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Written by: TrainSim-James

Train Simulator 2018 is available now, and features a trio of iconic routes from around the world, including the exclusive North Wales Coastal, complete with Virgin Trains traction. You can see a complete rundown of everything included below.

You’ll be visiting the seaside with North Wales Coastal, an all-new and unprecedented railway between Crewe, a major transport hub in England and one of the most important stations in railway history, and Llandudno, a popular seaside resort set upon the North Welsh Coast, facing the Irish Sea. Not only that, but you will be enjoying the views from the tilting cab of the Virgin Trains Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’, along with the BR Class 175 and BR Class 158 of Arriva Train Wales.

Stretching 70 miles in length, there is no end to the unique sights along North Wales Coastal; Conwy Castle, the Crewe Heritage Centre, Chester Station, the semaphore signalling of North Wales, and so much more! Exploring the almighty North Welsh Coast has never been more exhilarating, manage speed, keep to timetable, and take in the fresh seaside air!

In summary:

  • 70 Mile route from Crewe to Llandudno & Conwy Castle
  • BR Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’ in Virgin Trains Livery
  • BR Class 158 ‘Express Sprinter’ in Arriva Trains Wales Revised Livery
  • BR Class 175 ‘Coradia’ in Arriva Trains Wales & ATW ‘Ghost’ Liveries

The Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco to San Jose route features operating speeds up to 79 mph, passes through a mixture or urban, suburban, and scenic open California country, and features no less than 26 authentically re-created station stops. Also represented in the route is Caltrain’s sprawling Central Equipment & Maintenance Facility (CEMOF) located near San Jose Diridon Station.

As an engineer of the Peninsula Corridor, you’ll climb aboard and take the throttle of three distinctive types of locomotives and rolling stock. For the busy commuter runs along the Peninsula, you’ll either take the controls of Caltrain’s modern MPI “MPXpress” MP36PH-3C diesel locomotive or snuggle into a Bombardier-built bi-level cab car as the commuter trains operate in “push-pull” configuration. And for switching, local, and mainline freight duty, you’ll take the throttle of Union Pacific’s Electro-Motive GP38-2.

In summary:

  • 47 Mile route from San Francisco to San Jose
  • MP36PH-3C ‘MPI Express’ Diesel Locomotive in Caltrain Livery
  • Bombardier Bi-Level Coaches & Cab Car in Caltrain Livery
  • EMD GP38-2 in Union Pacific Clean & Weathered Liveries
  • 3-Bay Hopper, Low Gondola, Refrigerator, 16,000gal Tank & Van Box Cars in Union Pacific Livery

The experiences that await you on the Mittenwaldbahn are tantamount to excitement; manage heavy freight trains aboard the all-efficient ÖBB 2016 locomotive, keep to the timetable on prominent regional services aboard the DB BR 442, or take to the trackside and watch in awe as these stunning examples of traction do battle with every turn, climb and swooping fall of the surrounding peaks.

Expect no easy day while working the Mittenwaldbahn, the mountainous region allows for little easy-going gradients and managing speed is one of the many skills mastered by drivers through the Alps. In contrast, the undulating path when under control, provides a very relaxed atmosphere. Travelling over viaducts, through tunnels, and along banks of lush green forests, the views are undeniably unmatched.

In summary:

  • 58 km route from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Innsbruck
  • DB BR 442 in DB Regio Livery
  • ÖBB 2016 in Clean, Lightly & Heavily Weathered ÖBB Liveries
  • SGGRSS, Shimmns & Zacns 95m Tanker Wagons in Various Liveries

If you’re new to Train Simulation, the TS Academy acts as the perfect starting point for you get to grips on a variety of locomotive types and operational procedures, and is set upon multiple short routes depicting various landscapes and differing training environments.

At your disposal are the BR 189, SD70MAC, Fowler 4F & BR Class 170, plus a selection of rolling stock – you’ll be up to speed in no time with the TS Academy!

In Summary:

  • Multiple short routes depicting various landscapes and differing training environments
  • BR 189, Fowler 4F, SD70MAC & BR Class 170 in TS Academy Livery
  • SGGRSS Container Flats, Coal Hopper, Mineral Wagon & Brake van in TS Academy Livery

Train Simulator 2018 is Out Now!
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  • I already have the Peninsula Corridor and the Mittenwaldbahn route. Should I already get the North Wales Coastal Route?

    • If you would like to own the North Wales Coastal Route, you’ll need to purchase Train Simulator 2018 🙂

  • I have a feeling that I should know the answer to this, James, but will the routes included in TS2018 be available for separate purchase? That California route looks interesting, but I already own the Austrian route and the Welsh one just doesn’t interest me at all.

    Tom Pallen

    • The Peninsula Corridor is already available on the Steam Store Tom, alongside the Mittenwaldbahn route. There are no plans to separate North Wales Coastal from the TS2018 pack at present that I’m aware of 🙂

  • Do you have any news if Train Simulator 2018 will be in the autumn sale? Its the only reason I haven’t got it yet

    • I don’t have any details on this Benjwri but as Steam limits what we can include in the sale to products released greater than 30 days ago, and as TS2018 was only released last week, it’s unlikely to be included. Though I’m not 100% sure on that 🙂

  • i have the 2017 routes and the 2018 background on my steam version why has this happened. do i have to buy the 2018 bundle on steam to get the 2018 routes

    • In the same way as every year, kwf2309, everyone gets the core upgrade for free. If you want the three routes in the new package, you’ll need to buy it 🙂

  • is it possible to purchase the game bundle from your store even if i already own TS2017?? its just cheaper on your store than Steam

    • You’re free to purchase wherever you feel is most appropriate for you johno1243 though the pricing should be the same on both platforms

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