Going to Gilroy!

Written by: Gary Dolzall

New commuter – and freight – action will come to life on the expansion Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route

Coming soon to Train Simulator, the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route is an extension to the highly popular San Francisco – San Jose route released in 2016 that will now bring you even more realistic and challenging commuter – and freight – railroading!

Let’s take a look at the exciting key elements of this upcoming expanded route:

Caltrain service extension to Gilroy: With this route extension, you’ll have the opportunity to operate Caltrain’s complete Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley commuter operations, from San Francisco, via San Jose and Tamien, to Gilroy, California, a total distance of 77 route miles. In addition to re-creating the full distance of the Caltrain operation, the extension includes six new commuter station stops, plus Caltrain lay-over yards at Tamien and Gilroy.

Caltrain F40PH-2CAT and Nippon Sharyo bi-bevels: The Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route will include Caltrain’s workhorse Electro-Motive F40PH-2CAT diesel locomotives and distinctive Nippon Sharyo bi-level “push-pull” commuter equipment, where they will join the commuter railroad’s MPI MP36PH-3C and Bombardier bi-levels for comprehensive Caltrain operations.

San Francisco Bay Pier District: Expanded commuter operations is not the only exciting element included in the upcoming Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route, which will deliver extraordinary and challenging Union Pacific freight operations! One addition is the expansive pier district of San Francisco Bay, where you’ll have the opportunity to switch the sprawling industrial piers and squeeze through tight, street-running territory.

Port of Redwood City: The complete branch line serving the Port of Redwood City is also included in this upcoming route expansion, offering even more challenging industrial switching and street-running. Together, the San Francisco Bay Pier District and Port of Redwood City will represent countless hours of challenging and enjoyable switching duty!

Union Pacific Hollister Branch: The route extension to Gilroy is not the southern end of trackage on this expanded route, which in fact extends some 15 miles further south from Gilroy and includes Union Pacific’s Carnadero Junction and bucolic Hollister Branch, which will offer a true branch line railroading experience. Together with Union Pacific’s EMD GP38-2, an expanded range of UP freight rolling stock will be included in the upcoming the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route!

In the coming weeks here at Train-Simulator.com, we’ll be fully exploring the features and operational aspects of the upcoming the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route (which will be available as a fully self-contained route and available at a special discount for existing customers of the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose route). And now, in the advance screenshots below, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route! – Gary Dolzall

Coming soon to Train Simulator is the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route, an expansion route that will bring to life Caltrain’s complete 77-mile commuter operation down the San Francisco Bay Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley, as well as feature remarkable and diverse Union Pacific freight operations. Bound for Gilroy, a Caltrain F40PH-2CAT has Nippon Sharyo bi-level “push-pull” commuter equipment in tow as it glides above California Route 87 south of San Jose. Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.

The upcoming Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route will introduce Caltrain’s workhorse EMD F40PH-2CAT diesel and the railroad’s distinctive Nippon Sharyo bi-level cab cars and coaches. Caltrain rosters 15 F40PH-2CATs and 93 Nippon Sharyo bi-levels. Caltrain F40PH-2CAT 912 stands ready for service at San Jose’s Central Equipment & Maintenance Facility (above), while a Nippon Sharyo bi-level cab car is ready to lead a nocturnal northbound at Tamien Station (below). Note: Screenshots depict content in development.

Caltrain F40PH-2CAT 916, appropriately named the “California,” has just departed Tamien southbound and is hustling past the holding yard where another Caltrain consist awaits its next call (above). As compared to the bustling and highly populated northern parts of the Peninsula route, south of San Jose the line begins to take on the personality of fertile and open California valley country. Caltrain 916 is approaching the Capitol station stop in South San Jose (below).

The dusk California sky is ablaze as Caltrain F40PH-2CAT 912 and its Gilroy-bound commuters make a station stop at Morgan Hill. South of San Jose Diridon, the upcoming route includes station stops at Tamien, Capitol, Blossom Hill, Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy.

Diverse and challenging freight operations will await on the upcoming Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route, including duty amid the sprawling, but often close, confines of the San Francisco Bay pier district. Union Pacific GP38-2 503 and a sister are competing for space with trucks as they make their way down snug and dowdy Rankin street (above). On another day, UP GP38-2s are toting lumber in the pier district as they cross the Islais Creek Channel (below).

In addition to the San Francisco Bay area piers, the Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route will also put you to work at the large Port of Redwood City, where Union Pacific GP38-2s 553 and 550 are switching along the waterfront (above), and on the UP’s bucolic Hollister Branch, where UP Geep 526 and a sister are working a siding at Hollister (below).

San Jose’s Diridon station is bustling as Caltrain commuter trains equipped with Nippon Sharyo and Bombardier bi-levels stands ready to depart for San Francisco. The upcoming Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – Gilroy route will bring the full breath of busy Caltrain commuter operations – plus challenging and diverse Union Pacific freight services – to Train Simulator!

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Gary Dolzall


  • All posts responded to except mine. Perhaps it wasn’t clear enough. Let me try again:
    I understand that this is an extension of the first Peninsular Corridor route. Will it stand on its own as a route or is purchase of Peninsular Corridor 1 necessary? If someone purchases P. C. 2 first and decides to buy P. C. 1 later, will the two integrate? Please explain how this integration process works. Thanks!

    • Responded to below Tom, your question came in after we closed for the weekend – we typically do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 🙂

  • This looks great, I cant wait for this. It would also be awesome of this expansion included the VTA Winchester – Mountain View Line! 🙂

  • Will the Bombardier Cab-Cars have Mechanical Bells like in real life? Also will we see updated K2 horn sounds for the MP-36 and Bombardier Cab-Car?

    • I don’t have any details on that Alex but I’ll certainly ask the Audio Team the questions 🙂

  • My wish for improvements for this route are that the trains use the correct track and platform at Santa Clara. Southbound trains should use the track next to the historic depot. Northbound CalTrain trains use the track on the depot side of the island platform. In other words, the left side of the island platform when you’re facing north.

  • Kinda of Off topic and on topic at the same time. Since we are talking about the Bay Area will we see a Capitol Corridor/San Joaquin route in the future?

    • Always a possibility Alex though we don’t have any plans right now 🙂

  • Perhaps I just haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, Gary and Steve, but there’s a question buzzing in my brain: in what sense will this new Peninsular Corridor be an extension of the existing one? That is, if someone who owns PC1 buys PC2, do the two merge to become a single route? On the other track, if someone who buys PC2 later purchases PC1, does a merger occur?
    Finally, just because you-know-what is coming, will the two PCs be offered as a discount package?

    Frankly, PC2 interests this switching fan more than PC 1, but I might well be interested in a package deal of some kind.

    Thanks for your reviews/previews of both DLCs.

    • Hi Tom, it goes something like this:

      PC becomes a combined route PC1 + PC2 = PC
      PC1 gets reduced in price
      PC2 becomes the new full route at the usual price
      If in the future someone buys PC2, there is no need to purchase PC1 because it’s included in PC2
      If you already own PC1 when PC2 comes out, you will be able to purchase PC2 at a reduced price for a limited time

      Hope this is clear but happy to answer any further questions you have on this 🙂

  • Is it possible to have the train service number boards working like with the Bombardier and MP36? I thought I spotted a working one in the screenshots but I could be mistaken.


    • I don’t believe they work on either the MP36PH or Bombardier Vehicles max 🙂

  • This is incredible! I’m so looking forward to this. I have some questions, will the SF pier district include the Carroll Street Spur and will the Pacific Agri Products spur be included in South San Francisco as well?

    • I’ll let Gary answer your question as I’m not sure which sections you’re referring to Adam 🙂

    • Hi Adam:
      The pier district will include the trackage around piers 80, 94, and 96 on both sides of the Islais Creek Channel as accessed via Rankin Street, etc. There is limited industrial trackage included around South San Francisco Yard.

  • This looks wonderful!! I do have a few suggestions like last time 🙂
    First, I hope the train number indicators will be functional like on the MP and Bombardier stock. (It does look like they do from the screenshots.)
    Second, about scenarios: As I have said, the Bombardiers operate many local and limited-stop trains. I listed out the weekday trains they operate in a previous article (I can provide it again if needed), and as for the weekend trains, Bombardier trains operate about half of the trains, although this changes due to maintenance cycle requirements. Also, because the bombardier cab-car in one of the screenshots was numbered 371 (wrongly, 112-120 are the numbers) I infer that scenario is for train 269. I can say that train 269 almost always operates with Bombardier built equipment (turns into 386). It would be cool to have at least one baby bullet scenario with the gallery cars, as they do operate on several baby bullets, including train 371.
    Third: it would be great to see some improvements to the MP36 and Bombardier equipment. I think all of the needed fixes have been suggested.

    Also, it would be great to get a screenshot of the cabs 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your well considered and thoughtful feedback max, I’ll certainly pass this to our Development Team 🙂

  • Good to see some new content coming as usual! Glad to hear it’ll be discounted for us who have the original San Fran route lol. Just one minor question though:

    Will the variant of Caltrain F40PH’s that do not have nose-headlights be included? I know a decent few of them don’t have nose headlights in real life.

    • I’m not sure but will certainly pass your comments to our Development Team 🙂

    • I would say not, considering a few things. 1) there are only 3 Caltrain units like this. 2) They are MPI F40PH-2C locomotives, which apart from a similar body, are quite different. Noteably, the MPI F40s have desktop controls.

  • Yes! I am so excited for this extension of the route, I was just expecting the F40 and Gallery Cars. You guys truly went above and beyond! Well done! I do have to ask though, will the F40 and Gallery Cars have the P2 sounding horns and EMD Steele Bells like the actual prototypes do? If so, the P2 horns sound slightly different than the MP36 and Bombardiers, they are not exactly the same. Also, the marker lights on the F40PH’s for Caltrain are red. Other than that, I really can’t wait do drive from San Francisco to Gilroy in the F40, and the MP36! What a great addition to the collection! And I know I will enjoy the switching scenarios for UP.

    • Thanks for your feedback Angel, I’m not sure on the sounds but I’ll certainly pass your thoughts to our Audio Team 🙂

  • Looks good, but I think it is sort of unnecessary to have an extra route for an additional price, where the original Peninsula Corridor can be modified, just stating my opinion. I do have a question however; Will the route stay at a discount forever for current P.C. owners? It should, because it would be very tedious that any previous owners would have to pay the full price when they already have the route. With the Morristown and North Jersey Coast Line, the discount only stayed for a short time, even though I already had the original Coast Line. If it doesn’t stay, I may not purchase this. Not criticizing, I’m just expressing my feelings. Thanks, and happy holidays!

    • That’s ok BVERailer, whether you agree with us on our policies or not, your comments are always most welcome here 🙂 One of the many reasons why we cannot have long-running discounts is it can cause particular havoc when we have sales and other promotions. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t have the facilities that allow us to do permanent discounts so, instead, we have to work with/around it as best we can 🙂

      • Ok, I’ll have to pick it up during the release sale. What will the discount be again?

        • I don’t have any details on that BVERailer 🙂

  • This looks nice and all, but I still notice one big flaw to me: The UP badge on the GP38-2 is supposed to say “Union Pacific”, and not “Union Pacific Railroad”. Hope that gets fixed when the route extension rolls out.

    • Thanks for the feedback Sage but Union Pacific themselves asked us to use that logo 🙂

  • I am so excited for the release of this route extension seeing as it is my hometown route. I have been waiting for the addition of the F40PH ever since release, but everything else being added on makes it seem like it is going to be well worth the wait (especially the port of RWC, I’m going to love that part). My only question is if the bugs with the bombardier cab cars on this route are going to be fixed. On the speedometer, 60 is where the 80 is supposed to be and nothing where the 60 should be. Plus, when operating from the cab car, moving the throttle resets the amperage and makes the dynamic brake sound which can get really annoying. These are the only two things that I have issues with and if they get fixed along with the release of all this new content, I would be on cloud nine. Thanks to everyone at Dovetail and happy holidays!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Matt, we’ll certainly ask the question for you on fixes 🙂

  • Very cool! The Peninsula Corridor started off as a great route from San Francisco to San Jose and now it’s being expanded to Gilroy and to Hollister. Plus the dockside yard in the India Basin neighborhood of San Francisco plus the big yard at Redwood City. Now the route will be less linear and more interactive. Nice to see the CalTrain EMD F40PH-2CATs and Nippon-Sharyo gallery coaches and cab cars being included in this. I also noticed a few more freight cars are being added, very nice.

    I have to ask. Will there be more buildings added to San Francisco? Like the Trans America building? The scenery density looks very minimal in San Francisco on the existing Peninsula Corridor. Will there also be passengers added to the Bombardier passenger cars?

    I will say, as awesome and as cool as this is to extend the Peninsula Corridor to Gilroy and Hollister plus the extra yards in San Francisco and Redwood City, I feel that this is more of a “want” of a route extension than a “need”. What we need for route extensions are for Horseshoe Curve to be extended to Pittsburg, Soldier Summit to Salt Lake City and Feather River Canyon to Portola. Also, to Gary and Dovetail Games, as a marketing tip, please don’t announce new content on generally sad dates in history like December 7th and September 11th, that’s a little distasteful and kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth about the DLC(s) announced on that day. Exactly five years ago to this day is when Dovetail Games announced Marias Pass, London to Faversham and the Norfolk Southern Heritage units and I thought and still think that was a bad move.

    • We’ll certainly ask the questions for you on the extra buildings, Tom, and thank you for your thoughts on dates, we’ll keep that in mind for the future 🙂

      EDIT: I can confirm that San Francisco does indeed now have a proper city skyline with a number of iconic structures.

      • Thanks Steve! I’ve been to San Francisco before and when I was at the top of Twin Peaks, you can see lots and lots of buildings from there if you look north towards the rest of San Francisco. Oh yes, even though I didn’t ride trains on the Peninsula Corridor in the real world, I saw videos that confirmed that you can still see the Trans America Building from the Peninsula Corridor. Thanks for taking my comment into consideration about the dates as well.

        I noticed in the screenshots that even the newly-included Nippon-Sharyo gallery coaches and cab cars lack passengers in them. Will there be passengers in them for the final release? Or were those screenshots from a scenario that has the “start with empty stock” option turned on? I hope all the passenger cars do have passengers in them this time, because the passenger cars included with the San Francisco to San Jose Peninsula Corridor don’t have any passengers in them.

        • I would imagine they will have passengers, Tom, remember that all the screenshots are of content that is still in-development 🙂

    • While I can somewhat understand what you’re concern is about specific dates. I think it’s bit much to expect of a company to withhold information because of a date. Most businesses are open on those days and have to operate in order to make money. You wouldn’t just expect them to close because of that.

      However, I don’t find anything wrong with whatever date they choose to announce their upcoming projects. Especially requesting a company based in an entirely different territory as these days mention only would be related to what’s happened in American territories. I feel that the issue you have in particular may only be something that is unique troubling to you as no one else seems to have brought it up, as far as I know. Otherwise you’d have more days in the year where you’d allegedly find it distasteful to announce products.

      The world continues to spin regardless of what and where tragedies happened in the past.

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