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Written by: TrainSim-James

From the 4th until the 18th of December, you have the opportunity to create your own Train Simulator edition, out of a selection of our routes, on the Dovetail Store!

That’s right! You can pick any three routes available in this offer, add them to your Dovetail Store basket, and only pay what you would for a standard Train Simulator edition (£24.99, 29,99€, $39.99 or AUS $46.95). So, if for example you wanted…

Wutachtalbahn, Soldier Summit & Semmeringbahn…

Or Hamburg S1 S-Bahn, Netherfield & South Wales Coastal…

Or West Somerset Railway, Feather River Canyon & Marseille-Avignon…

You can, with our ‘Create Your Own TS Edition’ Bundle, available to explore now!

Terms & Conditions

The Create your own TS Edition Sale runs from December 4, 2017 at 3 PM (UK time) to December 18, 2017 at 3 PM (UK time) and is exclusive to the Dovetail Games store Only Train Simulator routes developed by Dovetail Games are included in this promotion. The routes eligible for this promotion are listed at the store link above. Dovetail Games reserves the right to remove products from, or add products to this list at any time.  This offer is limited to two (2) promotions per account holder

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  • I reckon dovetail should design more railway routes around Manchester including both stations Piccadilly and Victoria train station as it is nice to see buildings from where you come from. Would love to see them do the Manchester Victoria to Blackpool route as I have been on it many times before and would love to drive my train along the track i remember.

    • We would love to see more northern routes in Train Simulator sin6298 but as we currently do not have a licence with Northern, we’re unable to represent them. This may change in the future so let’s keep our finger’s crossed.

      • have you made any progress in trying to get a license with northern?

        • Certainly not since yesterday sin6298, licences can take years to complete so don’t expect it anytime soon 🙂

  • Steve which do you like the most German trains or British Trains or both 🙂

    • I like them both for different reasons, Freightliner566, I really couldn’t pick a favourite between them – they’re both really awesome in my view. What do you like most? 🙂

      • I like them both too because both have really cool designs and the systems are amazing for German and British trains. 🙂

  • So I tried making my own TS but I can’t do it for an odd reason do I gotta purchese the add ons?

    • You add in the routes you’re interested in Billy, then at the checkout, purchase and you’ll be provided with the keys to activate on Steam 🙂

  • Hello.
    I have tried it with several different combinations of three routes, and the final price that I always get is 39.99€, not 29.99€ as you announce.
    I do not understand what happens.

    • Try it again, Bermudez, should be fixed now for you. Thanks very much for making us aware 🙂

      • Thank you very much.
        Now it shows the correct price.

        • You’re most welcome Bermudez 🙂

  • Oh boy, for me this is a great opportunity to get more routes for my TS. But I have a question; Is this the main game + custom DLC’s or just an opportunity to add new DLC for a lower price? (or both?) I already own TS18, so getting the base game wouldn’t be necessary.


    • If you already own TS18, JeSuisWouter, then this would effectively get you three new routes for the price of one 🙂

  • Is it possible for one to build their own TS, but have the NWC included? Just wondering. Thank you.

    • North Wales Coastal is exclusively available in TS2018, GWR5029 🙂

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