Railfan scenarios will bring the experience to life!

TS Academy

If you’re new to Train Simulation, the TS Academy acts as the perfect starting point for you get to grips on a variety of locomotive types and operational procedures, and is set upon multiple short routes depicting various landscapes and differing training environments. At your disposal are the BR 189, SD70MAC, Fowler 4F & BR Class 170, plus a selection of rolling stock – you’ll be up to speed in no time with the TS Academy!

So, that’s three routes, plus the TS Academy, exceeding 150 miles (240+ km) of thrilling Train Simulator experiences with 11 varied trains at your disposal! Train Simulator 2018 will be available for PC November 16th, so if you still want to get the 4 routes of TS2017 at a bundle price, your time is limited! (Head to the Store by clicking here).

We will have even more details regarding the release of Train Simulator 2018 closer to the time, so keep an eye out for updates! 

We’re always happy to receive your comments below but please ensure they are related to the subject of the article, we’ll remove any that appear to be unrelated.



  • im planning on getting train sim 2018 i would like to know if it has (Steam locamotives) because none of the screen shots or previews show any

    • There are no Steam Locomotives included with TS2018 but there are certainly plenty on the Steam Store to add to your collection 🙂

  • Hi, I have TS2017 which I bought originally as TS2013 a few years ago. Will the simulator automatically update to TS2018 at some point or do I have to buy TS2018 separately? Also if/when I get TS2018, will this affect my TS2017 purchases (route and loco add-ons etc.)? I ask this because when I installed the simulator on my laptop earlier this year as TS2013 it automatically updated to TS2017 when installing, no input from me. Any help appreciated! Thanks.

    • In the same way as every year TiggCJ, everyone gets the free update to the core software, so your TS2017 will automatically update to TS2018. The only reason to purchase the package is if you want the routes that are included with TS2018. If you’re not interested, then there’s no need to purchase. Train Simulator is managed in such a way that any content purchased previously will continue to be usable in newer editions, so you’ll continue to be able to enjoy every add-on you’ve previously purchased. Hope this helps 🙂

  • I would love to see a Long Island Railroad route(maybe someday) along with a M7, DE30AC and soon to come to MTA M9.

  • Whats the time when launch the Big Update to 2018? on Steam (In 24u Time)
    Its 16th November Yeahhh

    • TS2018 will go out later today, railroadnl, at around or just after 10:00 PST, 13:00 EST, 18:00 GMT and 19:00 CET

      • Good to know it 😀 thanks for your replay

      • Hello, I have the TS 2017 Train simulator I would like to know how I can have TS 2018 train simulator?

        Thank you ! have a good day !

        When will you go out in France? download?

        • Everyone was given the usual free upgrade to TS2018 last night petitjojo37, if you’re interested in owning the routes that come with TS2018, you’ll need to purchase the package. Click here to visit the store for more details.

  • Is TS2018 coming out for Mac at all? As a big train fan I love train games so I am wondering if it will come out on Mac!

    • No plans to bring TS2018 to OS X danf892

      • Why isn’t this possible?

        • Didn’t say it wasn’t possible danf892, just said we have no plans 🙂

  • I think I’ll hold off on getting TS2018 until a Premium Edition comes out.

    • Entirely your call Daniel 🙂

  • What will be the cost for TS2018 or just the routes associated?

    • Around the same as a route Shawn, in exactly the same way as previous years 🙂

  • Are any more French Routes / SNCF Branded Routes coming to TS in near future ?

    • Not in the near future, Noe, but definitely in the future 😉

  • When will TS 2018 be coming our?

    • See the article above hc2169

  • Will there be any improvement in the core of the game?

    • TS2018 is our annual content refresh Bermudez, so there won’t be anything new in the core that I’m aware of

  • Is this coming on Steam??

    • Yes, ServiusTheBear

  • If we had bought the UK first class pack, will we still have access to the new content in TS2018?

    • In order to receive the new content featured in TS2018, kentsao14, you’ll need to purchase the package. In doing so, your First Class Edition will be automatically upgraded to the full TS2018

      • Does that mean I will have access to the new routes in TS2018?

        • Only if you purchase it kentsao14

  • Keep up the gd work DTG! TS2018 looks amazing. Just a couple of quick questions though,

    1. Does the North Wales Coastal go to both llandudno and llandudno Junction?
    2. Are the station signs in English and welsh?
    3. What will the price be for the new routes?

    I can’t wait to get this and after work on Thurs, I shall be jumping on to get it! (Good thing I work half day!)

    Also can we pre-order stuff?

    • 1. Yes
      2. If they’re in both on the real route, I would imagine that would be the case on ours
      3. I have no details to share with you on this, I would imagine the same as normal

      On the subject of pre-orders, it’s releasing on Thursday, James, I’m sure a pre-order is not necessary 🙂

  • I think you should add some japanese DLCs, like some shinkansen routes and trains. It would be very good.

    • We’re unable to represent Japanese routes or trains, TheCreeper99, our latest attempt to secure an appropriate licence was declined

      • Nooo pls no. I’m crying now 🙁 I love the Japanese routes so so much. I don’t understand why whey would decline. Does this mean that there never be a Japanese route ever again?

        • I wouldn’t say never Dániel but certainly not for the foreseeable future at least until we can secure an appropriate licence.

  • No Train Simulator 2018, dá para fazer download de assets e contents do Train Simulator 2017? Obrigado e sempre se confirma que o dia de lançamento é 12 de Novembro? Obrigado

    • The two are effectively the same thing cabral51, TS2017 automatically gets upgraded to TS2018 and there will be no effect to any of your content. Also, the release date is shown in the article above.

  • so I’m new to this train games but I have train sim world was wondering if train sim 2018 will run on the same game engine as train sim world csx heavy haul

    • Train Simulator 2018 runs on a completely different game engine to Train Sim World UbiEzio

      • I know that. so the question is will train simulator run on unreal engine 4 or is it going to run on the old game engine Thanks for responding

        • I believe I’ve already answered your question UbiEzio, there are no plans to change the TS core engine for obvious reasons

  • When will this come out?

  • Cause you got the licence for Virgin Trains is there any chance we can see the the Class 390 in Virgin plus will there be any Virgin routes coming out soon the route I would love to see and I believe everyone is asking about it is Birmingham New Street to London Euston.

    • I don’t have any details to share with you Dean but you never know what the future might hold 🙂

      • OK no problem got a question as well when Train Simulator 2018 comes out will it come with the new Welsh route and Virgin Trains or do I need to buy it separate?

        • I believe this question has already been answered Dean, click here to see the response

          • Thanks Steve so just to double check when i buy TS2018 will I get those 3 routes above if so great I”ll be really looking forward to it, and would it be possible if you could pass a route suggesting please and that is Birmingham New Street to London Euston if possible 🙂

            • If you buy it, Dean, you will certainly get all three routes 🙂

  • So when it updates will we get North Wales Coastal as part of the update?

    • I believe this question has already been answered Matt, click here to see the response

  • I’d really love to see a bombardier m7 metro North/ Long Island Railroad variant along with maybe a long island railroad route since NYNH goes from Penn to new Haven and maybe a LIRR de30ac/c3 bi level cars as I’d always wanted to see that in the game and maybe for the future since MNRR/LIRR is getting Kawasaki M9’s maybe that would be a nice addition too

  • Any more info when this gone be release? Thank you

    • I don’t have any more details right now, but stay tuned! 🙂

  • Do i keep my old trains, As well as the ones that came with the usa pack? And does it come with the trains and the scenarios?

    • Yes, you will keep all of your previously bought add-ons, and everything to be included in TS2018 is mentioned in the article above 🙂

  • This looks exciting and I can’t wait to purchase it when it gets released, I do have a request however. Any chance you could add routes like Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Birmingham International, Telford and Shrewsbury. Maybe put it as a future dlc feature? 😀

  • Hi, I was hoping there were also Italian trains. how have you ever built many English, German and American trails, and countries like Italy and France have been ignored? thank you

    • It’s all about licensing RMSOlympic, on our last attempt to secure an appropriate license to reproduce Italian trains, it was declined. Also, there is a French route available in Train Simulator.

  • Can we purchase the North Wales Coastal route on it’s own as a standalone DLC?

    • North Wales Coastal will only be available through the TS2018 package, Thomas, as mentioned above 🙂

      • Okay thanks, seems like that’s a good marketing tactic from DTG to make everyone buy all of it.
        I do respect that, it is widely used, if slightly annoying.


  • Are you adressing the very annoying problem with TS2017 that it loads too often from hard drive when you drive a train? I have a pc with I7 processor 8 GB ram and SSD hard drive and still your software will load during driving. Best regards, Jens.

    • This is because most computers, at the time the software was written, didn’t have the memory capacity to load an entire route, the trains, traffic, etc. so it’s streamed in whilst you’re driving, Jens. Also bear in mind that Train Simulator is a 32-bit application with all the limitations therein

  • The TS18 background is absolutely brilliant! <3 <3 <3

  • Salut,
    J’aimerais savoir si les lignes qu’on a acheté sur TS2017 on les gardes ou on doit les repayés
    Merci d’avance

    • You will keep all of your previously bought add-ons, Quentin 🙂

  • West Coast Main Line in the future?

  • Du même avis que CrazyMax , nous les francais on veut nos routes, nos trains et notre SNCF 😁

  • Bonjour, désolé de ne pas parler anglais.
    je suis un gros joueur français de train simulator ( plus de 300 heures de jeux au total).
    j’ ai une question que moi et une grosse communauté se pose:
    Comptez vous mettre au jour d’autres lignes françaises dans le jeu à l’achat ?
    en attente d’une réponse, bonne soirée !

    • We are working quite closely with SNCF to, hopefully one day, bring their trains to Train Sim World, crazymax 🙂

      • If luck touches us, will you notify us in this forum?

        • Certainly will Hesserji

      • I intend to buy Train Sim World when there will be more DLC. But if the trains of the SNCF are present, I will buy it directly! That would be great !

      • Thanks you very much and we are veryyyyy excited !!!!

      • And are you guys ever going to make a Dutch route?

        • No immediate plans Allan2OO1 but you never know what the future might hold 🙂

      • If i already have ts17 do i automatically get ts18 for free

        • I believe this question has already been answered Nathanelyoung, click here to see the response

  • I hope the graphics will be better because when you compare TS 2013 and TS 2017 personally I see the same things

  • Have you put lightning and thunder option in the new TS2018? As the storm weather featured in TS has lightning on it but no lightning or thunder sounds on it when choose that option

  • Will there be a trailer of TS2018 before being released?

    • I don’t have any details on that Darren, it’s always a possibility 🙂

  • Will TS2018 update from TS2017? And if it does will these routes still be included?

    • As with every year, weirdogamer23, everyone gets the upgrade from TS2017 to TS2018 which includes the core software update only. If you want the three routes that are included as part of TS2018, then you’ll need to buy this from the store.

  • Train Simulator or Train Sim World on PS3 or PS4?

    • I don’t have any details on that Dan but I’m sure, if there is any news, we’ll post an official announcement on it

  • Hi,
    is there any possibility that you will ever add routes and trains from other European countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, etc.

    • There’s always a possibility ToMaX, though for us to do that, we would need to agree legitimate licenses with the appropriate authorities and/or Train Operating Companies in those countries, which we currently do not have but are looking into.

  • Hello, is there only going to be 3 routes this time, because in TS2017 there was 4.
    Thank you

    • I believe so importedtoast 🙂

  • Looking forward for TS2018, will the North Wales Coastal route go through Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? Also may I suggest a Plymouth to Penzance route?

    • That’s easy for you to say, epicjosh10! I believe that’s on the other side of the route we’re making, we’re going as far as Llandudno and Conwy Castle.

    • Just Trains is making the Cornish Mainline which will be a extention to their Western mainlines route and a standalone route

  • Are There Any Plans For An Xbox One Version?

    • No plans to bring Train Simulator to the Xbox Fatal, we’re only planning to bring our new title, Train Sim World, to the Xbox One.

      • Do You Have A Time For It, Like Early 2018

        • I don’t have any details for you right now Fatal, hopefully more news on this soon 🙂

  • Hey James.

    I may be being a little clumsy, and I apologise if I have missed this, but is the Southern Lines (Waterloo – Woking) in the new TS18 or is there an add on somewhere?

    I read your article you made on the southern lines, god knows how long ago though, and I can’t seem to find it on steam.

    A reply would be greatly appreciated, all the best,


    • I’m not entirely sure what you mean, Duff, we haven’t mentioned anything about the Waterloo – Woking line coming to Train Simulator, however it certainly is a good suggestion! Perhaps you are thinking of the South London Network? 🙂

      • I was talking about this :

        • Ah I see, that article was written a few years ago by freeware developer, UK Route Designs (as linked to at the bottom of the article) who has been steadily making this route in their own time. It looks like it is written by me as a bi-product of the transfer from the old ‘Engine Driver’ website to

          Sorry for the confusion, Duff 🙂

  • Good morning, do I possess TS2017 and I have not understood well TS2018 there will be a free updating to the version as every year? If him when thanks

    • Yes Lukino, everyone is upgraded to TS2018 as every year but this doesn’t include the new routes, you’ll need to buy the package to get those 🙂

      • ok thanks, would I want to know when the updating will go out to TS2018, in that date?

        • TS2018 will launch in November Lukino, watch for further news on this in the run-up to release 🙂

      • Would u have reinstall the routes u have on ur train simulator 2017 to train simulator 2018 when u bye the Bundel again

        • It will automatically download the content you don’t have, Stephen, no need to reinstall 🙂

          • it will automatically give me the three new routes as well then

            • Only if you’ve bought the TS2018 route package, Stephen

              • Will north wales coast add-on be out the same-day

                • I believe your question was already answered in the other article, Stephen, see the response here 🙂

              • So if I bye the package would I have to put all my routes on it

                • I appreciate this is somewhat confusing for you Stephen but it works in exactly the same way as you buying any other Train Simulator add-on from Steam

  • Why does DTG insist on making new routes and annual editions (2018) without addressing the longstanding issues of the core sim?

    I have sent 2 tickets (with videos) concerning the flashing station lights at night when using the dynamic lighting, only to be told that the dev will fix it at some point or turn off dynamic lighting.

    There are other nagging issues that persist with every new route, which is why I haven’t purchased anything new in over a year and refuse to buy the new, but problematic TSW (that has no raildriver support).

    Its almost 2018, why are there still flashing station lights (from a distance) when approaching a station at night? New content isn’t the “only” thin that drives revenue, if DTG fixed old issues, the new content would be worth buying.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us edj. I appreciate that Train Simulator isn’t perfect and this often causes frustration with some players, many of whom actually enjoy playing and want us to continue with it for the future. I’d certainly like an opportunity to understand your concerns in greater detail. Could you advise what your computer’s specification is, what resolution you use and the in-game settings you’re using? Are you forcing any driver specific settings and if so, which ones? When did you last update all your core drivers? Are you using any third-party programs when running Train Simulator and if so, which ones? It would also be useful if you could send me a DxDiag file from your computer, which you can do by sending it to If you need help preparing a DxDiag, you can find full instructions here

  • Hello
    This is to know if there will be SNCF French TGV Duplex in Train Simulator 2018 ?

    Thanks you for your reply

    • Only the content listed above Hesserji but you will still be able to run the existing LGV route in TS18 🙂

      • The TGV Duplex will be available in TS 2018? In DLC or normal content? It will be the same routes as in TS 2017?

        thank you for your reply

        • I believe I’ve already answered your question Hesserji 🙂

          • Yes I’m sorry I repeat the same question after re-reading 😀 ^^’
            But I did not understand well. The LGV road that you tell me is that of Marseille Avignon or another created specifically for TS 2018.
            That’s what I want to know 😀

            • I see! Thank you for clearing that up Hesserji 🙂 I don’t have any details on any new LGV routes being made right now, I’m sure if there is something, we’ll let everyone know at the right time. By the way, if you’re having trouble explaining in English, we’re happy for you to explain in French if that makes it easier for you 🙂

              • Oh d’accord je ne savais pas que je pouvais parler français ^^
                Ah très bien j’attend vos nouvelles avec impatiente 😉. Je suis un amoureux des routes LGV ! S’il y en aura des nouvelles j’en serais ravis !

  • I wonder if you are going to do the TS Simulator for the Mac OS system? Thank you.

    • Currently no plans to bring TS to Mac mayconfeenixx but we’ll certainly let you know if that changes 🙂

  • Will the North Wales route pass through Chester? It’s only down the road from me and would be good to see trains whizz through!

    • It does James 🙂

  • Can’t wait for the update, though I’ll sorta miss TS2017. May I suggest a PL42AC and Metro-North Hudson Line DLC?

    • Certainly BVERailer, already on my list to look at 🙂

  • This is what I have been waiting for a while now, my local station (Chester) is finally being added, as it is between Crewe and Llandudno. Thank you so much DTG for deciding to build this route as it is packed with lovely views especially on the coastlines of Llandudno. Chester and Crewe station could also bring along other routes such as Chester to London Euston (class 221), Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly (class 390), Chester to Manchester (class 175), Crewe to Matlock (class 153, 156, 158). However I do not expect these routes to be built they are just some ideas, but once again DT, thanks 🙂

  • Don’t know if it’s a big deal but I didn’t think Voyagers terminated at Llandudno anymore?

    • Oh and another thing…I love the look of the NWCL so far but would customers whom already own the Class 221 Voyager have to pay for it again?

      • As I recall there isn’t a Class 221 on the store brp1911

    • They don’t these days brp1911, I believe they stopped running there in 2008. However, as the route has not changed much in all of this time, we didn’t want to limit what you could do with the route, if you wanted to set up these services in a scenario to experience them as they were, then you can certainly do that 🙂

  • the long awaited upgrade has arrived

  • Will we also get The class 390 and 220 in Virgin Trains Livery as then we can add fast trains on the Trent valley line?

    • As I’ve mentioned previously BrooksRail101, everything’s a possibility but I don’t have any details to confirm or deny this

  • Shame we haven’t got a Class 67, MkIII coaches and a MKII DVT for the North Wales Coastal

  • Will there be any new or better Optimisation in this new update? just feels there is more potential out there that is untapped

    • TS2018 is our annual content refresh, I don’t have any details on whether this will have any new features Whatzizname

  • Very good to see the North Wales Coastal route, but won’t the voyager clash with JustTrains? Or are you going to be bundling this up with the route?

    • The route will still operate in exactly the same way as other routes Chris and, in our view, it certainly gives you more appropriate options for operating whatever trains you choose to drive

      • oh right, thats good mthen. The players who are less confident can drive the one bundled with the route and the players (like me) who are confident can drive the JT one. Look forward to this route DTG, good job!

  • Hi, are you giving a new plug-in for 3DS MAX 17 or above with TS18?

    • No plans to do this sumitsingh currently though it is on our wishlist

      • That’s sad.
        I have a Steam copy of UK First Class Edition, I am eligible for free upgrade to core of TS18?

        • Everyone gets the core upgrade for free sumitsingh, though if you want the routes included in TS2018, then you can buy the package

          • Cheers
            Is this game going 64bit this time or it is also in your wishlist?

            • Currently no plans to make TS2018 a 64bit platform sumitsingh but it is on a very very long wishlist of things we’d like to look at moving forward

  • I wonder if there will be a Premium Edition?

    • I don’t have any details on this Daniel, I’m sure if there is such an Edition, there will be some sort of official announcement 🙂

  • Any chance the North Wales Coast could be released separately as well? not really interested in the other routes I’m afraid, sorry.

    • Don’t worry, as we mentioned in our announcement, existing players will be able to pick up the North Wales route

  • While I try to be positive about matters TS and TSW, I have to say that I find this information about TS2018 extremely disappointing. All passenger all the time? Shouldn’t the makers of a respectable rail simulator remember that freight pays the bills?

    Apart from that, a thorough updating of the RW Timetable View Manual_Web is so long overdue that you’ll have to scrape off the moss and cobwebs before starting. Honestly, this poor creature hasn’t been touched since its first appearance in 2010. Like all scenario and route makers, I know well that numerous changes have occurred since then, all left undocumented on an official level; it’s extremely obvious that many of the problems and complaints about editing can be traced to this absolute lack of official documentation. Let’s start with the simple fact that the appearance of Steam Workshop brought with it an end to Timetable as an “officially permissible” scenario type, making even the title of this manual irrelevant. I’m sure that between adjustments to TSW and additions to TS all of you have more than enough to do, but I cannot imagine that I am alone in emphasizing the necessity of a revised, thorough editors’ manual for Train Simulator.

    • With each route, except the North Wales route, freight is included as part of the package, Tom, as we’ll show in upcoming articles – as they say, never judge a book by its cover! 🙂

      • Freight meaning long, boring runs from points A to Z or switching/shunting? (Can you guess which I prefer?)

        • I’m sure, if that’s what you prefer Tom, you can easily set up your own scenarios to feature those types of operations and/or I’m sure there will be lots of scenarios on Steam Workshop for you to download 🙂

          • Which is what I’ve been doing for years, Steve — switching/shunting scenarios, that is.

  • While the Peninsula Corridor is a great route, I have to ask, why is the British route the only “all-new” route for Train Simulator 2018 and not everything else? I feel that the Hudson Line from New York City to Poughkeepsie, NY would’ve been great for an American route for Train Simulator 2018’s default package that was never made before.

    I have the Peninsula Corridor already and it’s a great route. But when Train Simulator 2018 comes out, will there be updates done to it that existing owners of that route get for free? For example, will there be more skyscrapers added to San Francisco? Including the Trans America Building (which is seen in the cover art for Train Simulator 2018)? The Trans America Building is like the Empire State Building of San Francisco, it’s what defines the skyline that makes it different from other cities.

    • TS2018 is our annual content refresh Tom, and it just so happens it lands at the right time for our next route, which in this case is the British route. So in traditional fashion, as we have done in previous years, this makes the shortlist for the content refresh

      • Oh I see Steve, so the timing was the same for the making of the North Wales Coast Line as it was Train Simulator 2018. That makes sense.

        Do you have any info on my last question? About the Peninsula Corridor? Will that route be updated in Train Simulator 2018 and existing owners of that route get those updates for free? Some things that I can think of that should be updated for it are more scenery density (especially in San Francisco, like the inclusion of the Trans America Building) as well as passengers in the passenger cars.

        • I don’t Tom but I have asked the question. Any updates will, of course, go out as a general update for existing owners, whether you choose to buy TS2018 or not 🙂

  • Just want to point out that the MP36s and Bombardier equipment are assigned to I believe less than half of the Baby Bullet services. They operate on just as many, or more limited stop and local trains as they do bullets. The bikes on Bombardiers page has not been updated for the new schedule, but I have the full list and can provide it, if you guys are interested in making new scenarios. Even if new scenarios aren’t made, the 312 scenario should at least be updated, as the train now operates under the number 310, with a slightly earlier departure.

  • A nice package, but what are the differences between TS2017 and TS2018???

    • New selection of routes is the first difference Shamus178 🙂

  • Looks like somone forgot to turn on the main headlights on the MP36. Someone might want to turn those on before the railroad gets at you for only using ditch lights!

    • Good spot Phillip, I’ve raised this with our Creative Team 🙂

  • This is cool and all, but are there any other changes other than the new content and the cosmetic changes to the UI? Will we ever see asset search functionality in the scenario editor?

    • Interesting suggestion Sage, I don’t have any details to share on features

  • “Formed in the 1980s to take over the legendary “Peninsula Commute Services” previously operated by the Southern Pacific”

    I know Dovetail is fond of superlatives but Southern Pacific’s commuter service was anything but legendary. Caltrain had to turn around what was very much a hot mess.

  • Great selection of routes however i feel DTG has been pressured into making TS2018 by the community. I feel they should completely drop the year.

  • A great selection of routes there 🙂 Question will they be an additional route for a “Steam Edition” If there is going to be one that is 😛

    • I don’t have any details on whether there will be a Steam version or not Flyingscotsman4072 🙂

  • Great looking package. Please refresh my memory. For those of us who already own the existing routes, is TS 2018 offered as a “complete my collection” item?

    • If you already own the existing content Frank, you’ll still be able to pick up the North Wales Coastal route in TS2018

  • AMAZING! This will be a lovely rendition of Train Simulator to carry TS1 forward as the TSW Era develops around it!

  • So if im not mistaken out of all the content for train simulator 2018 there is only 1 brand new route (north wales coastal) and 1 new train (class 221) and all the rest is old content that most will probably already own, is the new stuff coming out as a separate package because by the looks of it i dont really want to pay for stuff I already own for a second time

    • As we’ve explained already g_money1985, existing players who already own much of the content in TS2018 will still be able to get the North Wales Coastal route

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