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Written by: TrainSim-James

As Master Key Simulations’ BR Class 460 is coming soon to Train Simulator, we’re going to delve into the feature-rich representation that will be yours to control, and see just how detailed Gatwick Express operations are going to get!

Simulated Features

  • Highly accurate model, textures and sound set, featuring the older and newer Gatwick Express livery
  • Passenger view with scrolling Passenger Information System, and authentic cab representing the BR Class 460 in older (CSR) and newer (GSM-R) configurations
  • Master Key Operation
  • Authentic Driver’s Direction Selector (reverser)
  • Power/Brake Controller with correct notches, smooth braking and hill-start function
  • Driver Safety Device with Vigilance equipment and relevant isolation switches
  • Accurately represented AWS, TPWS & self-test sequence
  • Train Auxiliaries Set & Trip Button
  • Saloon and cab air-conditioning
  • Operable Door Release Panels
  • Guard or Driver Only Operation as you choose
  • Cab, Clipboard & Headlight switches
  • Multi-speed windscreen wiper, demist and washer jet simulation
  • Operable cab doors with proper locking procedure
  • Multi-functional Train Monitoring System with fault list, Train Service Number selection and various audio announcements
  • Cab Secure Radio and GSM-R Radio
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • And more!

Cold Start Procedure

This procedure has been taken from the manual, to give you an idea of what you’ll be reading to learn your way around the Class 460. In total, there are over 8000 words; descriptions for every function, details on the consist, if any EMU was going to make it into the Pro Range, it would certainly be the Class 460!

  1. Enter the driving cab, checking for any tripped MCBs or Isolation/Cut-Out Switches in the ISOLATE position. A unit must NOT be brought into service with any tripped MCBs or isolated systems.
  2. Check emergency plungers are set (black line must be vertical).
  3. Check PBC in the HIGH position.
  4. If not already set, set the auxiliaries by holding down the TRAIN AUXILIARIES SET button for five seconds, or until the LINE VOLTS Indicator is lit.
  5. At this point, the compressor will begin charging the Main Reservoir (the Main Reservoir must charge to at least 5.6 bar for the brakes to release).
  6. Set the HEADLIGHTS as required.
  7. Set TAILIGHTS as required.
  8. Insert and turn the Master Key through 90 degrees clockwise.
  9. Operate the passenger doors if at station of service origin.
  10. Move the Drivers Direction Selector (DDS) to the NEUTRAL position.
  11. Observe all TPWS light on.
  12. Observe AWS activation via horn and sunflower movement.
  13. Reset AWS.
  14. Check DRA is in the ‘On/Set’ Position.
  15. Observe Incident Recorder ‘Healthy’ Light on back wall.
  16. Check no Cab Warning Indications.
  17. Login to the TMS by entering 00000, and set the TSN if at station of service origin.
  18. Register the CSR or GSM-R radio.
  19. Once the Main Reservoir is fully charged, check for any faults showing on the TMS fault page.
  20. Ensure cab doors are shut and locked.
  21. Close passenger doors if opened, ensuring Door Interlock is gained.
  22. Ensure any relevant signal is not showing a Do Not Proceed aspect.
  23. Reset the Driver Reminder Appliance.
  24. With the Hillstart Button depressed, move the PBC from a braking position, into notch 1, releasing the Hillstart Button as the unit begins to move.

In all, over 150 in-cab elements of the BR Class 460 have been captured by Master Key Simulations, and all of them will be yours to master as you work the Gatwick Express. If that wasn’t enough, Master Key Simulations have also been working away at BR Class 73 ‘73202’, in Southern and Gatwick Express livery, which will contain a wide range of authentic features and will be included with the BR Class 460 as a free bonus!

It’s early morning, weather looks good, time to set up the Class 460, get her out of Stewarts Lane and head up to London Victoria (above). First off, let’s get in… (below). Note, screenshots depict content still in development.

After setting the auxiliaries, it is standard procedure to observe the TPWS lights and audible AWS alarm, before cancelling the self-test sequence (above). While we wait for the brakes to charge, we shall sign in to the TMS and then register on the GSM-R Radio (below). Note, headcode made up for demonstration purposes, in quick drive you can input whatever you desire.

Once it’s time to depart, inputting the correct train number into the TMS will initiate the audio announcements and set the PIS and destination boards appropriately (above and below). In this case, we are demonstrating what a service to London Victoria looks like, in reality, you would set this to ‘Not in Service’ until at the platform, by using the code ‘0997’. All train numbers are listed in the manual.

A quick move through the Battersea area and we’ll shortly be at London Victoria, where we’ll open the doors, allow passengers to board and prepare for the non-stop run to Gatwick Airport. Do not forget to re-register the GSM-R and set up the correct train number in the other cab.

Also included is the BR Class 460 in its original Gatwick Express livery, with completely blue doors instead of the red and blue of later years, white decals and other subtle differences. A version that implements the older CSR radio system is also featured.

There’s more! Included as a free bonus will be a reworked BR Class 73. Gatwick Express, and later Southern, use 73202 as a “Thunderbird” locomotive, which is able to rescue stranded stock. When in the Gatwick Express livery, 73202 was named ‘Dave Berry’.

Fitted with similar functionality to the Class 460, the Class 73 offers fully interchangeable diesel and electric modes, and is enhanced to compliment the Juniper quite nicely, even being able to couple with it!

As Gatwick Express was eventually absorbed into the Southern franchise, 73202 was soon seen in the standard livery for the fleet, and renamed ‘Graham Stenning’.

The stunning BR Class 460, coming soon to Train Simulator!

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  • I don’t know which date is these add ons will be released

    • We generally don’t share release dates JamesMezza, not much longer to wait though 😉

  • Please release it can’t hold the anticipation anymore

    • Soon™ Robbie 🙂

  • Is it being released soon as I have saved money to buy it

    • We generally do not share release dates, Robbie, however, not much longer to wait 🙂

  • Wow, talk about advanced! I have had a look at the manual and Class 460 blows my mind away! Any news on the release yet?

    • None as yet James, we generally don’t discuss release dates 🙂

  • Master Key Simulations look like they’ve done a superb job with their first piece of DLC, very much looking forward to driving the Class 460.

  • Any clue of the price?

    • I don’t have any details to share with you on that valenta, I’m sure the price will be displayed on the store page when it releases

  • These new cab features makes this product seem impressive.

  • One of the ugliest units around in my opinion but I will be buying. It’s good to see high-quality content will continue for TS, hopefully we’ll see a more polished front-end interface in the future and, please, please, an AC slam-door unit or two.

  • From what I see in the text, please tell Master Key Simulations to continue developing after this. It looks amazing, and the features make it sound completely unreal. Very excited for this

  • Will the manual be available to read before release of the class 460

    • I’ll see what we can organise Robbie

      • Hopefully we will, plus Master did say they were going to release it before the train and I quote “We’re hoping to release the manual before the main product, so you have a chance to study the operation of the unit before being let loose in one of the most extensively simulated trains available.” So I fully agree with Robbie, we would get the manual.

        • I believe they’ve already done so on their Facebook page MyNameIsDjPiker

          • Yea, they have Steve. Sadly the time they uploaded it, the comment was already writtern and I couldn’t remove it.

  • This sounds like a Pro Range train for sure 😉
    Looks like Master Key Simulations have done a very good job 🙂

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