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Written by: TrainSim-James

Make sure you’re up-to-speed on the fascinating history behind some of the most recognisable, hard-working locomotives of the London Transport Heritage Collection, from the reliable Class 20s to the long-living 1938 Tube Stock. Links to our various articles detailing this history can be found below.

London Transport’s Finest

As their name suggests, the 1938 Stock was first introduced on deep-level ‘Tube’ lines shortly before the start of the Second World War. In particular, the Metro-Cammell-built 1938 Stock spent their first 50 years on the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly, Central Lines and even the sub-surface East London Line. After ending their time with London’s railways in 1988, many units of the 1938 Stock were sent for scrap, a few carriages survived into preservation, however some were sold to Network SouthEast for service on the Isle of Wight.

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Capital Heritage

The history of London Transport has left a flurry of enthusiasts in its wake, whether it’s those who adore the finely crafted Tube Stock, examples of which still live on to this day; or maybe the ones who enjoy a little steam that bellows from the GWR’s most prolific and unique classes; perhaps even some diesel action is what’s required, the weather is often said to be choppy, and nothing can be further from the truth when a Type 1 is on the loose.

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London Transport Ensemble!

Available now, the London Transport Heritage Collection ushers in classic maroon-on-the-rails operations and provides a creative call-back to the Capital’s traction of yesteryear.

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London Transport Heritage – Community Roundup

Following the release of the classic Capital traction featured in the London Transport Heritage Collection, which captures the historic motive power of both all around and beneath London, many of you have been enjoying taking screenshots and creating scenarios for the Steam Workshop to capture yesteryear’s action. Today we’re showcasing some of the screenshots and scenarios created by you.

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The London Transport Heritage Collection is Out Now!
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  • I’d like to know more about driving the “Tube Stock” engines. For instance, how to get one past 15 mph or so. No tutorials and nothing in the manual. As someone we all know would say, “Sad!”

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