Introducing the Classics and Pro Ranges

Written by: TrainSim-James

Following on from permanently reducing the price of several of our add-ons to provide good value for money across our catalogue (click here for more information), we are introducing two product ranges to highlight the best older content and the most appropriate content based on your experience and preferences.

Classics Range


The Classics Range is for great value and quality content from the TS catalogue that has achieved a time-served quality standard. This gives you the chance to pick up older gems from our range that are suitable for all Train Simulator users.

The first add-ons to be added to the Classics Range are:

  • London to Brighton
  • West Coast Main Line North
  • Isle of Wight
  • Settle to Carlisle
  • East Coast Main Line
  • Great Western Main Line
  • Somerset & Dorset Railway
  • Cajon Pass
  • Woodhead Route
  • Portsmouth Direct Line

Pro Range


Want an extra challenge when stepping into the cab of a locomotive? The products in our Pro Range are guaranteed to provide a detailed and unique experience, the content in this range is aimed at advanced players where simple controls, HUD and controller support are not required as standard. Each Pro add-on will feature a comprehensive manual to educate you on how to drive each locomotive.

The first add-ons to be added to the Pro Range are:

  • Union Pacific FEF-3
  • BR Class 40 ‘40145’
  • Class 156
  • Class 150
  • AT&N Consolidation Class 280-157
  • DB BR 103
  • DB BR 143
  • DB BR 86
  • GWR 56XX
  • DR BR 24

We will be constantly reviewing our catalogue and updating the Pro and Classics ranges moving forwards. Got some feedback? We’d love to hear it. What routes and locos have proven their pedigree and should now be added to the Classics range in your opinion? What locos are too tough when you’re starting out but are perfect for when you are up for as much complexity as we can throw at you?




  • Love the Pro range. The best engine to run at is the FEF-3 at this moment.

    Just missing some 3rd party advanced engines which surely should be part of the Pro range like the Advanced engines from 3rd party develloper Just Trains.

    I would like to see the F4 HUD display disabled by ticking a checkbox in the scenario editor. Most F4 HUD Display does show inaproperiate information. The plain information is readable on the engine’s gauges with much more accuracy.

    Concerning the Classic range I am missing the Western Lines of Scotland. The Weardale and Teasdale network, Falmouth Branche and the Ruhr-Sieg line.

  • Both of these new categories (“Ranges”) of DLC strike me as good ideas. On the one hand, it’s nice to see that some of the older routes will be kept in the catalog even though without updating; on the other, placing the more hands-on engines in a separate category will make it clear that they are operationally intensive. Finally, I’m glad to see that more of virtualRailroads’ offerings will be joining the TS catalog. I’ve purchased several loco and wagon packs from vR over the years and hope that their proprietary versions will be “grandfathered” in: that is, equivalent to the versions released by DTG.

  • I might as well get the part of the Pro Pack as I’m missing the GWR 56xx and DB BR 143 in my collection.

  • Wow… DTG… I may buy this…

  • This is great news! I have a few recommendations for the Pro range:

    Class 86/87 because of the learning curve for the tap changer.

    Class 415 because of the traction modes and breaking types. It also provides a lot of challenge when you’re running late.

    • I agree Joethefish, It takes some getting used to (tap-changer).

  • You guys have left out the most realistic North American diesels in TS2016! You need to add Reppo’s SP/BN/UP/WP GP20s as well as their PRR “Centipede” to the Professional Range.

    • +1 to this.

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