CPRR No. 60 ‘Jupiter’ – Community Roundup

Written by: TrainSim-James

Main image above, copyright notaplatypus.

Following the release of Central Pacific’s iconic 4-4-0 ‘Jupiter’, which has been lovingly crafted within Train Simulator by Smokebox, many of you have been enjoying taking screenshots and creating scenarios for the Steam Workshop to capture this locomotive of Golden Spike fame. Today we’re showcasing some of the screenshots and scenarios created by you.

Image above, copyright shadowbroo.

Image above, copyright MJ.

Image above, copyright Chase Lakeside and image below, copyright TheRealSFC, both of these users have put the included route assets, which include standard and trestle bridge track, telephone cables and much more, to good use.

Image above, copyright evansfam2005.

Images above and below, copyright TGOR630.

Image above, copyright The Train Sim Guy.

Steam Workshop

Storm Assistance {part 1}

“This very short scenario was an experiment to see how two of these little beauties would work together. They behave rather well.”

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Storm Assistance {part 2}

“You have been put into the passing siding at Plum Creek Plywood to allow you to cross with a service from Columbia Falls to Kalispell. Once the Kalispell service has passed you are clear to pick up the 4 loaded wagons from the Plum Creek Plywood siding on your left. You will then couple back to your train and head to Columbia Falls.”

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Majestic Jupiter

“After loading up with wood and topping up the water tanks, assemble a freight consist and take it on a gentle run along the whole length of the Majestic Falls Railroad.”

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[Leviathan] Over the hill to Carter

“On this rainy morning on the Raquette Lake Railway, you’re tasked with running a stopping passenger service over the hill to Carter. That hill can be treacherous, so be prepared!”

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[Jupiter] Thundering Whirlwind

“Take CPRR No. 62 “Whirlwind” from Johnstown to Altoona, with a refuelling stop at Cresson.”

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