Dovetail Games Signs Licensing Deal With SNCF

Written by: Trainsim-Jay

Dovetail Games, the award-winning creator of the best-selling Train Simulator franchise has today announced a global licensing deal with SNCF, granting it the rights to use the SNCF brand on a range of forthcoming content in the Train Simulator series, the first of which is scheduled to arrive in Q2 2016. 

Released in September 2015, Train Simulator 2016 (TS 2016) is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular simulation products on the market.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with SNCF,” said Doug McConkey, Business Director at Dovetail Games. “SNCF is one of the most important and recognisable brands in the history of global railways and we are both honoured and excited to be bringing officially licensed SNCF content to Train Simulator and to be able to share the authentic SNCF experience with our community.

Delphine Nathan, External Communications Director for Voyages SNCF added, “We are excited to be partnering with Dovetail Games to bring a new licensed product to the Train Simulator audience. We respect their approach in terms of delivering premium quality simulation experiences and look forward to seeing our brand featured in their product. This is a new area for us in terms of technology and user experience and we are excited to be entering into this space with Dovetail Games.

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  • Asking the devellopers beased on the recent released 3rd party route Paris Montparnasse – St Pierre, AHS & TGV Atlantique from Just Trains to maintain the QWERTY keyboard and not usinfg the French AZERTY keyboard lay-out. Please prohibit the use of AZERTY keyboard because this is used in France but the majority of Train Simmers is using QWERTY keyboard USA coded.

    Even based on the expericane with the mentioned route Montparnasse – St Pierre Driving with the French systems is very different, but a fine and nice experience. Hopefully all SNCF systems will be build in as well like VACMA, KVB, TVM-430, and adequate SNCF regular and proper signalling qwith all signals, signs and posts as used and mentioned by the original SNCF Signalbook.

  • Wow, you are really trying to reach down deep in my wallet… Now lets see some TGV!

  • Dreamed with reality ! That missed with missed with the game Hope to see this equipment arriving on our lines!

  • Awesome. As a steam ethousiast i like this HSL. Hope they will also come with the Thalys as well.

    I hope this ‘joint venture” will finally set up a French-Belgian-Dutch route because of the HSL between Amsterdam- Brussels – Paris is part of SNCF as well. This opens the possibility to run a secondairly line between Vlissingen and SMterdam as part of the HSL and finally the trains of 3rd party devellopers Dutch Classics and Christrains comes to flourish after all.

    Concerning the SNCF There is a bunch of French freeware also available at A great part of France is Mediterean area and gives a special feeling in the smooth sun and the picturesque villes and stations. Besides for Btitish drivers are quickly used to drive here because the SNCF drives left handed like the most countries of the European mainland.e some repaints to have them in the livery of the Belgium Railrods

    Concerning the Belgium railroad. There is way to less trains available for TS2016, tha’s a great lack. The Belgium railroads features a great variety of trains with special designs and outfits. The designs are not very common and the Belgium railroads mostly develloped their own roiling stock. Thought some French rolling stock should have some repaint to fit the Belgium liveries.

    I realy hope this will be a break through to have either a Belgium and Dutch route coming to Steam or a 3rd party develloper (payware) because freeware always needs a bunch of payware routes which cost muchmuch more after all more instead of a single payware route that includes special assets created for that specified route.

  • Nice !!!!!

  • Other than the Riviera, this would be the only European route I would buy. Cant wait.

  • Awesome news, well done to the staff that made this possible.

  • This is great news. TGV is really iconic, so I’m eager to see it added to Train Simulator, but I hope that it will not be the only french train available in the sim. There are many more iconic, “exotic” and typically french engines worth including in the simulation with perhaps less limited operational aspect than a high speed train like the TGV. Modern regional trains with their colorful liveries would be an interesting addition. Besides, the appeal of older trains from before the years 2000 should not be underestimated, as there is a lot of “typically” french material worth simulating for the atmosphere they would provide.

  • I AM SCREAMING!!!! I can’t wait until this comes!! Oh and i also saw that there’s a TGV route being made by JustTrains as well. :3

  • Wow, bold move by both DTG and SNCF – the latter being notoriously known for being lazy at answering this kind of request. I hope the quality of the contents as well as the return on investment will be up to the expectations.

  • Hello Eurostar Route, London to Paris via Ashford International… This is going to be brilliant… can’t wait .. Well done DTG.

  • guess what I Love France!

  • Probably is the announcement that passionate europe half of this game was waiting. With great enthusiasm I can exclaim, “Finally.” We hope it is just the ‘beginning of Dovetail Gamesof a long journey through the railways of the beautiful Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece but also the Nordic countries with its beautiful fjords and forests .Thanks guys keep creating beautiful routes

  • This is gonna be EPIC

  • London St Pancras to Paris Nord! With the Class 373 and 374! Well though guys!

    • I meant to say: “Well done guys!”

    • This will be amazing!

  • You folks, are on a roll this year!

  • Awesome!

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