High-Speed Handiwork

Written by: TrainSim-James

The CRH2A, from Just Trains and Union Workshop, is coming soon, and will deliver the ultimate immersive experience along scenic Chinese rails!

Built to operate the newly-opened and greatly-expanding high-speed network in China, the CRH2A offers a reliable service and is more than capable of getting up to speed, thanks to a lineage of prominent Shinkansen traction.

Since 2007, the CRH2A fleet has grown to be 100-strong and has been whisking passengers along the passenger-dedicated Chinese high-speed network at 250 km/h, a major leap forward since the days prior to the revolutionary “Speed Up” campaigns.

Not only are there audible passenger announcements, but you can also see as a passenger the current operating speed in km/h, and if you’re a fan of “The Story of Forest Rail”, you’ll like what is on TV.

In Train Simulator, the CRH2A is captured absolutely. You can look forward to authentic start-up procedures, passenger announcements, CTCS-2 signalling complete with ATP (Automatic Train Protection), a multitude of scenarios with variety abounds, and so much more!

The first set of scenarios cover operations on the vast South West China High Speed Network, where you will learn to drive the CRH2A before running at speed on passenger services over the stunning landscape. Things then take a turn as you face the scenarios set upon the Western Sichuan Pass; the challenge is stepped up as certain parts of the signalling are not installed along this route, combine that with the challenging gradients and you’re in for a journey to remember!

Key Features

  • First Generation 8-car CRH2A High-Speed EMU
  • Authentic start-up sequence
  • Highly interactive, state-of-the-art cab
  • Immersive passenger view
  • Full CTCS-2 and Automatic Train Protection “ATP” implementation
  • Audible on-board announcements
  • Dynamic Train Service Number system
  • Four Career scenarios for the South West China High Speed Network
  • Two Career scenarios for the Western Sichuan Pass Route
  • Quick Drive compatible

Keep an eye out for updates, as the CRH2A for Train Simulator is right around the corner!

A swift departure. A pairing of CRH2A EMUs snake their way out of Chengdu on one of the many Inter-City services that these units operate daily (above). Capable of doubling up to increase capacity, the CRH2A’s get their best features from the famed Shinkansen fleets of Japan, offering a most distinct streamlined profile to make them as efficient as possible when running at speed (below).

State-of-the-art defines the cab of the CRH2A, from here the ultimate experience will fly before you as you race through the varied and stunning countryside of Southwestern China.

With a closing speed of 500 km/h, two CRH2A EMUs race by each other atop one of the many vast viaducts you visit along the high-speed network (above), feel free to wave at drivers as you go past, but be quick about it! Another day, another pairing of CRH2As, this time seen curving out of Suining with a limited-stop express to Chongqing (below).

Vibrant ground and bright skies, divided by the high-speed network which plays host to CRH2As doing their duty, which they have done successfully now for just over a decade.

It’s not all about speed however, the CRH2A for Train Simulator also comes with two scenarios for the Western Sichuan Pass route, which does offer 160 km/h operation, but also provides tricky gradients, loops, sharp curves, and a lack of CTCS-2 signalling, rendering cruise control inoperable (above). However, the chance to see some spectacular views await as you climb through the rugged mountains of China (below).

The all-modern CRH2A, coming soon to Train Simulator!

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