Introducing American Powerhaul Train Simulator

Written by: TrainSim-James

Are you new to Train Simulator? Do you want to experience the greatest locomotives the USA has to offer? Then take a look at our American Powerhaul Train Simulator, the perfect entry point for newcomers who wish to begin on an epic journey across the iconic summit of Sherman Hill. Find out more by clicking here.

Sherman Hill

APTS_0001 APTS_0002 APTS_0003 APTS_0004 APTS_0005

Experience the power of the fuel-hungry Big Blows across the challenging Sherman Hill as you haul hundreds upon hundreds of tons, putting that 8500 horsepower turbine through its paces, or opt for some conventional traction in the form of ES44ACs, drive in more comfortable conditions in the wide cab of the SD70M, or maybe in the classic SD40-2s. Watch out though, winter can be brutal even for the most powerful of locos.


AcademyUp_0001 AcademyUp_0002 AcademyUp_0005

New to driving trains? Not to worry! With the TS Academy you can learn all that you need to beat the extreme, from basic passenger operations to freight terminals that require pin-point accuracy or nailing those complex and unique signalling systems. TS academy is the best way to learn or remember how to control every type of train, and prepare you for the brute that is the Wyoming summit and beyond!

Once you have experienced what Train Simulator has to offer and want to expand your collection, simply click upgrade and get a hold of the full version on TS2016 including Riviera Line in the Fifties which features a variety of classic Great western steam locomotives and Köln – Koblenz to run Germany’s most modern and revolutionary locomotives across.

Standalone editions including the Riviera Line in the Fifties and Köln – Koblenz are coming soon to Steam, please note that these editions of Train Simulator are for those who do not yet own Train Simulator.



  • Isn’t this literaly the same as the Sherman Hill single route edition?

  • Is there anything new to this? If not I do not wish to spend $28.00 Canadian.

  • What’s so special about this one? You can already get Sherman Hill with TS2016, only at a lower price. And also, there’s already a single route edition of TS2016 with the Sherman Hill route, so why bother?

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