Classic Alpine Traction

Written by: TrainSim-James

Main photograph above, copyright Herbert Ortner.

Partner Programme Developer RSSLO are bringing their bespoke ÖBB 4010 to Steam!

For decades, the ÖBB 4010 defined luxury high-speed train travel in Austria, and now, in the 10th year following their retirement, these landmark multiple units are to soon see virtual service along the famed Semmeringbahn!

The first batch of ÖBB 4010 EMUs was built specifically to replace 4130 Series, an outdated unit, derived from regional traction, which was unable to provide the high-quality service expected with international expresses. The new fleet would bring a fresh look to the express services, and operate at higher speeds than units prior.

Before long, a growing fleet of ÖBB 4010s could be seen working the Transalpine train, performing limited stops between Basel, Zurich and Vienna through a consortium of both the Swiss and Austrian Federal Railways (SBB and ÖBB). As express-orientated multiple units, the ÖBB 4010 fleet was kitted out with dining capabilities, comfortable first and second class seating in both high-capacity and corridor-compartment configurations.

A total of 29 ÖBB 4010 EMUs were built between 1965 and 1978, and each consisted of a power car, 5 coaches and a cab car. Each car was coupled with a Scharfenberg-type coupler, with the outer couplings on the power car and cab car being the typical screw-link design, allowing the hauling of two extra coaches, should capacity require them, and of course to allow locomotive hauling in event of a failure.

Despite the luxurious interior, the ÖBB 4010s did suffer from a few ride quality issues, namely the rigid Scharfenberg coupling causing gyrations in the coaches, especially when two units were coupled together, or while operating in ‘push’ configuration. Also, the premier-style seating soon lead to overcrowding as units were rarely operated in multiple – two units meant two dining cars to manage. By 1977, The ÖBB 4010s would lose their Transalpine route to locomotive-hauled Eurofirma coaches, but would remain on other expresses for some time.

The ÖBB 4010s were refurbished in the 1990s with several modifications made; new doors, revised cab windows, and some units received the necessary equipment to run EuroCity trains to Germany. Following this, many units were used on Inter-City as well as express routes, and the internal layout would also be changed in due course to increase capacity.

It would be between 2006 and 2008 when the decline of the fleet took place. Compared to a majority of ÖBB’s roster by this time, the 4010s were considered outdated, and were becoming expensive to maintain. They would gradually disappear from service until 2008, when the final 4010-operated train would take place.

During their lifetime, the ÖBB 4010s worked Inter-City trains throughout Austria, and most significantly, traversed the famed mountain railway known as the Semmeringbahn (available here). And this, in all its splendour, is to be the experience that awaits you in Train Simulator – as RSSLO’s distinctive and Pro Range-worthy ÖBB 4010 is coming soon!

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  • Looks cool,Shold get it.

  • I love these machines! The first time I traveled on one was from Wien to Gmünd back in the Spring of 2004. I remember it well, as it was May 1st, and every town and village I saw from the window had a Maypole; Something you don’t see very often in Britain.

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