Black Swan Express!

Written by: TrainSim-James

The iconic DB BR 10, a pinnacle of late steam technology, is now ready to run in Train Simulator!

Built as one of the last main line express steam locomotives for Germany, the DB BR 10 was designed utilising the best of technologies available to perform duties on lines which were yet to see electrification. The hopeful first batch of V200 diesel locomotives were proving problematic, and it was decided that a locomotive such as the DB BR 10 would be the perfect stopgap.

Only two DB BR 10 locomotives would roll off the production line, and did so in 1957, very late introductions to the steam era that would, through a number of factors, see very little service as desired. Their axle load sits at a mighty 22 tonnes, while the main benefit is high tractive force, there were very few routes that the sisters could operate on. Frankfurt, Kassel and Hanover were some of the destinations in early years, with extended ‘special permission’ runs occurring later in life.

Being a later development in the steam era, with only a duo produced before cancellation of future locomotives, spare parts for the DB BR 10 were hard to come by, and as such would spend quite a lot of time awaiting repairs. After a very short-lived operational life, 10 002 was the first to be withdrawn in 1967, following cylinder damage, and her sister, 10 001, was retired the next year.

10 001 would go onto be preserved in a static state, calling the German Steam Locomotive Museum home, while 10 002 met a much sadder fate when she was scrapped in 1972 after she’d been used as a heating locomotive for depots and stations.

Despite the limited route availability and frequent lack of service, those who had the chance to operate and ride behind The Black Swans recall a fantastic experience, a smooth journey and a lovely locomotive to drive. It’s a shame that such history can’t be replicated out on the real rails, but the DB BR 10 can now enjoy a new lease of operating life as it powers into Train Simulator.

Romantic Railroads, Partner Programme developer behind the DR BR 24, presents the DB BR 10 for Train Simulator in classic DB Black & Red livery, with a stylish era III first class coach in DB Green. Various ‘steam specific’ scenery items are also included for scenario purposes, a water tower plus coal and oil loading facilities.

The DB BR 10 is an advanced locomotive, poor operation can lead to damage so learning the fine details for express runs is vital. Many custom keyboard commands also allow you to open up the tender hatches, smokebox door and steam cylinder covers for an authentic ‘check-over’ experience.

A total of 4 Career scenarios feature the DB BR 10 across the Hamburg-Hanover route, and 4 Quick Drive consists are also included.

The DB BR 10 from Romantic Railroads is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for full details



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