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Train Sim World Update Available Now

Thank you all once again for your continued feedback following the release of Train Sim World: Great Western Express. Your input has helped us identify and address a number of issues, which we have outlined below. Great Western Express General…

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Pinnacle of the Geep

Electro-Motive’s superlative GP40-2, in CSX “YN2” livery, is coming soon to Train Sim World! Electro-Motive produced its classic line of “GP” (General Purpose) locomotives, nicknamed “Geeps,” for more than half a century in a monumental production run that exceeded 16,700 locomotives….

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All Aboard for Reading!

Train Sim World: Great Western Express is OUT NOW for Windows PC! We are proud to announce that our first add-on for Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, our latest, next-generation train simulator, is available now! To celebrate the release,…

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Ongoing Engineering Works

As you know, we’re approaching the final stages of Train Sim World: Great Western Express development and we’re aware just how excited you all are by the prospect of passenger mode, new and exciting timetables and high-speed travel in all…

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Brunel’s Billiard Table

Train Sim World: Great Western Express, arriving September 14th on Steam for Windows PC, now available to pre-order! The Great Western Main Line, one of Britain’s oldest and busiest railways, the birthplace of British high-speed travel, is making its way…

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Bright Future Update Now Available

Bright Future Update Available Now

Today we’ve released our 1.4 Bright Future Update. I’m certain you all already know that the YN2 or Bright Future is a paint scheme variation for CSX’s locomotives, introduced in 1990. As a thank you for being with us on…

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