London to Brighton Festival: Screenshot Competition Winner!

Written by: TrainSim-James

Winning Screenshot & Caption > Pictured in 2005, three Southern EMU’s curve round south of Battersea. This is the last year that the Class 421 4CIG (in the middle) operates.

To celebrate the release of the Class 73, we gave all of you the chance to enter in our Screenshot Competition as part of our London to Brighton Festival. Thank you for all your submissions over the festival weekend, it was not easy to pick a winner!

After much debate we are happy to announce that Joethefish with his London to Brighton screenshot has won the competition! Please find the screenshot and accompanying caption above.

The winning prize is:

  • Gatwick Express Class 73
  • Gatwick Express Class 442
  • Southern Class 421 ‘4CIG’
  • FCC Class 377

We hope that you will all join us in congratulating Joethefish, thank you once again for all the submissions and make sure to keep an eye out for future competitions and opportunities!

Read up on The Gatwick Express Class 73


Make sure you are familiar with the history of this fascinating locomotive, how we made it as best as we possibly could and see what the years has done to the Brighton Main Line and its rolling stock. Read more here.

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  • Profile photo of Joethefish

    I’m speechless – this is awesome! Thanks everybody! 🙂

  • Profile photo of DatPikaYT

    Congrats… A stunning picture… wow.

  • Profile photo of jonathan4567

    Joe does it again! Congratulations Joe, enjoy whatever price you get :DDD

  • Profile photo of paweuek

    Congratulations Joe! Indeed fantastic screenshot:)

  • Profile photo of Simon Lund

    Three different Southerns in one screenshot <3

  • Profile photo of agsieg

    Congrats to Joe! That is a really awesome screenshot!

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