100+ Commuter Miles!

Written by: Gary Dolzall

Challenging commuter railroading – 100+ miles of it – is yours with the expanded North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines Route

Now available, the Train Simulator North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route brings you more than 100 multi-track route miles of challenging and diverse NJ Transit railroading — and the hands-on experiences of one of North America’s busiest contemporary commuter railroads!

The newly released North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route is an expansion of the popular and acclaimed Train Simulator North Jersey Coast Line which now also includes NJ Transit’s iconic Morristown Line extending to Dover, New Jersey.

For a history of the NJ Transit Morristown Line and its diverse operations, check out the recent Train-Simulator.com articles “Hill Country Commuter” available here and “Action Aplenty” available here, but today let’s take a look at all the commuter railroading action that awaits you on the expanded North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines!

NJ Transit’s Morristown Line

This famous commuter route serves New York Penn Station (reached via Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and the Hudson River tubes), as well as historic Hoboken Terminal (via NJT’s route between Hoboken and Kearny, New Jersey). The NJT Morristown route splits from the Amtrak Northeast Corridor at Swift Interlocking (also known as Kearny Connection) and via its Passaic River swing bridge calls at classic Newark Broad Street station. From Newark, the Morristown Line begins its journey across often-rugged northeastern New Jersey. The route extends under electric catenary west through “the Oranges” (East Orange, Orange, and South Orange), through Summit and to its namesake town of Morristown, then to Dover, New Jersey. The Morristown Line typically hosts more than 100 NJ Transit trains each weekday, and the route-mile distance from Hoboken Terminal to Dover is approximately 37 miles.

NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line

Also serving New York Penn Station and Hoboken Terminal, NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line extends 67 miles from New York Penn to Bay Head, New Jersey, operating via Amtrak’s bustling Northeast Corridor through Newark Penn Station and as far south as Rahway, then via the historic “New York & Long Branch” to the captivating seaside village of the Jersey Shore. Hosting the trains of NJ Transit and Amtrak, the Northeast Corridor section of the route is one of the busiest rail lines in North America, and the route is electrified as far as Long Branch, with the remaining 15 miles to Bay Head, New Jersey requiring dual-power or diesel locomotives.

Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Stations Galore

NJ Transit’s Morristown and NJCL routes are host to a variety of modern motive power and commuter equipment, and the Train Simulator North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route includes an authentic collection of NJT locomotives and commuter rolling stock including:

  • NJ Transit Bombardier/Adtranz ALP-46 electric locomotive
  • NJ Transit Bombardier ALP-45DP dual-power (diesel/electric) locomotive
  • NJ Transit Bombardier MultiLevel cab car and coaches
  • NJ Transit single-level Comet IV cab car and coaches
  • NJ Transit single-level Comet V cab car

In addition to the equipment included with the expanded route, NJ Transit’s venerable Arrow III electric-multiple-unit railcars will be ready for service on the route and available as a Twin Pack, and NJT diesels, including the distinctive Electro-Motive GP40PH-2B and veteran EMD F40PH-2CAT, are also available separately as DLC.

Train Simulator’s North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route serves more than 30 stations, ranging from urban New York Penn, Hoboken Terminal, and Newark’s Penn and Broad Street stations to a variety of rustic small-town and seaside depots. And the route also includes a detailed re-creation of NJ Transit’s sprawling Meadows (New Jersey) Maintenance Complex.

Prior owners of the NJCL route will be able to purchase the new and expanded route at a 40 percent discount until the end of April 26th. Ready for a real “commuter rush?” The North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route is available now at the Steam Store! – Gary Dolzall

Challenging North American commuter railroading awaits you with the Train Simulator North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route, which now includes both NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast and Morristown Lines – and features more than 100 miles of bustling contemporary commuter action! NJ Transit Morristown Line and NJCL services call at either classic Hoboken Terminal (above) or famed New York Penn Station (below). Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.

NJ Transit commuter trains bound for the Morristown Line or the North Jersey Coast Line go their separate ways at Swift Interlocking (also known as the Kearny Connection). NJT ALP-46 4611 is leaving the Northeast Corridor and is headed for a run west on the Morristown Line.

While trains destined for the North Jersey Coast Line call at Newark Penn Station (above), which was constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, those serving the Morristown Line make their Newark station stop at historic Broad Street Station (below), built by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in 1903 and renovated in 2008.

NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line extends south from Newark Penn Station to Bay Head, New Jersey and the seaside town’s yard and loop track (above), while the Train Simulator Morristown extension makes it way west from Newark to Dover. An NJT “Midtown Direct” train powered by ALP-46 electric 4600 and equipped with a consist of modern Bombardier MultiLevel cars calls at Dover’s stylish brick depot (below).

Bound for Dover with a Comet-equipped train from Hoboken, NJ Transit ALP-45DP 4501 rolls through the elevated station at Brick Church, New Jersey (above), while on a snowy day, NJ Transit east- and westbound MultiLevel trains meet at the Morristown Line’s busy Summit station (below).

Indian Lake provides a scenic backdrop as NJ Transit ALP-46 4600 and a New York-bound “Midtown Direct” commuter train approach Denville (above), then swing into the Denville station (below). In the background is the junction with NJ Transit’s Montclair-Boonton Line.

Portions of the Morristown Line are twisting, wooded, and steep – and NJ Transit ALP-46 4600 is canting through a super-elevated curve east of Dover. Motive power included with the Train Simulator North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route are the Bombardier/Adtranz ALP-46 electric and Bombardier ALP-45DP dual-power locomotive.

Dover is the origin or destination point of many NJ Transit trains on the busy Morristown Line and accordingly home to a key NJT yard facility. With a Comet IV cab car on the point, a Hoboken-bound “push-pull” train rolls past the yard on a snowy day. In addition to the ALP-46 and ALP-45DP locomotives, the North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route also provides the opportunity to operate from Comet IV, Comet V, and Bombardier MultiLevel cab cars – and the expanded and challenging NJ Transit commuter route is now available at the Steam Store!

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Gary Dolzall


  • So now that the Morristown Line is out, will Dovetail Games be making more extensions to their existing American routes? Two British route extensions have been made, one German route extension and one American route extension so far. [Unfortunately,] I believe that most of the American mountain pass routes the company made need to be extended because they’re not complete subdivisions. Some ideas I have that would make existing routes into complete subdivisions would be extending Horseshoe Curve to Pittsburgh, extending Soldier Summit to Salt Lake City and extending Feather River Canyon to Portola; no offense, but all those routes should’ve gone to those cities in the first place, which is why I’m saying that now the company has a chance to do that.

    • There are one or two I’d like us to revisit in the future Tom, you make some great suggestions here and I’ve certainly made a note to consider them for the future

      • Sounds good Steve! Thank you for your response and taking my ideas into account. That does sound exciting that there might be at least one or two more American route extensions in the near future. All the Pennsylvania Railroad cabooses on Horseshoe Curve say “Pittsburgh Division” on them, yet we can’t go to Pittsburgh on that route. There are also several billboards on Soldier Summit that say “Salt Lake City” on them, yet we can’t go to Salt Lake City on that route. It would be great if we could go to those cities on those routes to have complete runs and I’m glad that there’s hope that there might be more extensions to the existing American routes coming.

        I will give credit where credit is due, you guys and gals at Dovetail Games do make very fine American urban/commuter routes that are complete subdivisions. Those are my favorite types of routes to begin with and I spend most of my time in Train Simulator 2017 on them. But when I want to take a run at one of the company’s American mountain pass routes, sadly, on most of them, it’s impossible to have a complete run on the subdivision you’re on due to the route being cut too short like on Horseshoe Curve and Soldier Summit for example. However, to be fair and to give credit where it’s due, yes, the company did make a couple of complete American mountain pass routes like Donner Pass, and Sherman Hill, and for a few types of trains, Marias Pass. So not all of them are incomplete, but I would say that when making a new route, regardless of what kind of route it is, it should be a complete subdivision, that way there will be more realistic scenarios, more territory to explore including more types of scenery variety, as well as more happy customers including more people who will actually buy the route. That’s my philosophy on the matter whenever new routes to be made are being decided.

  • It’s very, very unfair, limited time discounts in holyday time, like Easter. I have the New Jersey Coast Line and I should have the Morristow Line with 40% discount. In Easter I go out city to spend time with my family in a place without internet so I missed the discount. Please don’t do so limited time discounts in Christmas, Easter and other Holydays!

    • The discount offered for the release of North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines was not a seasonal discount. The length of the discount offered was due to new rulings by Valve which now limits the period we can run discounts on newly released products.

  • I have contacted the support team and noone has gotten back to me as yet. Worried I will never drive these routes again for quick drive

    • Thanks for letting us know Cecil, I have asked our Support Team to respond to you as soon as they can. However, please be aware that we receive hundreds of requests for support every day and it can take us a little time to get back to you. Please be patient, I’m confident you’ll receive a response soon.

      • Thanks , I got my issue resolved. I had a download of North London line backdated. It totally corrupted my quick drive routes. I had lost about 12 routes. Including this route which I just purchased. What a relief. I love this game

  • If I want to play the New Jersey Morristown Line tonight, what in all do I have to buy?

    • If you want the North Jersey Coast & Morristown Line route only, then click this link. If you want the North Jersey Coast & Morristown Line and the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU, click this link Keith.

  • I already own the New Jersey Coast Line. If I purchase this route does it add to that line or install as a separate route?

    It’s irritating buying extensions that just create a whole new route instead of just extending an existing route.
    Bristol – Cardiff/Bristol – Swansea, NLL and Goblin/NLL. Hamburg – Lubeck/Hamburg S1 come to mind.

    • It’s a separate route Peter. The extension routes are specifically built in this way to ensure technical compatibility with Steam Workshop and a number of add-ons.

  • Quite like this extension. The thing I wish were included, older comet coaches.

    • Thanks for sharing your feelings on this Michael, I’ll certainly make sure the older comets are added to the list

  • the free NJT multi levels that came with the NJCL ALP-45 only work on the NJCL and workshop routes. Will they also work for the Morristown Line?

    • We’ve included them with the North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines package Bob so you shouldn’t have any problems but do let us know if you find any.

  • Glad to see that the Morristown Line extension for the North Jersey Coast Line and the New Jersey Transit Arrow IIIs are out! You know what’s interesting about the Morristown Line? During the postwar years, Lionel Trains made a whole selection of passenger cars that were named. Some of those names were of towns along the Morristown Line like Chatham and Madison.

    • That’s genuinely very interesting Tom, thanks for sharing that!

      • You’re welcome Steve! Oh, I forgot to mention, Lionel also made a coach in the postwar years that was named “Manhattan”, which is also featured on the route, even though the station is dubbed “New York Penn Station” in the game and in real life.

  • Finally it’s here

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