Croeso i Gymru: South Wales Coastal is Coming to Train Simulator

Written by: TrainSim-James

Main Image Above: The Great Western Railway reached Cardiff in the 1850s to provide South Wales with a much-needed connection with the nation’s capital, the station has become one of the busiest main line stations in the UK and has developed into the largest in Wales, and this iconic city will soon be represented in Train Simulator.

The South Wales Main Line, or Prif Linell De Cymru provides the vital link between London and Wales’ most populous cities via the Great Western Main Line. The original line branches off at Swindon and connects to Newport, Cardiff and Swansea via Gloucester. While this link (known as the Great Way Round) worked during the latter half of the 1800s, it would soon become clear that a quicker connection was required.

The 1880s would bring the solution when plans for a tunnel under the River Severn were put into action by the GWR, the 2.5 mile long tunnel took some 13 years to complete and held the record for the longest main line tunnel for over 100 years. With a new railway connection diverting from just beyond Swindon and via Bristol Parkway, the journey between Wales and England could not have been made easier.

With the Welsh Coal Mines running at their peak, freight traffic was, and still is today a key part of the route with connections to various docks on both sides of the Severn. One major freight player revolved around the Welsh coal industry, with frequent trains running between mines and the docks. The South Wales Main Line was also thought to be a major role in the expansion of Fishguard Docks, the GWRs main connection to the USA.

Today the line is operated by Arriva Train Wales out of Cardiff and Great Western Railway services operate from London Paddington into Cardiff and beyond. Freight is still a key part of the route, be it imported coal or steel works movements, you can be sure to see some heavy traction. Electrification of the SWML is planned to go underway in the coming years, allowing the new Hitachi Super Express Electro-Diesel and Electric Multiple Units (Class 800 and 801) to replace the classic albeit aging HSTs on London – Cardiff services.

Soon you will have the chance to traverse the revolutionary Severn Tunnel in some of Britain’s most distinct locomotives with South Wales Coastal that is coming soon to Train Simulator!


A dash of beige and blue, passengers board Arriva Trains Wales 175111 as she stands waiting to make a rapid depart out of Newport in South Wales.


First Great Western (now Great Western Railway) 43160 stands proud at Cardiff Central station. The ‘High Speed Train’ is celebrating 4 decades of service in 2016, they have certainly served the west very well.


70004 runs light loco through South Wales in the striking Freightliner Powerhaul livery, the American roots of this locomotive are clear from rooftop to axle but the huge windscreen provides an unprecedented view.


The vast landscape that is Bristol Temple Meads clearly displays its true Great Western heritage as the huge arching roof hangs over Brunel’s classic broad gauge trackbeds.


Newport station in South Wales has seen many developments since its completion in 1850, the latest of which is the uniquely designed footbridge that links the vast station together.


Great Western Railway 43071 prepares for a London-bound departure out of Cardiff Central, 43071 was built in November of 1977 and is still clocking in tons of mileage to this day.


An icon of both rural and inter-city routes, the Class 158, begins boarding at Cardiff Central. Arriva Trains Wales 158823 is currently a long way from home, its Machynlleth depot being some 80 miles to the north.


Arriva Trains Wales 143601 is part of the infamous Pacer series of multiple units but that does not stop them from clinging on to regular passenger services, this one in particular heading North from Cardiff, bound for Coryton.


The grand entrance to Bristol Temple Meads is a wondrous sight to behold, standing tall since August 1840 and still serving the Great West to this day. Thankfully according to the clock it is lunchtime!


Great Western purple, a First Great Western 43025 is seen alongside a Bristol Temple Meads station signpost. This will soon become a rare sight as the GWR green once again takes hold of the west, and the Hitachi Class 800 takes power.


Our modelled interpretation of the Class 175 DMSL in the form of a clay render, confirmed as coming soon to Train Simulator. Continue to watch the site for more news and details on upcoming content for Train Simulator. Tell us about your Train Simulator collection below, we’d love to hear about how you’ll be putting this DMU to work on your routes!



  • anyone know when this is due to be released? cause this something searching for so long now finally class 175 coming yay

    • More information on the release will be provided in due course.

  • Can’t wait for this awesome route to come out.

  • having lived in bristol and now around newport ,have watched this change over 40 yrs. also had uncle killed bytrain in severn tunnel on a maintance team back in 1950s, can’t wait for this many many memories of train spotting both sides of the tunnel

  • I hope it will come with a lot of stock, you could potentially include a FGW Class 158 and a new GWR HST, as well as Arriva class 143s, 158s and 175s. A class 150/1 could also be created, definitely would make the route better value for money. Looking forward to it!

  • Finally, a Welsh route. Will the Class 175 be in proper Arriva Trains Wales livery?

    • Yes it will

      • Hey Steve you know how you guys got Bristol to Exeter off Just Trains will you be getting the Western Mainlines from them which gose from London to Bristol Bristol to Cardiff and Bristol to Exeter all on one route be fab if you guys got that route and make your own scenarios and put it on Steam 🙂

        • It would entirely depend upon Just Trains and their vision for the route.

  • 😮 OMG Yes! Thanks So Much DTG 😀

  • Hope that all Arriva Trains Wales reskins like for Class 143 or 158 will be available from the marketplace and not from some kind of third party.

    • I don’t understand your comment, can you rephrase it?

  • Awesome news, if DTG could include First Great Western’s new green HST or make a marketplace livery that would even better

  • OMG i cant wait to run on the South Wales Main Line

  • Finally a semi Welsh route! I feel that Cardiff to Swansea and even further west to carmarthen would have been more appealing.

  • I don’t understand – is the Class 175 coming with this route?
    The Class 175’s are based at Chester and work to Manchester, Holyhead and Swansea via Newport & Cardiff.
    Only the section from Newport to Cardiff would see the Class 175 and then for about a 10 min run.
    The regular service from Cardiff to Bristol is worked by Great Western using Class 158 dmus.


    • The Class 175 is coming with the route yes, which also runs services to Carmarthen via Leominster, Abergavenny and Swansea not just Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. Given the high volume of requests from the community, we felt it prudent to bring the Class 175 to Train Simulator with a foundation route breaching the Welsh border.

      • Finally a Welsh route is being added to Train Simulator after a very long time 😀
        Hopefully there will be more Welsh routes included as well, including the North Wales Main Line and also some Narrow Gauge routes as well

        • This is the 3rd route in wales

          • Theoretically, including this one, there are only 2 as there have been 2 DLCs made of the Maerdy Branch. Even then, there still isn’t a lot of Welsh Content available on the Train Simulator DLC store. Consider that the first Maerdy Branch DLC was made back in 2012 and the second in 2015, there was a huge gap of nothing Welsh related whatsoever, so it’s actually time that there’s something Wales related added to the game that’s not just a remake of previously added content

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for this to come out. We have not had many British routes or locos come out for the last couple of days so this has made my day and I am certainly buying this route when it’s out on the store!

  • Looking forwards to the class 175!

  • Ooh, where on this route do 175s run?

    • The Class 175s on normal days can be seen at the Western end of the featured trackage. Their usual route takes them along the South Wales coast from/to Carmarthen via Cardiff and Newport; diverging at Newport to Abergavenny and Leominster before traversing the WCML at Crewe on their way to/from Manchester.

  • I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for making the Class 175 and Cardiff Central. Im not from the UK but the Line i went on the most and lvoed the most is London Paddington to Cardiff Central so this will be brilliant for me 😀 Will buy it as soon as it comes out!

  • The Class 175 render looks lovely! Will this have GWR or FGW?

  • Awesome news, can’t wait to give the 175 a try.

    • i hope you will include all the valleylines plus severn beach route too. as well as gloucester

      dont forget canton depot and also the lines to barry and penarth.

  • Out of interest, what era is the route being set in?. The 1980s would be very interesting, having Bristol Bath Road depot, and the vast yards and depot at Severn Tunnel Junction, for example. As it stands now, it’s a shadow of its’ former self. The 175s don’t feature at the Bristol end either!.

    • The route is set in modern day and incorporates a number of points with the deliberate intent to allow the route to be developed further and deeper into Wales. Given the high volume of requests from the community to deliver a Class 175, we felt it would be appropriate to bring this unit to Train Simulator and satisfy the demands.

  • Thought it would be the North Wales cost but this look good

  • Yay finally!, If only it went to swansea thought 🙁

  • Will there be a great western class 800/801/802 for this route? Great model for the class 175.

    • We are working with Hitachi to ascertain if it will be possible to bring the diesel variants to TS. We’ll have more news on this when we know more.

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