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Written by: Gary Dolzall

New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 delivers diverse passenger and commuter action in New York and New England

Extending from New York City’s two great passenger stations – Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station – north and east to the New England shore, Train Simulator’s popular NEC: New York – New Haven route represents one of North America’s busiest and most iconic rail routes. And now, New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 brings the diverse and bustling passenger and commuter action of this remarkable line to life in 10 new career scenarios!

New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 puts you at the throttle of a diverse range of Amtrak and Metro-North equipment and delivers challenging operations on Train Simulator’s NEC: New York – New Haven route. Let’s take a closer look at what is included:

Authentic Day-to-Day Operations

The Amtrak and Metro-North lines that radiate from New York City into Connecticut and New England host hundreds of passenger and commuter trains daily and call upon a variety of electric and diesel equipment. In New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02, you’ll tackle the challenges, and enjoy the diversity, of realistic Amtrak and Metro-North day-to-day operations, whether it be hustling an early-morning Acela from Penn Station to New Haven; handling a Kawasaki M8-equipped “Harrison Flip back” rush-hour commuter into Grand Central Terminal; or taking the controls of Amtrak’s ultra-modern ACS-64 on a Northeast Regional service.

Special Operations

New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 also explores a number of realistic special operations on the busy route. You’ll be the engineer of a Metro-North “Yankee Clipper” service employing M8 EMUs to deliver baseball fans from Connecticut to New York’s 153rd Street Station adjacent to Yankee Stadium on MNCR’s Hudson line. You’ll be called for a deadhead move from New Haven shops to position a MNCR GE P32AC-DM and its train for duty the next day on the Danbury Branch. And you’ll take the throttle of a pair of Metro-North’s New Haven-liveried EMD FL9s as the classic locomotives power a railfan excursion from the Long Island Rail Road’s Long Island City station to New Haven via the towering Hell Gate Bridge.

Diverse Motive Power and Equipment

In the newly released New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle the different challenges of operating six types of Amtrak and Metro-North locomotives and equipment. You’ll take the throttle of America’s fastest and most-stylish train, the Amtrak Acela; Amtrak’s modern-day electric workhorse, the ACS-64 “City Sprinter” electric; and the powerful but often cantankerous Amtrak HHP-8 “Hippo” electric. And, when it comes to commuter or special operations, you’ll handle Metro-North’s unique Kawasaki M8 electric-multiple-unit trains; the dual-mode GE “Genesis” P32AC-DM locomotive; and the classic Electro-Motive FL9 dressed in iconic New Haven Railroad livery!

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Big Apple railroading action at is best awaits you in New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02, now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores! – Gary Dolzall

Now available, New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 includes 10 new realistic career scenarios that put you at the controls of six different types of Amtrak and Metro-North equipment in a variety of challenging conditions on the Train Simulator NEC: New York – New Haven route. In the two-part scenario “Amtrak Acela 2190,” you’ll make an early morning run from New York Penn Station to New Haven. With the impressive dawn New York skyline as a backdrop, Acela Train 2190 rolls out of the Big Apple (above), then, after a successful run, makes its way into New Haven (below). Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.

In the scenario “Yankee Clipper,” you’ll experience an unusual MNCR service. During the baseball season, Metro-North operates direct service on the New Haven Line to Yankee Stadium and the 153rd Street Station located on the Hudson Line. “Yankee Clipper” Train 7523, equipped with Kawasaki M8s, eases onto the wye connecting the New Haven and Hudson lines at Mott Haven (above), then encounters a Hudson Line MNCR P32AC-DM push-pull train as it approaches 153rd Street station (below).

“Bound for Richmond” is a two-part scenario in which you’ll be the engineer of a modern Amtrak ACS-64 electric bound from New Haven to New York Penn Station amid snowy winter weather. Stylish “City Sprinters” meet on the MNCR New Haven Line in Connecticut (above), then the Amtrak Northeast Regional scurries through the Bronx section of New York (below).

In the career scenario “Harrison Flip Back,” you’ll be the engineer of Metro-North’s unique Kawasaki M8 EMUs making a rush-hour run to famed Grand Central Terminal. Amid the stone-lined canyons of the Bronx, inbound and outbound MNCR M8s meet (above), and later, MNCR Train 1279 pulls to a stop alongside the underground platforms of New York’s Grand Central Terminal (below).

EMD FL9s in the noted New Haven Railroad “McGinnis” livery take a turn at a Metro-North weekend railfan excursion in the two-part career scenario “Return of the Patriot.” The excursion special loads its passengers at the Long Island Railroad’s Long Island City Station (above), then heads across Connecticut, passing an Amtrak Acela at speed (below).

Following a maintenance visit to New Haven’s shops, a Metro-North P32AC-DM and its Shoreliner consist makes a deadhead movement to South Norwalk in the career scenario “Danbury Deadhead.” Late at night, MNCR “Genesis” diesel 213 and its consist hurries through Fairfield, Connecticut.

Amtrak’s powerful but sometimes cantankerous HHP-8 electrics are in the twilight of their careers in the scenario “HHP-8 Hippo Finale.” As engineer of Amtrak Train 173, you’ll make the run of the HHP-8 powered, Amfleet-equipped Northeast Regional train to New York Penn Station. At Shell Interlocking in New Rochelle, New York, Amtrak “Hippo” 651 makes its way from MNCR to Amtrak trackage.

The railroad is bustling as Amtrak intercity and Metro-North commuter trains converge at South Norwalk, Connecticut. Now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores, New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 and its 10 new career scenarios put you at the throttle of six distinctive locomotive and train types on the acclaimed Train Simulator NEC: New York – New Haven route!

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Gary Dolzall


  • As you can see dtg games. Another metro north route or LIRR seems to be in high demand. Any word on license issues or approvals to produce such routes at this time? It would be amazing to drive one of those routes as a dlc

    • I have no details for you Cecil

  • So, despite my reluctancy to purchase this pack, I managed to just throw some money at it. Not disappointed. I think this was a bit better than the first pack as far as the AI operations are concerned. Though I seriously hope, the next pack that comes out, some older M-series will have made it into the TS catalogue. Or, Hopefully An extension to the New York – New Haven, by way of Hudson-Empire line. to were we have Croton-Harmon, the end point for Metro North’s electric (3rd rail) Operations, Poughkeepsie, New york, where Metro North’s diesel operations terminate, or Albany, New York, the states captial where it is ideal to implement as the Northern Terminus for Amtraks operation, for route length, and scenario purposes. But Poughkeepsie, will suffice. As I don’t see DTG taking it that far, seeing as Amtrak destinations didn’t get much far past the Metro North New Haven terminus. But there’s always hoping that the route will seriously be considered/made.

    • New Haven’s Union Station is a crew change point for all trains except for Amtrak’s Acela Expresses in most cases, that’s one reason why New Haven was a good place to end the New York to New Haven route [on a high note] instead of Boston. It’s also where Metro-North New Haven Line trains terminate and originate although some will go to New Haven’s State Street station, which has also been included in New York to New Haven in Train Simulator 2017.

      I completely agree about the Hudson Line. If it goes to at least Poughkeepsie out of New York City, then that would be great in order to have realistic Metro-North runs. Although I would love it if it could go to Albany, that probably won’t happen if it were made as an extension for New York to New Haven, but would be more probable if it were a standalone route. The Amtrak operations would be a bit short since Poughkeepsie is not usually a crew change point for Amtrak trains, but I can live with it being the northern end in Dovetail Games’ version of it. Either way, I strongly encourage Dovetail Games to make the Hudson Line/Empire Corridor/Water Level Route from New York’s Grand Central Terminal (and Penn Station, if after 1991) to Poughkeepsie as either a standalone route or extension to New York to New Haven, bonus points if they can get it to Albany from New York City.

      • Yes. Even if it isn’t an etension, that it would be made in order for it to be merged with the New Haven Line. I would just be so overjoyed to see some earlier Metro North equipment that I’ve repeatedly, and admittedly been quite an annoyance over as of late. I think it should be one of the next extension routes, other than LIRR, which I would die to see in this iteration, and TSW additionally. The Hudson-Empire corridor would be great, as with the New Haven route, you are given both NY Penn and Grand Central to do operations from. If the route is done as an extension, it would be the perfect opportunity to do an M-series EMU heritage pack, as anything before the M7’s were quite similar looking. Of course with noticeable differences between the New Haven and Hudson equipment. But if they did the Hudson-Empire all the way to Albany, it would be a very worthy DLC.

  • It would be really cool to have the Long Island Rail Road Main Branch, out to Ronkonkoma. Most populated rail line in the US. It would pair up well with these 2 lines along with all the other routes into Penn Station.

    • I agree. The way the system/network is built set up, it would be hard for many of us to choose which branch they should make as there plenty of them, some that diverge, and merge back together at some points. I know it would be quite a stretch, but if DTG were to actually make the whole network, which I believe they really could if they wanted to (providing they have the licensing to do so),I would pay way more than their normal retail average if they asked for it. Even if it were to be like $80-100 USD for it. It would be their biggest DLC yet, that would provide, not hours, but like weeks worth of playabilty.. The amount of scenario possiblities would be practically endless. I have possession of a route (Northern Europe) with an expansive network, that I know that even dwarfs the size of the LIRR Network. So I know it would be very possible for it to be done. If I could learn the faulty/buggy editor tools, I would seriously be doing it myself. The equipment that the LIRR has employed, would be a dream to operate in TS20xx.

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