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Train Sim World Update 4 Update Header

Train Sim World Update 4.5 Test Build Available

Today we’ve made our next test build update for Train Sim World (Build #64) available for you to test. As we have for the previous test builds, please try this through the weekend, and if positive we’ll apply the patch…

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Essence of an Era

The Baltimore & Ohio Kingwood Branch route rekindles the hard-edged, tradition-rich Appalachian mountain railroading of the 1960s For American railroading, the 1960s were the closing act of an era, a time when the long-held rich traditions of railroading still held…

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Big Apple Action!

New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 delivers diverse passenger and commuter action in New York and New England Extending from New York City’s two great passenger stations – Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station – north and east…

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CPRR No. 60 ‘Jupiter’ – Community Roundup

Main image above, copyright notaplatypus. Following the release of Central Pacific’s iconic 4-4-0 ‘Jupiter’, which has been lovingly crafted within Train Simulator by Smokebox, many of you have been enjoying taking screenshots and creating scenarios for the Steam Workshop to capture this…

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Read Up on a Scottish Classic

Make sure you’re up-to-speed on the fascinating history behind a most bespoke steamer, the BR Standard Class 6, which was built from a common design and aimed at serving the vast and varied landscape of Scotland. Links to our various articles detailing this…

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Read Up on London’s Heritage Traction

Make sure you’re up-to-speed on the fascinating history behind some of the most recognisable, hard-working locomotives of the London Transport Heritage Collection, from the reliable Class 20s to the long-living 1938 Tube Stock. Links to our various articles detailing this history can…

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