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The highly anticipated Mittenwaldbahn route, which spans the Alpine German-Austrian border, is now available for Train Simulator!

Serving as a vital link between Innsbruck and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, ultimately Munich, the Mittenwaldbahn is simply stunning around every twist and turn. For the past century, trains have crossed this iconic landscape to connect local communities and major cities in twine.

Both Deutsche Bahn and ÖBB dominate the Mittenwaldbahn with both regional and inter-city passenger services, the latter operator mainly operates the line as part of the Tyrol S-Bahn. When freight traverses across the mountainous rails, it is again ÖBB which usually take point with their modern and efficient ‘Hercules’ locomotives. DB are the ones who facilitate use of the border, with services from Munich terminating at both Mittenwald and Innsbruck intermittently.

Being single track throughout, with only passing loops at stations, the line carries a very sedate feel, twinned with the idea that it’s about the journey – not the destination – as trains make their way up and down the ruling grades. Aside from the materials used, much of the infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels (of which there are quite a few) is highly resembling of what can be found on the Albula Line; another Alpine railway filled with excellent views in abundance.

Whether toting heavy freight behind Austrian Powerhouses or all-stopping in the cab of a modern electric multiple unit, the sights on offer and the challenges that lay ahead promise a fulfilling and engaging experience on the Mittenwaldbahn!

Available now for Train Simulator, the Mittenwaldbahn features the 58 km route between Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hbf and Innsbruck Hbf, complete with a variety of Career and Railfan Mode Scenarios allowing you to explore this classic and eye-catching route, all while putting your skills to the test.

Both the DB BR 442 in DB Regio livery, and ÖBB 2016 resplendent in the bold ÖBB red, are ready for your remote passenger and heavy freight needs. A selection of freight cars are included for the ÖBB 2016, and the locomotive itself is available to drive in clean, weathered and heavily weathered conditions.

For prototypical, yet classic Austrian passenger usage comes the ÖBB 4020, also out now for Train Simulator, and is available as part of a Twin Pack with the Mittenwaldbahn.

The ÖBB 4020 dates back to the 1970s, a time when many lines throughout Austria were in dire need of some extra traction. Boasting a higher top speed than previous stock and brakes capable of managing the steeper routes in the country, the ÖBB 4020 earned its place among the network, and despite newer units arriving to take the helm, the reliable build of the 4020s has seen them cling onto services across the Semmeringbahn in recent years.

Throughout their time on the Mittenwaldbahn, the ÖBB 4020s would serve the S5 Line of the Tyrol S-Bahn, originating at Innsbruck and coming to an end at the cusp of the German border. While delivered in ÖBB’s recognisable white and blue livery, select units have since been chosen to adopt the newer red and grey styling, and the old units can wear it well.

For Train Simulator, the ÖBB 4020 arrives in both its old and new liveries, the former of which bears both versions of the ÖBB logo. Each livery is also driveable in clean and weathered condition.

A selection of Career scenarios are included for the Mittenwaldbahn, and with Quick Drive functionality, it’s easy to also put the ÖBB 4020 to work on the illustrious Semmeringbahn.

Both the Mittenwaldbahn and ÖBB 4020 are available now, head to the Store for more details!

The gradual shift from the bustling city of Munich to the towering heights surrounding Garmisch is captivating alone; but now, the tracks join stunning Alpine scenery all the way to Innsbruck. At Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2442 222 stand doors open-wide on a DB Regio service between Munich and Innsbruck (above). Before continuing the journey further into the mountains, the returning ‘Talent 2’ must vacate the single track line from Austria (below).

Outside major stations such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Innsbruck, nestled within the slopes of the Alps, are various Ski Resorts which are popular with both tourists and professionals alike (above). With major events such as the 1976 Winter Olympic Games, and the 1985 Nordic World Ski Championships taking place along the route of the Mittenwaldbahn, the line proved vital, and still serves well to this day (below).

A unique and breath-taking view is found upon every twist and turn of the Mittenwaldbahn, towering trees and impressive land formations adorn Austrian-German Alps, and provide a challenging yet inviting experience for those who wish to take command of the Talent 2 across this classic line.

The weather has taken a turn for the worst at Innsbruck, however that’s no excuse for delay! A DB BR 442 takes on passengers at the main station, meanwhile 2442 230 awaits its next duty from the sidings. Let’s hope the rain clears by the time we reach Germany (above). Under sunnier skies, 2442 222 is seen once again, making the rounds on the Mittenwaldbahn with mountains flanking from every angle (below).

While a passenger-centric route, the Mittenwaldbahn isn’t afraid of a little freight action, especially when the usual path to Munich via Rosenheim is unavailable. On a beautiful day, an ÖBB ‘Hercules’ locomotive – No. 2016 055 – is seen standing at Seefeld prior to a southbound departure for Innsbruck (above). After 2442 236 had cleared the single track line, 2016 055 powered up and was quickly on the move, and is seen further down the line at another of the Mittenwaldbahn’s undeniable ‘must-see’ locations (below).

A Mittenwaldbahn classic, the ÖBB 4020, has also arrived for Train Simulator ready for service across its contemporary line. Resplendent in ÖBB’s newer guise, although much in need of a good scrub, 4020 002 banks away on the climb from Innsbruck. The ÖBB 4020 is the perfect way to recount the history behind the Tyrol S-Bahn, you won’t want to miss out!

The ÖBB 4020 is perhaps better known in the operators’ iconic white and blue scheme, which many units still adhere to right up to today. In this livery, the 4020 has carried both ÖBB’s new logo (above), and their classic depiction (below); while a fantastic livery for the unit, 4020 011 proves that it’s even easier to get dirty when compared to the modern offering.

The Mittenwaldbahn, in all its captivating and endearing nature, is now available for Train Simulator!

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